Time to break camp, according to Genting

It was such an astounding revelation we waited a week for someone to tell us it was not true.  But they never spoke.   It was so absolutely outrageous.  It confirmed that the Cromwell crew was totally clueless all along and was simply pimping us for Genting while they got a huge paycheck for 3 years.

Hedging its bets

Like a worn out prostitute, the tribe was rode hard and put away wet many times. Finally it was just pushed aside all used up.

As Genting was finalizing the so called casino management agreement ,  (in case it happened), the gaming giant casually mentioned that it planned to bid  for the license for Suffolk Downs.

Again, Genting plans to bid  for the license for Suffolk Downs. Even if it’s a ploy, it’s a scary one.

What does that say about the Taunton deal?  A pants load.

And they're off !

Taunton ain’t going well at all. Genting obviously is worried it’s not happening.  The recent US Supreme Court decision literally eliminates the tribes ability to get land into trust because of lawsuits. That means the state would be stupid to give a license to us because we would never get out of court to break ground.  Here’s what the Boston Globe said on June 2oth:

The US Supreme Court has thrown another obstacle in the path of the Mashpee Wampanoag and other tribes seeking to develop casinos under federal law, by expanding the number of people who can file lawsuits to challenge the tribal gambling developments. Exposing tribal projects to more litigation could cause years of delay, increase costs for developers, and potentially make financing for tribal casinos more difficult and expensive to get.

  1.        The chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission clearly stated that waiting 2 years or more for the tribe to get land into trust was out of the question…so the US Supreme Court decision exacerbates the problem. We already have Middleboro, KG, the Fall River, the Taunton folks and others after us.  Expect many more to sue us or rather Genting. Genting knows what’s coming .  You notice no one is suing in Tribal Court? Doesn’t exist.  No LIT.  No authority.  No enforcement power. Just a judge playing  his own cameo  as “Judge Henry.
  2.      The state has the option of giving the license to a viable gaming entity if it feels the tribe can’t get the land into trust.

But for Genting to inform the Council that  it was shopping for a license elsewhere, well now that has established a new low.

The Taunton “ Itty Bitty Casino “ is  a disaster because of the administration’s incompetence, and inability to simply execute a plan that complies withthe

"Parables" is back

law.  So, now they’re trying to revive the infamous Federal Charter.  ” Mr. Parables ” (Greg McKinney, ya him) made the pitch again Monday night.  He believes in a Cromwell Tobey Monarchy. He’s so clueless and condescending he doesn’t have time to consider how badly he’s being used.   This is an irreversible enshrinement of Cedric Tobey Cromwell, Aaron Tobey, and Mark Harding as officers for life.   They know this is the only way they can stay in power.  Essentially setting up a separate tribal government that can buy and sell land and that we could never dismantle. Oh you though we’re living that now? Actually we are. Consider this:

  • We have no idea what’s in the management agreement with Genting other than Cedric getting $10 million for admin costs ( wink wink). If the casino happens.
  • No  allotments to tribal members, no jobs, no concessions, nothing.
  • On top of it all Aaron Tobey is negotiating on behalf of the tribe.  That in itself is very telling and frightening. Why would anyone allow this?  Genting was reportedly gleeful.
  • Genting has never allowed Cedric to promise one job or one dollar to anyone publicly because they had no intention of delivering.  This is another profit driven operation for the giant that has wasted a lot of time and huge money on Cedric, Aaron and Markie’s boondoggle. Roxbury Community College did not do a good job preparing Cedric. The other two…well you know the story.
  • Obviously Genting has no confidence in the Taunton option for the reasons we’ve listed.

The Federal Charter  was killed by tribal members last fall.  It’s  back because it’s the only way the Three Wanabees stay in power. They’re bringing it up on July 10th again.  Pay close attention. Imagine having to deal with them forever.   Oh the horror.

Rode hard. Put away wet.