The Consummate Mashpee Man

A very good man left us today.  Dwight Peters has died.

Dwight was a Lawrence High School graduate. A true Mashpee man who changed very little.

Very sad news to those of us who knew him.  Dwight was a true Mashpee man.  He was a hard worker, a good husband and  son who cared for his mother and brother without fail. Dwight was an excellent hunter and fisherman and took many trips to Maine with other Mashpee men because that was his passion.

If you didn’t know Dwight, you knew where he was  from…. Mashpee. His sense of humor was his trademark and he kept our dialect alive no doubt! All true Mashpee know we have our own jargon that no one understands but us. Like his father “Sip,” Dwight loved nothing better than to give you a rapid fire comment that took you a few minutes to figure out !

He was the same guy all his life.

Our heartfelt condolences to his wife Grace, mother Edna, sister Anne Marie, brother Robert and family.

We will miss Dwight.







You’ve Been Served

Too bad we don't have a court that will actually help us.


Plaintiffs had the County Sheriff’s serve the tribal election committee with papers concerning the election lawsuit.  Kim Frye accepted her own paper work and the individual documents for problem child Brian Weeden, attorney Mark Tilden, and Melissa Hill.  Everyone in the complaint had serious conflicts and a stake in ensuring the election of someone on the Cromwell slate.

The Chair, Kimmie Frye, returned to the committee post in time to ensure the re election of her sister Cheryl Frye Cromwell ( who claimed she had 4 years of military service when she had 4 months) and her first cousin Yvonne Frye Avant.

Melissa Hill, sister to candidate Danielle Hill who was wanted on felony charges in New York City, was allowed to be a member of  the committee a month before the election. The reasons for her sudden interest in the election is obvious. Melissa is also no stranger to run ins with the law. The secretary of the Gaming Commission was recently in court again for driving on a suspended license.

Brian Weeden was allowed to openly campaign for the Cromwell slate while serving on the election committee and also as the chair of the enrollment committee.Of course Weeden saw nothing wrong with any of this. He was thrown out of the election.  He has resigned from the enrollment committee recently. The damage was done however, and now he’s waiting to take a job as the Youth Council consultant or a staff assistant in enrollment….whatever that means.

The election committee had bullies aboard who forced members to resign and they were so damned obviously corrupt, they even let Danielle do her own background check which of course showed nothing.  It’s embarrassing.

Lawyer Navajo Joe was a little nervous and tried to keep down the noise, but the above blatant foolishness was a clear sign that if the case were brought to a REAL COURT, A REAL JUDGE would throw the election out and let us vote the old way by putting ballots in a box and counting our own votes.


The Election Connection

Tribal members have filed a Tribal court challenge to the February election.  The primary complaint centers on the fact that known tribal members were turned away because they dd not have ID. These tribal members were clearly disenfranchised from their constitutional right to vote.  Also known was the fact that those members (at least 15) were certain to vote against the Cromwell slate.  Those 15 votes would have ousted The First Lady (257votes) and her first cousin Yvonne Frye Avant (266 votes) pushing Laura Miranda  into the victory lane and Robrt Dias and Carlton Hendricks Jr ahead of Winnie Johnson and Winnona Pocknett. You can refresh your memory on the vote tallies in  our Feb 9 post.

It’s amazing how critical those15 votes were, and that was not lost on the Cromwell administration.   The entire political mood of the Council would have be changed with TFL and Mean Travel Queen bounced, Robert Dias added and Carlton Hendricks, Jr. re-elected.

Election Monitors officially doing nothing

Here’s another absurdity in the election process.  Members raised hell about the the secrecy of the process, the voting machine company’s record of questionable outcomes and most of all, the lack of integrity in the election process….the absence of Elders and independent oversight was always a huge concern because of the make up of the election committee itself.  You will recall it’s loaded with Cromwellian supporters.

Anyway, the administration consented to having a panel of “election monitors.”  A token concession in light of the fact that the monitors;

A-Did not know what they were looking for regarding voting irregularities

B-Did not know how to examine the voting machines to prevent tampering

C-Had no known process to utilize in the event of irregularities

D-Sat in the front of the polling place and did nothing (under the watchful eye of Navajo Joe)

The so called “election monitors” were useless when they did not stop the election officials from turning away known tribal members. And of course the Administration wanted it that way.  They saw Connie Cromwell get a brand new tribal ID on the spot…..while others were turned away. The idiocy of it all is that she too is a known tribal member and does not need an ID.

She, like her son did not get on the roll until 2006. Oh yah, and Glenn Marshall and Patty Oakley had to explain to Shovel Ready what the roll was and why he needed to be on it. SRC was the consummate Casino Stalker from the start. He has the nerve to try to spin positive media recently by giving people a video tour of our historic sites. The guy never spent more than a few days here during his formative years. He is Dorchester / Roxbury for sure. That is obvious.

Shovel Ready Ceddie knew what he was doing with this latest in a series of bad elections. And things heat up and the Land in Trust becomes a confirmed fantasy…. he is trying to hang on and do a better job of burying that money in the Arkana Sacred Burial Ground.

Aho Bro

You know who …….

Tah Tah is the answer…..and the insanity continues wth Tah Tah leading the Ethics Committee (with her mother Carol…ahem) and she cannot keep accurate tribal minutes nor does she set an example of propriety with her inappropriate behavior that brings suspensions and constant reprimands. Interestingly enough, the reprimands and letters condemning her behavior keep coming, but the punishment is less severe.  She’s never removed.

Everyone has to be tortured by Tah Tah.

Shovel Ready couldn’t lead us out of a bridal shower let alone restore credibility to the tribal government.


Okay. What Tribal officer was spotted riding around with tribal young men  very “la la land”  and also walking the halls missing a front tooth….You have to look for the entertainment value in all this because we will otherwise all turn into manic depressives !.

See if your hunch is right…check back by 11pm

Yearning for the good old days !

Whatever happened to setting the example?

You know, the Tribe has become so weird,  Reel Wamps was actively recruiting an exorcist and other experts to see if certain Wamps are actually possessed by aliens. I mean, that’s not far fetched being that so many of the employees, and council leaders have been acting like they’re on Flakka.


The Wampanoag Ball was such an catastrophe, we don’t want to go there..all you have to do is Google the mess if you want to relive the international  humiliation and embarrassment of essentially shutting down Sea Mist and behaving like deranged psychopaths. “Don’t taze me dude !” became the phrase snickered as people followed up with how “awful” it was.  As the White people checked out of Sea Mist and got their refunds, the police, (Mashpee,

The First Lady & Shovel Ready Ceddie. Overwhelmingly Purple POMPAss

Falmouth and State cops),went looking for the Chairman to see if he could calm things down.  What? Not Shovel Ready Ceddie.  That boy was hiding in his room.  Shovel Ready has a security detail that’s the envy of President Obama.  He’s so afraid of his own people, the press release statement lecturing tribal members on their bad behavior  did not come from the so called chairman but the White president of the Regan PR firm.  Nice.

This is what our young people see? It’s what they are supposed to emulate?


Clearly you have to have a record to make a  big salary  at the government center.  Danielle Hill is still there and her dishonesty about her unresolved felony charges is now part of the ongoing coverup that includes hiding the fact that she lied on her application that disappeared. Danielle only presented a resume, according to HR. It’s so so bad that a record is the prerequisite  to getting a job making over $50K.  If the voters rejected her, why is she working for us?

Bobby Foster still tries to pay almost nothing to take care of his kids by lying about his income.  He got quite a bit of help from his peeps.

You have another employee who blatantly lies about having a college education and beat their spouse with a golf club in a moving car…never mind other really bad stuff.

Staffers to Messy Jessie and Tah Tah have constant run-ins with the law with open cases.


Tah Tah likes buring up cars and being " the Boss"

Tah Tah has the worst record.Setting cars on fire, erratic and scary behavior at the office. The Council is trying to get the minutes dating back to  October.  She cannot do her duties as Secretary and her behavior clearly warrants her removal from the council.  But, there are no rules and the reprimands are minimal.  She runs up and down the halls saying “I’m the boss” because she believes she’s the HR director.  It’s obscene.

Once again young people believe this behavior is appropriate and the rest of the world believes we’re degenerates because our government and leadership thinks this stuff is invisible..

Yes the buck stops there because it all stems from the top.




Can we just clear the air and ReBoot

Contrary to rumors we  have not closed up shop.  We were swamped with life and had to take a break from the really depressing realities of our people.  We see a trend occurring though…and it could be a good thing so we’ll talk about it in a minute…..

Stay tuned.  Reel Wamps ReBoot.

A little light reading about how the FBI works

Winnebago council members resign following release of audit

March 05, 2015 7:00 pm  •  By Kevin Abourezk | Lincoln Journal Star

Two Winnebago tribal council members have resigned and another remains suspended following the release of a report last week that showed council members had given themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses and tribal casino gifts.

And on Tuesday, tribal members elected a new council member who promised to take a strong stance against exorbitant spending on council members’ salaries and benefits. With 176 votes, Vincent Bass received 51 percent of the vote in a field of 10 candidates.

“I’m all for lowering salaries, across the board, not just for council members,” he told people gathered at a tribal meeting Wednesday. “I want to take that money back where it’s being misspent and put it back in our children and elders programs.”

Bass was elected to the seat left vacant by former tribal council vice chairman Darwin Snyder, who resigned in January after he was accused of failing to properly authorize issuance of prepaid debit cards to council members.

On Wednesday, FBI spokeswoman Sandy Breault declined to comment on reports that her agency had begun an investigation into alleged corruption by tribal council members.

“Unfortunately, we can’t comment on it because it is an ongoing investigation,” she said. “As soon as anything becomes public knowledge, we would be able to release something at that time.”

Council members Travis Mallory and Morgan Earth resigned their positions this week. Earth resigned due to health reasons, said tribal chairman John Blackhawk. Mallory didn’t give a reason for his resignation, Blackhawk said.

The council suspended two members last week, Thomas Snowball Sr. and Louis Houghton Jr., after a tribal investigative committee released its report. The Winnebago tribal council empowered the special investigation and fact-finding committee to look into allegations of corruption.

The committee’s report found council members had received free hotel rooms, meals and prepaid debit cards from the tribe’s WinnaVegas Casino in Sloan, Iowa, and handed tens of thousands of dollars in recent years to tribal members, many of whom were likely voters, through loans and discretionary grants.

The tribal council held an ethics hearing on complaints filed against Snowball and Houghton on Wednesday. The council failed to pass a resolution seeking the removal of Houghton by a vote of 2-3. Snowball remains suspended after members tabled a resolution seeking his removal.

Blackhawk declined to say how he voted on the resolution to remove Houghton from the council but said he didn’t believe there was sufficient evidence justifying Houghton’s removal.

“He was exonerated,” he said.

Blackhawk said the council has taken no further action on the investigative committee’s report, though he said last week that the tribal council plans to commission a forensic audit to further examine the committee’s findings. The report indicated some council members are paid salaries of over $100,000 a year.

Other allegations in the tribal investigative committee’s report say the council gave itself a 35 percent salary increase one year, at least one council member gave loans to family members, and council members received bonuses with no evidence they were approved by the council.

A community group in Winnebago is calling on five of the remaining tribal council members – Blackhawk, Houghton, Snowball, Larry Payer and Charles Aldrich — to resign their positions or risk being recalled.

The community group, Winnebago Tribe for the People, has begun circulating petitions seeking the recall of the five council members. They are not targeting Darla LaPointe, who was recently elected, and Bass.

The group’s leaders say they have about half the petition signatures they need to put the recall to a vote of the tribe’s members. The group is alleging the council members stole from tribal coffers when they approved hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bonuses, raises and casino gifts in recent years.

One of the community group’s leaders, Keely Bassette, said the group was frustrated by the council’s unwillingness to take responsibility for its actions and oust members who’ve been shown to have misappropriated funds.

“At this point, it’s about those men and not what’s good for the people,” she said.

“They’re just hanging on like ticks.”


Sound familiar Mashpee?

Danielle Hill beaten badly in Tribal race….irregularities impact outcome for others

The Ratchett agony of defeat.

Danielle Hill was the lowest vote getter in a horse race of 11 candidates vying for 6 seats on the council.  Hill’s unresolved felony warrant in New York clearly undermined her efforts to become a council member. Incumbent Patricia Keliinui was the weakest link in the Cromwell incumbents commonly referred to as  ” The Woebegone Women” coming in 8th. Ironically Keliinui is responsible for failing to enforce tribal laws and election procedures during the chaotic 2009 election that ushered in the Cromwell regime.  Since then the election process has been dominated  by Cromwell and Frye family members and cronies who make up the rules and threaten members who question their actions.

Winnie Johnson Graham slipped under the radar of criticism which allowed her to be the top vote getter to the surprise of many.  If the election is clean, it shows that voters have clearly forgotten her illegal award of $50,000 from Housing.  Tribal member advocates say the money should be be repaid by garnishing  her pay check from the Tribal Health Department.


Robert Dias,a popular young town supervisor, came in second place and is expected to be a strong advocate for

Rob Dias, is popular and respected. A leader to watch.

core members.Carlton Hendricks, Jr.  a consistent vocal critic of the administration was re elected coming in ahead of Cheryl Frye Cromwell, wife of Chairman Cedric Cromwell. Cromwell barely made it back on to the

TFL & Ceddie during happier times. Plenty of purple and lobster.

Council edging out Laura Miranda.  Cromwell greatly exaggerated her 4 month stint in the Reserves.  In various documents, Frye Cromwell  says she served in the Army from 1981-1985. Military officials had no record of Frye Cromwell’s service. Both Frye Cromwell and her cousin Yvonne Frye Avant, who has no record of accomplishment for 25 years on the Council and another Cromwell soldier have been loosing ground each election, slipping from the top vote getters to the back of the pack. Even their family seems embarrassed by them.

But the irregularities continue to be part of the MWT elections.  The demand for ID’s from known tribal members(who had no ID)  turned away at least 15 voters.  These voters were the nephews and close friends of Carlton Hendricks Jr, Laura Miranda and Robert Dias. Miranda would have beaten Frye Cromwell easily.That was a known fact.  And the fact that Cedric Cromwell had a membership card made for his mother on site. Others who would

Navajo Joe presides over the election. Standing behind monitors, trying to avoid lawsuits. Tough job.

clearly vote against his wife were not given the same access. A bright spot appeared when Tribal attorney Mark Tilden kicked out the Child Chairman of the Enrollment Committee, Brian Weeden. Tilden had scolded Weeden about the impropriety of being the enrollment committee chairman and openly campaigning for The Woebegones. Banished by Navajo Joe, the big kid took his rightful place with his candidates waving signs out front.

Had those people been allowed to vote, which is standard, Cheryl Frye Cromwell would have been history like Patricia and Danielle. Cromwell has not been the picture of health for a while and the continued controversy surrounding his wife and council cronies is not pleasing to the Arkana bosses.

Winnie Johnson    280

Winona Pocknett   266

Robert Dias           266

Yvonne Frye Avant 262

Carlton Hendricks, Jr. 257

Cheryl Frye Cromwell 248

Laura Tobey Miranda     245

Patricia Keliinui              239

Aaron Tobey                   222

Robyn Tobey Stamps    190

Danielle Hill                    161





So…..You can’t ID Natalie Costa as a Tribal member?

Well sah Nat, you're more Mashpee than all of 'em put together...They need to know who you are.


See….they can make an ID on the spot for Connie Cromwell, the chairman’s mother from Boston, but because Natalie Costa doesn’t have her ID she can’t vote. The ID requirement came about because of the 2009 controversy when non tribal members were voting and the Elders were not there to stop them.  People who are known tribal members are supposed to be able to vote without ID.

Then again this same group of nuts asked Chief Earl Mills for his ID…they really did not know one of our most revered members.

Foreigners don’t respect tradition .