Nellie Hicks can see it all now

Nellie is with the old timers, tourin'. Don't worry about her, worry about the Tribe

Nellie is with the old timers, tourin’. Don’t worry about her, worry about the Tribe

Nellie Hicks is laughing at us now….because she can see everything.  She can see what the “no accounts” are doing.  Yes she can.  She can confirm what she thought was going on from the heavens above and she can see what’s in her “newspaper”…. Reel Wamps, before it’s published. And she knows now who’s writing it and how much they love her.

Our Elder super sleuth is touring all around her beloved Mashpee (driving way too fast)with her childhood friends, her sisters, her mother Mrs Stella and yes, she’s bemoaning the death of the tribe and yes, we  mourn hers.

Nellie Hicks was the matriarch of the Hicks family.  She was a hard worker, and a good one.  She was an accountant and the Treasurer under the previous administration and proudly so.  Nellie was loyal.  That’s a Hicks trait.  “Solid.” The Hicks clan always backed the political leaders who brought progress to the tribe.  It made sense.  And Nellie was on the front line.

She let her instincts lead the way.  She loved Glenn Marshal and

Glenn did everything right, what he did wrong in the eyes of the government, he paid for. But as one Tribal Elder said, " He set everything up, and these guys just walked in," and destroyed everything Mashpee.

Glenn did everything right, What he did wrong in the eyes of the government, he paid for. But as one Tribal Elder said, ” He set everything up, and these guys just walked in,” and destroyed everything Mashpee.

was part of the that team.  The team that brought recognition to the 1001, who could not believe it finally happened. And now many see the importance of what Glenn Marshall did and how leadership is not part of the current governance equation  under the Wicked Wamp 9. Nellie knew that and attended every meeting alone and watched every move. Long as it didn’t interfere with her weekly hair appointment, she was there. She saw the misbehavior at Dino’s and the bartenders complained to her about the council members indiscretions.  She told what was going on and she spoke up.

Nellie had a  dry sense of humor and irascible when she wanted to be.  ‘Hell, I’m old…I don’t  kaaaya !” she said. Damned right girl !

Nellie’s legacy is a reflection  of her good deeds and her search for the truth  Everyone can’t say they carry Nellie’s Club.  They just can’t. Cause if they did, we wouldn’t be in this God awful mess.

We love and miss you Nellie.Throw that war club down here.

Bank of America quits, Genting financial issues dim future

The bank gave up.  The debt keeps acruing and we have no economic development strategy to pay it back.  Our great grand children will be paying this debt.

The bank gave up. The debt keeps accruing and we have no economic development strategy to pay it back. Our great grand children will be paying this debt.

It became clear at the end of April that Bank of American was abandoning its agreement to search for outside financing for the tribal casino in Taunton.  It is such a futile effort, Bank of America severed all ties, and waived fees for any work it had done. BOA just wanted out. Clearly the search for legitimate gaming finances is untenable. And Cedric s failure to deliver in the process is becoming more apparent to the players in that process.

Genting spokesperson Kevin Jones,  meanwhile sold the Massachusetts Gaming Commission a bill of goods when he said Genting would underwrite the whole casino….over $500 million. He knew that ” the biggest gaming entity in the world ” was tanking. He also knew that Genting repeatedly told Cedric Cromwell and the Council that they had to find outside financing. And now one of the nation’s most legitimate and reliable financial institutions has bailed. We are toxic indeed.

It’s been 6 weeks since the phony groundbreaking and no construction ….at all.  Genting has serious financial issues evident in this headline from this article in The Straits Times Business.

“Genting Singapore’s Q1 profits slumps 83% on bad debt” read more if you can stomach it.

Guess that little story dispels the greatness of Genting. It almost appears that our fledgling Tribe is propping up Genting with the huge interest rates paid on the millions loaned. Right now, we are $285 m in the hole and we get absolutely nothing but a government lead by a liar and the Wicked Wamp 8.Their work ethic amounts to showing up on Friday to pick up a big fat check.

We break it down tomorrow.



Tradition down the drain

Guy Cash posing as a medicine man in this strange getup at the Meetinghouse in 2009. He always had trouble identifying like his best buddy SRC.

Guy Cash posing as a medicine man in this strange getup at the Meetinghouse in 2009. He always had trouble identifying like his best buddy SRC.

The illusive Guy Cash, fraudulently known as the Tribal Medicine Man is now officially a paid council member.  The Wicked Wamp 8 will now become 9 with the addition of the man nobody knows or sees.

This is yet another abomination perpetrated by the council that would rather line their pockets than care for our people in need.  Cash’s salary of $68k would go a long way toward helping our tribal families. But tribal secretary Marie “Tah Tah” Stone insisted on hiring Cash. The irony is that among Tah Tah’s many bizarre Facebook posts is her campaign motto, ” I support helping the needy.  I oppose subsidizing the greedy.” The troubled Tah Tah is the only person believing that sound bite. Unfortunately,  the most memorable thing she ever did was tripping Cedric Cromwell and cussing him out in front of God and everyone.

Opponents argued that paying the MM would upend the sanctity of tradition, which is based on a calling  to minister and comfort tribal members.The medicine man also keeps the council apprised of the health and welfare of the tribe.Ha! Cash has been a political pawn of Shovel Ready Ceddie from day one. He would show up at council meetings to vote or to make a quorum. Now he’s going to get paid to do it.

Cash was invisible during the many crisis we have experienced especially of late. In a matter of months, 5 tribal members died of drug overdoses and other horrible circumstances. Guy Cash never darkened the doors of grieving families.

Certainly Guy Cash has issues of his own. He is hard pressed to explain the behavior

Phillip E Cash, Guy's son.

Phillip E Cash, Guy’s son.

of his son (who lived with him) and was a administrator on the gaming authority when he was arrested for possessing bags of heroine in a body cavity. It’s funny but pitiful when you think about it. Mostly though, it’s very very telling. And really disturbing stuff. .

Joanne is declared innocent

Most everyone knows by now that Joanne Frye got away again with food stamp fraud.  Her benefactors on the Tribal Council said that ” she didn’t know that she couldn’t get reimbursed for using her granddaughter’s food stamps.” Why is her granddaughter on food stamps and living with her ?

Well alright. But what about Joanne’s holiday gift card scam ?  The gift cards bought

The password for employment with the tribe. You must be a believer.

The password for employment with the Tribe. You must be a believer.

by the Tribe were to be given to Tribal members. Once again, Joanne turned in the receipt for the purchase of some extra turkey and ham for reimbursement.

Joanne has a lot on the Cromwell administration and she will continue to do as little as possible for her $80 k because she brought the crew to the table and she will tell all if they try to do anything to her or her son in particular.  You can’t shame Joanne or her family….but they are doing a hell of a job of shaming us.



“I’m ecstatic. I’m so excited,” said Cedric Cromwell

Well of course you are Cedric….of course you are.Could it be that your ecstasy was provoked by the fact that you and seven other Council members will keep getting paid as you desperately search for investors to relieve the nervous Genting.

Apparently, something is up.  After the “ceremonial”  groundbreaking and the

The absence of the old outhouse is a dead giveaway.

The absence of the old outhouse is a dead giveaway.

demolition of the warehouse, all construction stopped.  A month later there’s nothing going on.  No Bouse houses,  no construction site trailer just a locked gate and very small vacant lot.

There’s no money to begin the “First Phase.” A third of the millions needed to build the first phase is interest. Who does business like that? More over, who does business with people who do business like that? Getting the facility and the parking lot done by next summer is a reach.  And the question is how is the damned thing finished when you can’t get the money to get started?

There are serious serious issues with Cedric’s search for a financial entity to build the casino itself.  Genting does not want to do it, even with Brockton out of the picture (for now). The real financials have a lot to do  with Genting’s push to get out of underwriting the Asino.

All the newspaper boasting of Gentings financial and gaming prowess is so misleading when combined with renderings of the casino with hotel and amenities never pointing out the “phases” smells bad. It’s obvious that “phases” means no money.  Funny no other gaming entity does it that way.

So the Mass Gaming Commission basically says the Asino is so uncertain they wanted something spectacular to counter it’s potential failure.The Brockton facility wasn’t hitting the mark.It was never about too much competition either. Less is more for certain people.

And in the end Chairman Steven Crosby had buyer’s remorse and was walking back  the Brockton rejection because Cedric is so flaky.

“Not knowing for sure what the tribe is going to do,” he said, was the biggest issue. “If the tribe isn’t able to do anything, whether it’s because of the lawsuit or something else, then we will have made a mistake. I don’t think that’s likely, but it’s a possibility. I just kept wrestling with how much can we count on the tribe’s commitment?”

Looks like a kettle deal to us…clever.


The fix is in for Bean Town Gaming

Chairman Cosby is trashing the Brockton casino. The big boys in Bean town casino will reap the reward of low expectations in the southern region. Yes sir.

Chairman Cosby is trashing the Brockton casino. The big boys in Bean town casino will reap the reward of low expectations in the southern region. Yes sir.

It appears that the Chairman of the Mass Gaming is none too impressed with the Brockton Casino and was bad mouthing the project ….hard. Now the commission voted to reject the Brockton  …license.  You could see where this was going…. right to the crooked set up.

Relying on the Tribe to pull through for the region is pretty shady, in light of the fact that financing the project is a fantasy and becomes more and more tenuous every day. Leaving Mashpee out there alone to serve the region is a doomed prospect…course Crosby knows that.  He has no love for us..

Think about this.  If we are left to build a casino in the region, you can bet it will not be a threat to any gaming facility anywhere in the region.  Our guess is that failure is the desired result. All the the gamblers will head to Everett to the Wynn casino. Wynn is very cozy  with the power elite involved  so he stands to benefit in a scandalous way.

Clearly, the Gaming Commission is not interested in looking at the true financials of our Asino….that were released by mistake a few months ago. Maybe the Globe would like to take a look.  Those documents show the Asino going in the hole $25 – $45 m a year.  Why do they care?  Taunton gets paid and so does the Wicked Wamp 8. And their buddies make a load.

We  get a doughnut.  And the only game in town is Wynn.

The Frye’s are true to their reputation

If you are not a Tribal member, what we are about to tell you will be hard to  believe.Let’s preface that with the fact that Tribal members will not be surprised at all.

Joanne (in pink) stumbled into power by fixing the 2009 election driven by the family's insatiable survival instinct. Joane seen here proudly donning her sister Yvonne campaign propaganda.

Joanne (in pink) stumbled into power by fixing the 2009 election, driven by the family’s insatiable survival instinct. She is seen here proudly donning her sister Yvonne’s campaign propaganda. Notice Yvonne left her maiden name,  Frye, off the literature.

Joanne Frye, whose job title varies from office manager/Elders director and all around “Creator of Major Messes,” put in a reimbursement request for about $160 for Job Fair food she purchased with FOOD STAMPS! Jesus Joanne, you make nearly $80 K, Live in a 184 house, and you’re still on the nickel and dime hustle. It’s a disease, clearly.

It is also a felony to make money off of food stamps.  Course in  tradition of preserving the genre of  the never ending hustle, Messy Jessie Baird, the VP tried to cover it up. The Tribal Administrator wanted to fire Joanne of course….but no.  He doesn’t know about Joanne.  Joanne and her sisters threw the 2009 election that brought this nightmare regime into our lives.

The Frye’s are masters of self preservation at any cost. Any cost. The list of atrocities is a long familiar legacy for this family and honestly, this is a case of Joanne giving all the Frye’s a bad name.  But Joanne has allowed herself to be pawn of other family members, especially her sister Mean Travel Queen…. and taking the hit.  But she’s all alone on this one.

And there’s more cover up concerning Yvonne.  A Tribal member called the Mashpee Enterprise asking why Yvonne’s arrest was not published in the police log printed last Friday. She was in court after all. The Tribal member was accusatory of the paper.   The editor said that they print what the Mashpee Police Department sends them,  and they never got any information on Yvonne, not even as a logged event.  She was put in the cruiser and taken to the police department. Everyone on Route 130 saw that.

Kevin, far left , was demoted in MPD from detective to officer years ago . That Frye gene is something

Kevin, far left , was demoted in MPD from detective to officer years ago for foolishness. That Frye gene is something. A moment of prayer indeed.

How about her brother Mashpee Police officer  Kevin Frye and  head of tribal security, has his finger prints all over this…ya think?That’ a Frye move if you’ve ever seen one…..but everyone knows.  Everyone’s always known.

Get the story straight Yvonne

Yvonne was in court for the second time for the attempted “back over” of her husband.  The Mean Travel Queen just cannot resist explaining her side to anyone who will listen.  Instead of hiding silently in shame, like a normal person,  MTQ has to tell a litany of evolving tales from her perspective.

Soooooooooooo, Yvonne has told several versions of how she got to putting the car in reverse.

  1. He was threatening her  ( maybe because she was telling Council women to vote against him for contracts….hmmmm another story altogether).
  2. He was going to hit her.
  3. He had told her to stay away from the house.


She’s in a car and he’s going to hit her? She’s in the weapon and she backs up, he rolls over to avoid getting run over. Okay.  Why not drive off? Why put the car in reverse?

Okay let’s close this out.  This is why no one wants to be bothered with us.  If you can find a Tribal Council in Fist Nations with a council full of degenerates like ours ….you will be hard pressed

We tried to tell the White people how to survive on our land. Now outsiders controlled by the Chinese are destroying what's left of our tradition for money.

We tried to teach the White people how to survive on our land. Now outsiders controlled by the Chinese are destroying what’s left of our tradition for money.

We at Reel Wamps have always felt that mimicking the White governing structure was not always been the best thing for us….but since we are the most experienced at it, dating back to the 1700’s….how come we have suddenly fallen into a black hole under the Cromwell administration ? Well, you know the answer.  It’s not like you have true Mashpee running the Tribe. No ones accountable.  The laws are not followed and The majority of the council is corrupt and looks out for themselves or the Fryes.

It’s one thing to tell stories of tribal member fights and embarrassing transgressions, like we used to for comic relief. But these people are running the government.  Why would financiers take us seriously?  It’s difficult to even consider when the SCOUNDRELS are in charge.All of them without basic  credentials to govern our complicated small tribe.

Who would go hunting with Cedric Cromwell, of Dorchester? Not a single man.  No one has ever

considered the outsider who has been a shameful imitation of a Mashpee man.

Our identity is our identity. I cannot be taught, because our people live it every day. The Wicked 8 are on the TAKE...we live that every day too.

Our identity is our identity. It cannot be taught, because our people live it every day. The Wicked Wamp 8 are on the TAKE…we live that every day too.

The tribal chairman must know every element of tribal life and the history of every family.  How we are related and not related.  Our feuds, resentments and ROLES through the years.

You have 4 officers and 4 council members without an iota of credibility.EIGHT. Pretending we are going to have a casino worthy of generating revenues for the state and our people.Lies.

And the last effort to try to delay the Mass Gaming Commission decision on the Brockton license was absurd.  The MGC has done it’s due diligence and everyone knows it.

If we weren’t so damned flaky, Brockton wouldn’t even be in the picture….ever, think about that?

Cedric’s dropped the ball. No financing, no credibility.  Potentially $420,000,000 in debt for a tiny tribe if the latest loan goes through.

But, one thing is for sure every Friday the Wicked Wamp 8 get a check.  Over a million dollars a year to these thieves.

Yvonne is a shining example of transgressions that keep repeating themselves and beating us down.

We have always been survivors, but we have never been masochists.


The “Mean Travel Queen” has landed…in jail

One thing about Yvonne Frye Avant, she’s consistent.  The Mean Travel Queen has a temper that seems to ignite when someone does unto her, what she did unto them. We’ll tell you what we mean in a minute.

The Mean Travel Queen is a Council member plagued by domestic problems and violence. She has been on the Council over 30 years. She needs to exit.

The Mean Travel Queen is a Council member plagued by domestic problems and violence. She has been on the Council over 30 years. As the longest serving member with a less than stellar record, she needs to exit.

The Saturday incident was another domestic violence occurrence. This time she backed into her husband,hitting him. He called the Mashpee cops. Well damn!

MTQ was at it again, and got herself arrested. And her sisters were frantic about getting her out of the joint. But the Fryes’s couldn’t work that magic. That’s because Yvonne was stuck in jail for the 6 hour cooling off period for domestic violence. Course that’s the White man’s law of the land.  None of that tribal voo doo that Jessie conjures up.

Just over a year ago, Mean Travel Queen broke into a tribal members home looking for her husband. Well the cops were called again and this time she ended up in court. The tribal member did not press charges but the judge said MTQ was not to trespass on the woman’s property ever again.

Now on to how Yvonne is getting what she gave.  The circumstances surrounding her present husband is a lurid tale that played out in Dino’s.  Her current husband was married then, and his wife found out about about the two of them carrying on. Well, she came into Dino’s and whipped Yvonne’s behind quite nicely….in front of the Creator and everyone.

So it’s amazing to know that Yvonne has two outstanding daughters.  It’s incredible.  Talented educated women.  What’s her problem ?

Yvonne had the nerve to send out an email to the Council saying that she would be happy to discuss it at the next meeting.  Well, the Council didn’t discuss her breaking and entering episode even after tribal member David Weeden asked  what the Council was going to do.  You may say David’s got his own stuff goin’ on …yah, but he is not on the Council.

TFL has a seedy record that has not changed since she was elected to the Council or became the First Lady. She has bullied men and women relentlessly. She has destroyed our legacy as a giving, loving people.

TFL has a seedy record that has not changed since she was elected to the Council or became The First Lady. She has purposely ignored our sick people, bullied men and women relentlessly destroying our legacy as a giving, loving people.

On the Council is Cheryl Frye Cromwell, AKA The First Lady.  Tribal members were witnesses to her beating a Pequot woman on her homeland at Foxwoods of all places.  There have been other incidents of scandal in bathrooms and public drunkenness. She has never been reprimanded.

Council woman Winnie Johnson was jailed for beating a pregnant woman and recently jumped a tribal mother of 5 in front of tribal youth she was supposed to be mentoring. Nothing was done about Winnie and she has become the mascot they trot out for the White people.  She recently burst into a screaming rage at the Sunday meeting. Despite the fact that tribal members demanded she be removed,

Winnie Johnson flew into a rage after she was outed on her false campaign promise to give Tribal households $500 a month stipends. She knew that Genting would not allow her to do anything like that. Like all paid Council members, she is pimping us out to their Chines masters.

Winnie Johnson flew into a rage after she was outed on her false campaign promise to give Tribal households $500 a month stipends. She knew that Genting would not allow her to do anything like that. As a member of the Payola Council, she is pimping us out to her Chinese masters.

she was allowed to continue like a lunatic until she was exhausted. No other government would allow these women to continue to serve on their governing body lowering the standards of decency beyond measure.  It is unconscionable and proof that Cedric Cromwell answers to Genting not us.We knew he was a bombast but this proves he’s anything but a leader.

The Tribal Secretary constantly reveals her instability on Facebook and other internet sites.  This confirms the total disregard for Tribal government integrity and worth. This is a reflection of how they feel about us.

Ever notice how your friends outside the tribe say, : “What’s going on with that Council?  Why don’t you guys do something…they’re awful !”  You really can’t say too much.

So we bare responsibility too.  We get what we get.  We allow it.  So it continues.

It’s funny until you really think about how the people who did nothing to build the Nation are tearing us to smithereens. It’s a sad ending to our storied legacy.

SRC, Messy Jessie, Tah Tah, Mean Travel Queen, Raging Mannequin and The First Lady should resign.




Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman is it true that you lie a lot ?

We have a new tribal member who has insisted on having his say on Reel Wamps.He said there are too many old people talkin’ on this website .  It needs a youthful perspective. Our committee voted unanimously in favor of his request based on his sassiness and extensive lineage.He proudly recited his woodland ancestors as Attaquins, Amos’s, Pocknetts, Haynes,  Mingos, Hendricks, Oakleys, Mills and Peters.  Chief Earl Mills named the young Wamp  Quahog Pie and challenged him to keep the old ways.

Quahog Pie is serious bout everything Wampanoag. A lot of adults can't say that.

Quahog Pie stands like a Mashpee man dressed to perfection ready to dance.He is serious about everything Wampanoag. A lot of adults can’t say that.

Quahog Pie talks to the Chairman

” Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman I just read your press release about your Taunton job fair..I have a question. How do you expect  the Genting Asino, Phase I, Super Walmart to employ 2,600 people ? I mean the parking lot only has 2,500 spaces. Well another thing. Our people can’t work in the Asino.  Indians with casinos don’t allow tribal members to work there. Only non tribal members can work there. So that means my dad gets a check right?  What ?  Well  ..Huh? Wait a minute Mr. Chairman, don’t walk away.  I just asked.  Those Brockton people would build a $700 million real casino with a hotel and everything. It’s going to be huge and they say they will employ 1,300 people.  Are you making things up Mr. Chairman?  Are you trying to impress the White people?

Mr Chairman you need some help? You wanna sit down. You seem to be having trouble. Well ah,  I was in the back of the room during the Sunday meeting and The man who handles the money for the tribe…..Yes, Mr. Robbie, he said you didn’t have the money from the Chinese people yet to build the Phase I,  Super Walmart Genting Asino. Well that’s what he said in front of 120 tribal members that’s what he said.  So how do you build a Asino without the money?  No I’m not a smart ass.  I’m just asking.  You know Minnie Ah Hah is my cousin.  Well, she told me to keep asking you questions, no matta what.  She said after about 20 of ’em you might answer one, maybe.  Wow.  She didn’t call you  names. I forgot you have big issues with ladies.  Like that Tah Tah lady.  They say she told on you in front of everybody.  Everybody. They say you didn’t know that the Mashpee women get ya told.

Mr Chairman I saw you come into the Sunday meeting late.  The Reel Wamps people said you weren’t coming, but all of a sudden you showed up. In the email to everyone, you said you had physical therapy? On Sunday Mr. Chairman? You seemed pretty uncomfortable up there talkin’.

Mr Chairman… the Chinese own us? I mean that’s what the Elders say.  So ah,  that’s not good is it? Where you goin’.  I can loan you my grandfather’s walker.  You can go faster.  Maybe next time Mr. Chairman.