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Hey! We just borrowed another $200 million

Well, well, well.  Another $200 million added to the tribal debt that in no way benefits the tribal members and their families who have to repay it. Of course Shovel Ready and his Fryebal Council get paid every week without fail now that Genting is forced to underwrite the Asino.

One interesting thing happened.  The investors who helped us get recognized are getting paid $60 or $70 m out of that huge pot of money.  That is the honorable thing to do in light of the fact that now we can only dream of the easy life we would have had if we stuck with these folks.

We had 535 acres of beautiful historic land in Middleboro that was actually home to one of our ancestral villages.  Yes. And it cost us $6 m.  As opposed to the 5 disconnected lots in Taunton that cost $56 m that no sane person  would buy…..but rank amateur Cedric Cromwell and his band of thieves.  

Let’s dream for a minute of a casino in Middleboro and what our lives would be like if we stuck with the people got us to the table in the first place.  We would have been a huge resort casino and hotel…already built.  We would be in a town where the people really wanted us and a facility that was quality.

Those investors would have built the casino, charged us 6% interest and taken payments over about 10 years. Course there was also a the best deal of all.  Initially, Tribal members over 18 would have received about $24,000 a year.  Of course that allotment would increase.  But there was also an economic development plan in the making that would have kicked in so we would fulfill our self determination.

Course all that dreamy stuff evaporated when Shovel Ready Ceddie

Cedric Cromwell and his tag team partner former Treasurer Mark Harding on the quest for money & power did scores of bad deals that cost the Tribe dearly

Chairman Cedric Cromwell who officially became a tribal member in 2006 and his tag team partner also an outsider,  former Treasurer Mark Harding on their quest for money & power did scores of bad deals that continue to cost the Tribe dearly.

stole the election in 2009.  They spent up the nearly million dollar surplus and tried to hustle the old investors by not signing  a new agreement. They kicked the old investors to the curb and then Mark Harding brought Genting into our lives. 17% interest, bad deals, lawyers and  incompetent consultants who scammed us for 7 years.

And gave us over $400 million in debt……all for the big doughnut.

The Brockton Casino...huge with 1,300 jobs and that ain't no Hub Bub

The Brockton Casino…huge with 1,300 jobs and that ain’t no Hub Bub

So the big groundbreaking is near….yes this fabulous Phase I Asino is the size of a Super Walmart (80,000 square feet) costing around $125 m.  Right.  Expected to compete with the Brockton resort casino that will run around $700 m….no phases, no  jibber jabber.

We have really fallen to a dark sad place under this administration.

Middleboro looks like Paradise Lost right about now.


Bad form and bull- – – –

Mass Gaming wants a resort casino that makes money not a slot dump.

Mass Gaming wants a resort casino that makes money not a slot dump.

It’s hard to keep up….but we’re going to take  a stab at it

First, the Tribe hosted the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.  It was a courtesy meeting clearly because  the Tribe has so many problems and is incapable of meeting the state compact  or the Indian Gaming Commission requirements. So the state is forced to look elsewhere for a viable gaming entity because what Cedric Cromwell rolled out was totally unacceptable. The state had to be courteous.  What the mainstream media describes as a

“hard sell” by Shovel Ready Ceddie, seemed disjointed and meaningless. Genting is literally a  predatory lender for Native Tribes….at least the Pequots and Seneca members got paid for a while.  Us…it’s turkey and ham while Fryes reap the benefits of salaries (with no education) they would never earn on the outside.  It’s a joke.

What was presented was a ragity itty bitty slot dump essentially with parking lot…in majestic Taunton. The Brockton casino competitors, who profer the safe bet is issuing them a casino license, say the lawsuit makes Ceddie’s Asino a huge risk. So true, but much more is at stake and the MGC knows the deal with Ceddie is a no go….. we’ll get to that later.

Kevin Frye, SRC, nd Guy Cash, the alleged medicine man prays before the meeting. Guy's committment to tribal ministry is summed up by his recent demand for $68K a year. "Mr Absent also looks like he's goin bowling or something. Tribal members are resigned to being without MM ...he's never ever around.

Mashpee cop and tribal secuirty Kevin Frye, SRC, and Guy Cash SRC cousin, the alleged medicine man pray at the meeting. Guy’s tribal ministry is summed up by his recent demand for $68K a year. “Mr Absent” also looks like he’s goin’ bowling or something. Tribal members are resigned to being without a MM …he’s never ever around and he’s pretty weird.

Back to the embarrassing babble at this meeting.The Genting presenter ( who was very young and all over the place) was actually bragging about their history with the Pequots and Senecas who have horror stories concerning sky high interest rates and gangster moves.  Newspaper stories recount the Chinese bursting into a Seneca tribal council meetings brandishing guns demanding payments. Unlike Shovel Ready Ceddie, the Senecas said no deal. SRC is on the payroll and he could care less about some casino. Or taking care of constituents.

This so called ” First Light Casino” has had $25m in architectural re-dos over the

Whatever the slot dump will look link, it won't even come close to this. just a building and a parking hotel.

Whatever the slot dump will look like, it won’t even come close to this. just a building and a parking lot…no hotel.



last 5 years. What corporate executive would allow that kind of expenditure on a casino that will barley materialize?  That was the beginning and the most obvious part of the laundering scam.

But let’s look at the big picture.  Everyone is in this game for the money.  The state wants all it can get and so does Shovel Ready Ceddie.

Here’s the difference.  The MGC is cutting the best deal for of he people of the Commonwealth.  SRC, on the other hand has

The Gaming Commission was probably praying for us in a big way.

The Gaming Commission was probably praying for us in a big way.

never, delivered for “The Tribe.” There is no pay for the tribal members because the Asino will go in the hole some $25 – $45 million a year  for 10 -11 years.  Why would the state be a part of a scam and the likelihood of the BIA Land in Trust  decision  being overturned (because it didn’t follow the US Supreme Court criteria to take the action)? The Tribe is not in the picture at all because there’s no payment for the membership.  There’s no profit for anyone but Genting and the state makes the interest on whatever the No Light Asino scrounges up from the poor devils who catch the bus to play the slots in majestic Taunton. The “Phase” is for a place that is half the size of Twin Rivers with landscaping that amounts to a parking lot.  Nothing like the spandangle in those phony pictures. For some reason they never show you all these “Phases.”  Clearly Phases are not  defined as a resort casino in the compact. And the sovereignty route is still incomplete with the IGC.

So we’re right back to the bull—- of who wants to be bothered with it? Clearly the banks and other financiers are not interested. So Genting is in to recoup something, anything. After all, we have no economic development strategy because it’s about SRC.

If SRC puts up an ice cream parlor on the over priced property…why would he care? The guy who don’t get no respect is pulling down about $20K  a month based on our information from the fiance department.  As long as Genting keeps fronting Cedric’s salary, why would he care? Genting has it’s own washing machine..

Again rambling insults and bad humor  before the Mass Gaming Commission was nothing more that Shovel Ready’s  bipolar issues on display. The audience was beleaguered council members and their Fryebal Council relatives. Council employees, who were on paid vacation to applaud on que.The tribal Indians were no were around.  And the Commission didn’t seem real interested in the presentation anyway. It was clear that Jessie ( who stopped in the middle of her bizarre history lesson about the Wampanoag people) realized nobody was listening and abruptly sat down.  It was like being in a tribal meeting when someone tells her to ” stop lyin’ and sit down.”

The real story is hidden away from the Commission because if they saw the real financials and the huge losses the casino will take over a ten year period they would be astounded. It is a crime for sure.

So Shovel Ready finally lives up to his namesake 7 years later.

This bogus casino, if it ever materializes, is a payday for SRC. More to come people.

For the love of God…can you just stop embarrassing us

This is horrific indeed.  For Cedric and Jessie to prostrate themselves before the Mass Gaming Commission as though they really represent us. It is humiliating.  For Jessie Baird to discuss this itty bitty casino like it it is a treasure for ” our children she said, “they are doing this for our children.”   It is pathetic.  We will not  be compensated in any way  until 2026.  The compact does not say Phases  it says $500 m resort casino.  They do not have the money to build it and they will never finish it. Cedric is one hell of a liar.

Watch for yourself


What’s it gonna be ?

So we are going it alone, taking the “Sovereignty” route to get this little tiny casino.

No no. Cedric threatens the Massachusetts Gaming Commission because it could issue a license to a reliable gaming entity

Cedric says the Massachusetts Gaming Commission isn’t following the Compact.

Howard Cooper, Cedric’s lawyer says that the Tribe’s going to sue the state if they issue a license to the Brockton group who are reliable and truly shovel ready.

So if the Massachusetts Gaming Commission issues the license to the Brockton Group, the tribal casino could never compete with the real resort  casino…if it’s ever built. IF IF IF is the operative word because the Land in Trust is so shady and the lawsuits are hovering over the No Light ittty bitty casino.

Now Cedric’s trying to play nice with the gaming commission and host their meeting at the tribal headquarters..  Unless some American financier falls out of the sky Cedric has a huge problem fronting this project because the money is not there.

So you’re going to use the foreign investor that the Indian gaming law was established to stop exploiting Indians, to finance your casino.  And you’re ultimately competing against one of the top gaming entities in the world, that has a great location while yours is crap. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

And you’re paying over $25K s month for a bunch of PR hacks to get the paper to re print your press releases about breaking ground.

Cousins indeed. Jessie plans to run against Cedric for chairman, and there's another planning to get it.. Knowing Cedric, he'll be hobbling around on crutches to keep getting a check. But he ain't no Franklin Roosevelt.

Cousins indeed. Jessie plans to run against Cedric for chairman, and there’s another planning to get it.. Knowing Cedric, he’ll be hobbling around on crutches to keep getting a check. But he ain’t no Franklin Roosevelt.

Jesus Cedric. Are you breaking ground with Winnie’s broken down back hoe or what?   Desperation is a terrible thing. In a matter of days we’ll be able to tell the real story of our demise.

Cedric should resign and take his cousin Jessie with him. Oh and her….she’s over in Barnstable court tinkering and threatening the state with demands for the confidential court records of our kids..  Jessie Baird screwed up the rolls can you imagine that sensitive ICWA information all over the Cape.  Jessie should  in no way be involved in anything legal or confidential. She is dangerous and grossly incompetent. 

Whaaaaaaaa happened with Bank of Boston?

According to our sources, Cedric  and crew had the nerve to cross the threshold of Bank of Boston in search of financing.  And they were promptly shown the door.  It really makes us sad to be so on point with our “Looser Leaders.” .  But when you look at what has been spent and what tribal members have gotten for it….it is frightening.