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The most powerful man on the Council


It’s Robbie Hendricks. Being treated like a third grader by people and staff who have no authority to do so.

Non Negotiable

If Cedric Cromwell was elected chairman, isn’t Robbie Hendricks the new treasurer? Noooooooooooo according to Cedric, Mark Harding needs to hang around and TRANSITION for 90 days.  So we have two treasurers. It’s a constitutional violation.  The transfer of power is plain and laid out in the Constitution.  There’s no transition.

They don’t want Hendricks to bring his technical guy, and  outside auditors to look into that Tribal Gaming Commission or $47 million. They don’t want him ordering Drula (Navajo Sue) to give him the keys and signature cards, so he can be a real treasurer.

Hendricks doesn’t even have an email address. But if Hendricks allows this to go any further, he’s failed to do his job. Allowing Cedric and Harding to compromise you is pretty bad. The tribal family should take note of this outrage against him.  Does nothing matter? Is Genting on the tribal roll?

Are we all that  pimped out ?

It’s going to take 90 days to cover up all the mystery money that is everywhere. This is the beginning of the stash the cash game, and they aren’t even trying to disguise the money shuffle.

Funny when Harding came in he assumed his post the night of the election as he ran around changing locks and shutting down genealogy to cover up their dirty deeds.

Now he’s hanging on to try to hide years of bad business.



My sister-in-law delivered ! It’s the Navajo Way!

So Genting is tough.  Navajo Joe was laughing at us as he walked the perimeter. A thousand Mashpee Wampanoag could show up and vote for Tony Moniz and it wouldn’t count.  To say that Cedric Cromwell received over 400 votes from the indigenous Mashpee Wampanoag is absurd.  To say that a member of the 1001 received 23 votes sends a message alright Mr Dine.  The federal court is already looking at the 2009 disaster and now Kimmie and Navajo Joe handed them more ammunition.

Can you identify this man? They couldn't.

They allowed no independent observers to watch the ballot box being removed and actually counted.  What happened after the ballots were delivered to be counted is any ones guess, because everyone….everyone was thrown out of the building. No independent members were there to observe the counting.

What takes 5 minutes to tabulate took 2 hours.  Everyone knew they were at it again.  That was Navajo Joe’s orders.,  Only Kimmie, her kids, Yvonne Tobey and a few people who know nothing about elections were marching around and asking prominent Mashpee for ID.  It was so surreal. For the second time, a stolen election happened before our eyes.










“That shi_ ain’t right, I’m outta here.”

Robin Tobey Stamps  resigned from the elections committee saying, “That shi_  ain’t right, I’m outta here.”  So whatever is going down with Navajo Joe and Kimmie Frye has to be off the chain.  Robin is head of Indian Health Services so she probably doesn’t want to  be part of anything shady.  Being a federal employee and all, well it just isn’t worth it.

Scrutiny  of the Tribal elections has made everyone suspicious. Law suits, questionable membership practices

Hot Mess !!!!

make it worse.  It’s like a pressure cooker around there. Anyone connected to the membership process and the election process is under the microscope.  Jim Peters tried to escape his role as membership chair and the questionable add-ons under his watch. The regime wouldn’t allow it.

But Robin is well liked by Tribal families and is employed by the Feds. She broke camp.

This morning, a locksmith was over at the executive office trailer. He was there to either lock Bobby Foster out or allow Cedric to barricade himself in.

Stay tuned.






As the canoe sinks

You can tell the end is near.  Jim Peters, Chair of the membership committee tried to resign. The regime said ” Oh no you don’t !”

Save yourself !

That was it. Jim goes down with the canoe.

Bobby Foster was over in New Bedford during disaster relief effort, He tried to order lunch for the workers and was told his credit card was cancelled….not declined, cancelled.  So was his mother’s card.. Joanne Frye has been fighting to stay there for years. Now it’s over.

Marge Seagraves was busy freaking out saying she has nothing to do with anything going down. Too late,  Marge.

Tribe to Brooke—You don’t’ speak for us

Lately, Brooke Scannell has been a mighty scarce highly paid FLAK .   They trot her out when Navajo Joe and the Regime don’t want to talk to reporters about their overwhelming incompetence and general madness.

Kimmie Frye is reportedly babbling, “ I just do what they tell me to do. It ain’t my fault, “she says.    It’s good to know she’s on top of this election.  Navajo Joe told the Mashpee 9 that Kimmie and her committee will no

Shredder on overload at MWT

t be dictated to by “a third party.” Navajo Joe meant, basically that they don’t answer to the people. Ironically the Navajo boast in ad nauseum  that they areDine” ( “The People).Fascinating. Oh yah, Navajo Joe also said Kimmie has no conflict being Cedric’s sister-in-law. How Republican of you Navajo Joe.

When reporters called yesterday, everyone was busy at the shredders, and taking equipment to their cars.  So Brooke and the million dollar lawyers drafted a bullsh- – statement saying the Constitution prohibits election monitoring.  Constitution?  What Constitution is she talking about? Surely it’s not the one the regime has consistently violated for the last 4 years.  Is that what you’re talking about Brooke? Ohhhhh.

Come on bird !!!!

The simple fact is that the Election Committee can authorize election monitors.  The chair has the authority to require ID. The Council spent hours screwing around with the passage of an ID ordinance when Kimmie could have done it through her committee.  That’s what they’re for. But the Council usurped their authority and eliminated their autonomy.  Jesus, that process was painful.  The Council is requiring Tribal ID to vote. That’s okay, but you need other forms of acceptable ID like hunting licenses, driver’s licenses, passports, state and federal ID’s with your picture on it.  Many of the indigenous Mashpee do not have tribal ID’s because they don’t want to pay for one, or can’t afford them.  These people can be identified by Patty Oakley or someone who knows 500- 600 members on sight.  Kimmie is the only one on that committee that can eyeball members. She may have amnesia if they’re not voting for her brother in law.  The others can’t tell one family from another. The Casino Stalkers are the ones who should have ID. Now they changed it again back to no ID’s.  What the hell?

The Casino Stalkers are ineligible to vote anyway.

Let’s be honest folks.  Navajo Joe and his girl, the new tribal administrator (Navajo Sue) have effectively taken over the Tribe at the most critical levels. To keep their jobs they have to keep this lawless crew in place.  We have paid dearly for the Navajo Way.   We’ve had enough.

Setting the Record Straight

The CCT has featured another in a long series of not so subtly slanted articles on Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal politics. As usual, they get their facts wrong. That is not surprising, considering that three paragraphs are dedicated to former columnist Paula Peters, who has no relevance to this election other than being the partner of outgoing treasurer Mark Harding.

Here are some facts:

David Pocknett was on the Council when the former Chairman was in office. His jobs were to be liaison for the Horse farm operation and the Tribal museum. Pocknett likes to take credit for the education grant issued to UMASS Boston from the Kellogg foundation, but he in fact had no part in writing or negotiating this grant. It was written by a man Named Floyd Gallegos, who at the time was a candidate for his doctoral degree. Gallegos had worked for the tribe in the 1970’s and in fact was a good friend of Russell Peters and Vernon Pocknett, as well Oliver “Clucker” Pocknett who is David’s Father.

Pocknett had run against Shawn Hendricks for the Vice Chair position in the 2000 election and lost, He was also a candidate for chair position in the 2009 election and three weeks before the election he dropped out, which left a gaping hole that few have forgotten. David “I’m out” Pocknett’s cousin Putnam Peters ran, and did an admirable job in a short time, but lost in the tsunami of illegal voters paid by the Cromwell administration. The casino stalkers were bought cheaply, for $20, while some got winter jackets and a promises of a casino.

Cromwell loved to say that he worked for Fidelity Investment Corp as an account executive, when in fact he was just a computer programmer and repair guy. This is known and attested to by a variety of people who worked at Fidelity with Cromwell.

In the years prior to Federal recognition, Marshall and the council needed, and wanted, to get the applications for Tribal membership resolved, as it was a criterion for Federal recognition. Cromwell was on the Council for two terms as a council member, having been forced to join the Tribe in 2006, and, in fact, was part of the Council that ratified the contract between the the Tribe and the former investors. This contract was ratified with a unanimous vote of the council.

The programs that were available to the tribal members have been left to languish by the current administration of the Tribe. There is no transportation program, no elders program that works for all tribal members, the office in New Bedford has all but been forgotten and has no support from this administration. The New Bedford office is a recapped idea from the former chairman. The Tribal emergency team has no support from the council and has been undermined by the leadership and specific tribal workers related to the Chairman by marriage.

The CCT again missed the boat, and did not get the full story, but then that is their modus operandi. It makes no sense to say that a change in leadership would cause a negative impact for the tribe.

All elected officials are expected to do the job they are charged with by the constitution. The present administration has forgotten its legitimate members and has squandered $47 million–and maybe more. It seems that this administration has spent about $23,500 per tribal member since they have been in office and have produced nothing. Where is the money and where are the services it should have provided?

Our Tribe’s endeavors are, and should be, open to reasonable scrutiny and responsible reporting. What is unwelcome is news organizations becoming, or even appearing to become, a part of the delicate political process of Tribal elections and governance. The mission of the press should be the truth.

Ball of Confusion

The Emergency Meeting was a sideshow beyond comprehension. Secretary Marie Stone became “Tah Tah” before your very eyes as she proclaimed that she was the “Senior Adviser” presiding over the  meeting.  Whatever that meant.

It was hard to understand what Big Brother Almighty was saying .   He was mispronouncing peoples names and seemed confused.   The circus like atmosphere prevailed as Marie reigned over chaos.

Even Aaron Tobey was having trouble making any sense.  Observers said they all sounded screwy. All under serious duress.

Anyway, BBA urgently pushed his redo of the Gaming Commission fiasco.  He made a huge mistake by trying to change the ordinance that determines how many votes you have to have to pass an ordinance. As was the case so many times before, he didn’t have the votes to change anything. Nor did they post the ordinance ten days in advance…but he proceeded anyway.  He didn’t have any choice with Genting and all the lawyers on the phone and in the room insisting that it was all legal.

So he pushed the Gaming Commission redo through without the proper number of votes and will do it again next week in a regular meeting sometime next week. It will probably fail again.

For Laura Tobey it was too much.  Too much rampant wrongdoing.  She said she would have something to say to Genting about the whole mess.

Meanwhile Cedric flew out of the meeting and  had his flack post more misinformation on his rapid response medium.   The Tribal Facebook his new campaign site (along with the Mittark and the Tribal website).

It’s not like anyone believes what you say anyway BBA.

Chinese Water Torture in the Wamp Swamp

Big Brother Almighty had it pretty rough last night.  Now he’s posted the Emergency Meeting Notice to fix the Gaming Commission tomorrow as though he’s concerned with the health and well being of the Tribe.  All of a sudden he’s worried about us? We have no services and get nothing from this administration but a lot of debt and hooey.

So many secrets to be told

So tomorrow it’s do or die for BBA.  He has to have an EM because he can’t get a quorum for a regular meeting.  The Council knows this isn’t about the health and welfare of the Tribe. It’s about the Gaming Commission because it’s the  “Stash the Cash” fund.  And, anyone voting for it is in fact endorsing the whole smelly business.

It’s about BBA, Mark Harding and Yvonne taking care of business for Genting.  Then they have turn around and redo it in a regular meeting….to be legal. Both efforts will be tough to do. Judging by Navajo Joe’s petrified performance last night, things are not well in the Wamp Swamp. And he’s an easy target for Chinese Water Torture.

Genting is a rough group.  Ask the Seneca. But for BBA its the end of the line and the Gaming Commission is the last play in the game with the big boys.  Frankly, he never knew how to play.


Our Tribal Lands At Risk?

Okay, people.  We all can be a little bit lax when reading what seems to be routine announcements, and legalese can be off-putting, but we need to talk.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that the Council has posted the reasons for the emergency meeting, but I read closely and I have a grave concern.    Amended-Mashpee-Notice-of-Emergency-Meeting-to-Be-Held-2-15-13-1

I want to call your attention to the second sentence of the paragraph marked “1.”

“The Tribe has an immediate need to receive funds from and preserve relationships with our gaming opportunity investor, who could be substantially harmed and can place our tribal property and assets at risk if the proposed ordinance is not adopted.” (emphasis mine)

I don’t know about you, but this worries me more than just a little bit.  I can understand the part about the Council preserving their paychecks—no matter what —but weren’t we assured that our land and assets were not on the table?  How can we know when they have been so secretive about the deal with the Malaysians.  Has the Council, or, should I say, Cedric and Co. exposed us to the possibility of being sued for our land and what little we own?  Will we lose our housing because it was not excluded as it should have been?

Our Tribe was saved from the 1830 Indian Removal act by Massachusetts Governer Levi Lincoln Jr. (a distant cousin of Abraham Lincoln). Will our governor, president, or the BIA step in to prevent our being removed from our pitifully small land base? God forbid! If the present administration has been so slipshod, or worse, corrupt, maybe we should remember that on the 24th when we vote.
Time to excise the problem.