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And the winner is …….

Micky Frye according to Quahog Pie who has been doing his own calculations on who has the most kids on the Tribal payroll.  Quahog Pie did his homework.  The list is long and familiar.  But the question is, are they qualified and are they doing good service to the Tribe? Here’s the list that won for Micky:

Donna Frye-Johnson, Yvonne Frye Avant, Joanne Frye, Ellen Frye Sharpe, Kevin Frye, Nancy Joseph, Greg Joseph, Denise Johnson, Di Di Johnson Landry, Barbara Johnson, Bobby Foster, Loraine Foster Peters, Marita Scott, and Talia Landry bringing the total to 14 for Big Mick. But more Frye’s are on the list Francie (The Deaconess), her daughter Shelly… nobody knows what she does.  She just brags about driving a Cadillac, and Nancy. Then there is the most infamous First Lady Cheryl Frye Cromwell and her sister Kimmie Frye ( and their children are on and off the payroll).

Quahog Pie is confused by the bad things happening to the Tribe dominated by the Fryes.

Quahog Pie is confused by the bad things happening to the Tribe dominated by the Fryes.

Quahog Pie was troubled by all this Nepotism and talked it over with Weetamoo, the famous Pocasset strong woman.

Quahog Pie: ” The Frye people they are very dominant in the tribal government. They must be very smart.”

Weetamoo: ” Not smart, never known for being smart at all…just greedy.  Opportunists.  They defy the

Weetamoo tries to counsel Quahog Pie, but he is inconsolable.

Weetamoo tries to counsel Quahog Pie, but he is inconsolable about his Tribe.

Wampanoag ways.”

Quahog Pie: ” How’s that?”

Weetamoo: ” Wampanoags take care of each other and help others.  That’s how we survived the centuries. They serve no one but themselves.

Quahog Pie: “You’re right.  They have all the housing, they run the pantry, have every job and steal all the food out of there before the Elders, and the Tribal members can get anything. They shouldn’t be using the Pantry since they make so much money, should they?

Weetamoo: ” Now you understand don’t you?”

Quahog Pie: “Yes I do.  They are not even ashamed. But the irony is that the people at the top are all Tobeys.  And they never employed any of their own family.”


Weetamoo: “Yes, the Frye’s own them and the Tobeys are going to be held accountable for all the bad things that happened because the leaders are Tobeys.

Quahog Pie: ” Accept Ms. Marie.  They call her “Tah Tah.”

Weetamoo: ” And for  good reason.   She can’t seem to do her job of taking the minutes.  Which means that nothing that has been done by the council is real, because there is no record of it.”

Quahog Pie: ” How can that be?”

Weetamoo: ” That is who you have become.”



We were wrong

The Boston Globe says the federal appellate court will hear the appeal of the lower court decision that says the US Department of Interior  did not have the authority to take our land into trust.  We are a landless Tribe. Back to limbo.

We were wrong because we didn’t think the tribe or Interior would  appeal, but just  as we said about this case from the beginning….. It is impossible to show that the Mashpee Wampanoag or were under federal jurisdiction prior to 1934…..because we were not.  That was why the first judge said Interior was wrong to do it in the first place.  It hard to believe that Interior or Cedric’s clown crowd of lawyers and consultants will come up with the proof the second time when they couldn’t  produce it the first time.  It’s like pulling a rabbit out of your behind.

By the way, this has nothing to do with whether or not we were a tribe, which is part of the ” lame spin ” the PR firm is trying to put on the loosing strategy…..because in 1934 there was no formal recognition process.  The federal government only acknowledged  “treaty” tribes which were on the Daws Roll  and were UNDER FEDERAL JURISDICTION BECAUSE THEY WERE ON RESERVATIONS.  Of which we were not.

Our validity as a tribe is held up as the gold standard of recognition by the BIA. We produced  the most detailed documentation and  proof that we consistently stayed together as an indigenous community, on our land and kept our traditions. Unfortunately, every family that played a significant role in our recognition was removed immediately from having any role in our future…..even the Elders were driven out, which is the greatest violation of our tradition.  Instead, the least worthy of us is governing us. As Real Mashpee knows.  This has been devastating.  Devastating.

As for  the funding for the casino, Sean P. Murphy might want to call a few council members to see how that’s going. He might want to check on Genting’s struggling slot dump in NY.  Cause Genting is not paying for any casino.  In fact, Cedric Cromwell has stopped soliciting for nearly a year because no one was buying in.  As we said in an earlier post, 5th Third Bank chose to bail out Genting’s NY facility with over $400 m instead of granting a loan for the tribal Asino construction .  They said they wanted to wait and see.  Casinos aren’t a good bet these days and our situation is beyond bleak.

The appeal is a delaying tactic because Shovel Ready Ceddie knows there’s no positive outcome.  Navajo Joe knows that and so does that “winning” wiz kid “Attorney Arlinda Arlinda You’re Such a Big Spenda !”

Ceddie has an eye toward getting re-elected and getting paid until the money runs out in the Spring. Genting has been saying for over a year that the Tribe had to find  their own money.

Explaining where over $320 m went is the big problem for Ceddie and the Wicked Wamp 8. And finger-pointing excuses won’t do.

The IRS cometh and the Comptroller wants “the access code”

All the suffering we’ve been through, there’s no surprise at the latest ominous sign sent. The Tribe is being audited.  That’s not the worst thing that could happen.  Actually, it happens a lot, ask Donald Trump. You know Trump who’s so not into Native Americans.  The authority on ethnicity and then …not so much. We bring up Trump because when he’s in charge after January 20th…. the government might be trying to head off any questions of, “Why was this going on for 7 years?” Right.  We have been asking the same thing.  For 7 years.

Back to the audit. An IRS audit is funky…not pleasant.  So what’s happening is what we expected to happen.  Cedric brought in people (we all know who), to “fix” things, about a month ago. She can’t fix anything with a forensic audit looming, which is surely going to happen.  And guess where one of the problems is? Joanne Frye and the Elders Department !!! Hundreds of thousands of dollars in miscellaneous expenditures. Enter the poor White girl.  White girl Comptroller who wants the “code” bucking the Fryebal Council lead by Joanne Frye who brought her family to power.  Joanne has a lot to hide.

Ceddie clowns with his right hand, the "Deaconess" as the Frybal Council collapses under the weight of corruption.

Ceddie clowns with his right hand, the “Deaconess” as the Frybal Council collapses under the weight of corruption.

So they’re trying to get the White girl fired. Yup. White girl trying to do her job and she’s dealing with Kevin Frye (Super Fly Indian Cop) who tells security cop (nonIndian) TJ to press assault charges against the WG….cause she put her hands on his shoulder.  Right.  The end game is to get the White girl fired cause she’s on to something and everyone knows the Frybal Council will not be satisfied until every Frye ( even infants) are on the payroll and keep stealing.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars in miscellaneous expenditures…that’s a low ball estimate,  which is questionable.

The IRS cometh. The Gaming Authority should be very very interesting also regarding what Ceddie  did with $2m dollars a month for about 5 years. It would be different if we were paying lawyers in Washington to fix the law via the Congress.  No nothing like that.

Instead, Cedric filed flaky unsubstantiated documentation to justify land in trust in Taunton. It was rejected in the end.  So now Dec 12 looms when the BIA and the Tribe decide if they will appeal in the District Court.  How about no.

The most horrific part is that all those White lawyers and consultants got paid millions of dollars and delivered nothing.  We are worse off than we were when they took over in 2009.  Worse.

No casino, economic development, and more of our people on welfare.  Our integrity is gone.  Everything our leaders worked for years ago is gone.  Respect is gone.

Course now the Cromwell’s have turned on the Fryebal Council after all these years. Ellen Frye Sharpe, who is not supposed to be working for the Tribe because of past serious grievances, is searching for new Frye hires, which violates federal law.  Now the Fryes want to fire  her.  Frying at the Fryebal Council.

And her sister Joanne has a lot to hide..

Let’s break it down.  The Justice Department can go back and look at that damned fraudulent 2009 election and see how we went wrong. Their sister Ca was allowing nontribal members to vote, and they were phone banking them to come and vote without Elders to verify them as tribal members. Great.

We can’t blame it all on the Fryes.  Trish Keliinui was right in there with them….all dumb..  She kept saying, ” I got this .” Ya.  As the chair of the election committee, she NEVER reviewed the final voter list with the committee or the Elders. She let Joanne and her sister Ca ( who had access to the membership applications in enrollment) take the ” PENDING  MEMBERS” and merge them with legitimate enrolled  voters. There was no oversight of all the unknown casino stalkers voting. Not an Elder around to question people who were not enrolled members being allowed to vote.  Illegal voters.  And all the documentation disappeared. Imagine that !. Thanks Trish.  She tarnished the family legacy all by herself.

We have been sliding down the slippery slope ever since and again, we are worse off than we were in 2009.

No land in trust, no casino … hope of a casino.

You know Trump’s  best buddy is Steve  Wynn who has a casino cranking while Cedric doesn’t even talk about our pitiful attempt to get Asino in the southern part of the state. The Mass Gaming Commission loves Wynn touring his facility.  Wonder why ? But worse than that.  Trump does not hold Natives in very high esteem, we all know why.

Again, December 12 will tell all.  Either the BIA and the Tribe appeal or not Probably not, here’s why… from two months ago.

Well, the federal judge did it.  He said he would not reconsider his decision on our land in trust granted by the BIA. Why? Because he said we were not under federal jurisdiction per the INFAMOUS 2009 US SUPREME COURT decision. The BIA failed to make the case…and we said just that in the previous post. But Shovel Ready Ceddie’s flak did spin that tried to turn a failure into success.  

You see, Cedric Cromwell has to keep getting paid…so does the do nothing Fryebal Council and the cadre of lawyers and consultants.  They have a budget that will last them into the spring.

Is our tribal government as ridiculous as it seems? Sure it is.  Let’s start with the biggest red flag in the world.  When Bank of America waved goodbye in April and a few months later, when we were still without underwriting for the Asino, Cedric approached the small bank.  5th Third Bank for underwriting and what they did was say? ” Well let’s see how this goes for you guys.” Well, the little bank gave Genting $435m  instead of Cedric.

Well Genting is less of a risk than we are with our pimped out ” near do well” phony Indian Chief, Shovel Ready Ceddie.

First of all Genting is limping if you go back and read our previous posts about how it’s gaming interest are failing compounded by the unraveling of our land in trust. 5th Third Bank ( we know, you never heard of them…another red flag) decided to bail out Genting”s casino slot dump in New York.  Right.

Meanwhile the former head of the BIA, Kevin Washburn started spilling his guts about how they were pressured to approve the first compact and the land in trust.

We’ve been waiting for something good to happen but …it just doesn’t.