Monthly Archives: December 2010

Lumbee ICWA Director suspended

Rhonda Jones Hughes was suspended a week ago because of her  January arrest for drug possession in Florida. The Lumbee ICWA Director is also embroiled in scandal because of her alleged affair with her husbands’ cousin, Vice Chairrman Aaron Tobey.

Her case will be discussed in Executive Session tonight if they have the Council meeting  as scheduled.

Jones-Hughes clearly did not list the arrest on her application. In such a sensative job, her record prohibits her from having contact with children or representiving the Tribe before the Commonwealth.

But, lying on an application is always grounds for dismissal.

Tribal members know however, that had it not been for the Reel Wamps disclosure of the Lumbee arrest, she would still be paid over $70k to run the Indian Child Welfare Act…and Tribal members would continue to complain bitterly about her job performance.

When the Obvious becomes Rediculous

Cedric keeps cancelling meetings because of his little check rec problem, his ICWA director has  been arrested on drug charges this year in Florida, he keeps borrowing millions to pay himself and his cronies, he has nothing to show for the  $17 m he’s borrowed in the name of the Tribe.

Worst of all, the Fall River Mayor  has publically abandoned ship on the casino mess.