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Good job Joan Avant

A positive story on us

CBS News did a wonderful story about our  language, and Joan Avant did a good job of  making sure the viewers understood the importance of reclaiming our lost words.  Reel Wamps has to say Joan did a very good job indeed.  We all know Joan has an imagination and is very…very creative. Clearly she was filling in for someone else.   There was no talk about formal education, or linguists,  just this generic story about a little tribe trying to get their rap back. The other thing is that network producers check up on those things, and then the fraudulence is spread all over 60 Minutes you see.  The old microscope always pops out Brooke Scannell.

So it’s no wonda that the great” prognosticator, fabricator, impersonator” Jessie  “Little Scam-A-Lot”  was not front and center with ” Her Greatest Hiest” of all,  The Wampanoag Language. She’s in the story cover video waving her arms for emphasis before an outdoor class of children learning hello, good bye and thank you over and over.  In Jessie’s classes you’re never able to hold a conversation.  Just do the greetings.  The first class is the second class and the third and so on. If you want to learn it…Google it on the internet…it even has the phonetic pronunciation of one of the most difficult languages in the world.

So Jessie did not want to draw attention to herself or her lack of credentials for the lost language she claims to own. She just couldn’t take a chance with those pesky producers who don’t trust and but do verify.

And Jessie is trying to get her hands on another grant for  millions of  dollars to open a charter school. Do we hear more gasps. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. She and her good friend Cheryl Frye Cromwell went to DC to pitch the project and are very excited about their prospects and clearly anxious to get their hands on that money. Who cares about whether she runs for Chairman or Vice chairman or Governor! With Paula Peters as your campaign manager…you’re destined for greatness. ( Tee hee )

Get more moola girls…but don’t get caught !

Those pesky producers started calling, curious about what we have to show for  $41 million in loans. The internet just expedites such unpleasantness.

But the gleeful beneficiaries of the Genting  moola boast of lobsters at Thanksgiving of all times of the year. A ” Wampanoag Thanksgiving” no doubt.  Whatever that is.   Everyone’s talking about how tacky they are….Stop and Shop was a buzz.

But again, Joan did a good job, copy and paste the link into your browser. It’s something positive to enjoy.

We’re on the road to nowhere

So much for the Taunton Itty Bitty Casino.   Lawmakers are on Phase II of the knock out punch for the casino that was doomed before it got started.  See for yourself as told by SouthCoast Today.

Legislators hope to limit tribe’s casino advantage

by Steve Decosta
November 20, 2012 12:00 AM
SouthCoast legislators are mounting an assault on the provision of the state’s Expanded Gaming Act that gives the Mashpee Wampanoag an open-ended window to win the exclusive rights for a casino in the southeastern part of the state.

State Reps. William Straus, D-Mattapoisett, and Robert Koczera, D-New Bedford, are planning to file legislation limiting the time for the tribe to develop its planned resort casino at the junction of routes 24 and 140 in Taunton.

“To me, it’s an equity issue,” Koczera said. “There are three areas in the state and all of them should benefit from the economic development. Our region shouldn’t be left out. Our region is being hurt” by the open-ended exclusivity offered to the tribe.

The Cape Cod tribe met all state deadlines in its effort to operate a tribal casino, but two federal roadblocks remain. First, the land has to be taken into trust by the Department of the Interior, a process now blocked by a Supreme Court ruling. Second, the compact specifying the terms of how the casino would be operated ran afoul of the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, which ruled that the 21.5 percent of gross gaming revenues the tribe would have paid the state is too steep a cost for the exclusive right to casino gaming in Southeastern Massachusetts. Commercially licensed casinos in two other sections of Massachusetts will pay the state 25 percent.

The state Gaming Commission has the authority to determine when and if it believes the land-into-trust issue can be settled, and Chairman Stephen Crosby has said he’ll give the tribe plenty of time to get that accomplished. If it’s not going to happen, the area’s promised casino would be opened to commercial bidding, as is the case in the state’s two other regions.

“There has to be some finality to this process, some point at which the gaming commission and the commonwealth will move ahead,” Koczera said.

Straus said the area’s representatives have talked about working together on legislation.

“There’s no doubt there will be, at least among House members, a proposal we’re all going to push together,” he said.

Asked how much time he would give the tribe to resolve the land-into-trust issue, Straus said, “I think we’d have to have a date some time in 2013.

“Even while that is pending, I would hope the commission would on its own realize the need, for fairness, to open up this zone to commercial licenses,” Straus said. “There’s no question they have the authority.”

Then there’s the matter of renegotiating the rejected compact.

Jason Lefferts, a spokesman for the governor, said the tribe and state have had “active discussions” about a new compact, but “formal negotiations have not yet begun.”

Given the nature of the rejection, the local legislators said any new version is virtually guaranteed to be a worse deal for the state. “Any new compact by definition has to be worse for the commonwealth than the one we voted against in July,” Straus said. “Those who had voted for the first one, given the guarantee of a worse deal this time around, that’s put a lot of pressure on them.”

“All they have to do is say ‘no’ and we’ll have commercial bidding in the area.”

When the compact was up for approval in the state Senate and House of Representatives in July, the only SouthCoast legislators to vote in favor were Sen. Marc Pacheco, D-Taunton, in whose district the tribal casino would be built, and Rep. Paul Schmid, D-Westport.


 If we still had the Middleboro deal.  We would be secure in the approval of a Compact because  the Land in Trust application was complete and met all requirements.

We would have a beautiful site and over 500 buildable acres right off   495 (already purchased for $6 million)to build a real resort casino.

We had investors who bankrolled our recognition at a cost of  $15 m over 10 years  and would have built our casino based on an agreement of 6% of the casino net revenues over 20 years.

Most  important was the fact that the Tribal members would have received $12,000 a year for the first year and $24,000 a year for the next 3 years plus jobs and tribal services. The member allotments would increase as the debt was reduced.   The economic development plan would have been in place to avoid what happened to the Pequots who received huge allotments  early on that could not be sustained as their casino failed.

Now we got nothing but $41 million in debt, and Ninkumpoops at the helm. It won’t be long now….that’s something to be Thankful for eh?



Tribal Election Law changes fail to pass

Three Tribal Council members stopped the attempt to rig the upcoming tribal election.  Carlton Hendricks Jr., Selena Jonas and Laura Tobey Miranda voted against a multitude of changes to the Tribal Election Ordinance .Their vote killed the changes disguised as minor revisions to the tribes election laws.  While 6 Council members ( Cheryl Frye Cromwell, Mark Harding, Marie Stone, Yvonne Frye Avant, Winnie Johnson, and Patricia Keliinui ) voted for the controversial changes, the Ordinance Regulating the Adoption of Ordinances Resolutions and Measures says ;

After considerations of the Ordinance and after all debate and amendments have been made the Tribal Council may enact an Ordinance by the affirmative vote of nine (9) members of the Tribal Council present.

So  the author of this election law overhaul, Mark Tilden, the Navajo lawyer who loves to play golf with the Tribal Supreme Court Judge Henry  Sockbasen ,  once again gave his bosses some very expensive  bad advice.   And apparently he thought no one would notice that they had to have a super majority vote to pass the travesty.  When questioned by Hendricks, Tilden could not say who told him to overhaul the election laws that allowed Cedric’s sister -n-law  Kimmie Frye, to dispose of  voter challenges and    “The Court of No Resort“ to dispose of election irregularities. Voter suppression is hard to disguise. Especially when the overhaul allowed Jessie’s illegal minions to register by mail.  That was a glaring mechanism designed  to wrench control from the true Mashpee.

No stuffing the ballot box !

And the paper trail on these birds is long. Long and telling.

Cedric and crew want to rig another election. They are so desperate to stay in office,  they have to  change the rules 2 months before an election. But we have to say that they were stopped this time   only because Selena and Laura decided to stop the bleeding.  It takes guts to stand up and say you’ve had enough and that’s what is required sometimes.  Sometimes doing the right thing is the only thing you can do.

There goes the neighborhood

The changes to the Tribal Election Ordinance are particularly bad because they do three things:

  • Further disenfranchise true Mashpee Wampanoag from the voting process
  • Prevent true Mashpee Wampanoag from challenging election irregularities,
  • Removes all of our traditional methods of resolving disputes in an impartial forum, like an Elders Tribunal.

Allowing people to register to vote by mail will destroy the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.  We have a disreputable group of officers at the helm who want more outsiders to join them in taking over the Tribe.  The core of the Tribe has fought this for a long time.  It’s ironic that those families who fought for Recognition are watching the Tribe disintegrate at the hands of outsiders. But this happens in many Tribes.

  • SELECT IVE  VOTER PARTICIPATION  Voter registration by mail allows people who have never had anything to do with us participate in our election and essentially take over what’s left of the government. Of course these people tend to support the very unpopular Tobey Cromwell Frye group because they were brought on by them for this purpose. They’re only helpful if they show up.  IT’S VOTER SUPPRESSION  BECAUSE IT WORKS  FOR ONE GROUP AND AGAINST ANOTHER.  IT’S THE SAME STRATEGY THE REPUBLICANS USED DURING THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN IN STATES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. 
  • THERE IS NO NEUTRAL GROUP TO OVERSEE THE PROCESS. ABSOLUTELY NO CHECKS AND BALANCES. IT INVITES VOTER FRAUD.  No government has the people who stand to benefit in charge of who participates and who does not. We already had extraordinary problems in 2009, that brought this group to power. IT’S ANOTHER  VOTER  SUPPRESSION MOVE OUT OF THE REPUBLICAN PLAY BOOK.
  • THE APPELLATE PROCESS  IS RIGGED AGAINST ANYONE WHO  CHALLENGES  VOTERS AND ELECTION IRREGULARITIES BEFORE AND AFTER THE ELECTION.  Who the hell thinks the Elections Committee Chair, Kimmie Frye (Cedric’s sister- in-law) and Elzy Tubbs (Mr. Probation Scandal) will give them a fair hearing? Right.  It’s so outrageous it’s comical. Even Paula Peters got off the committee because she was so embarrassed, and Patricia Keliinui took off after she allowed the 2009 election debacle meltdown. We’re still looking for the sign in sheets.

THE  COUNCIL’S TRIBAL COURT  WILL SETTLE ANY QUESTION OF ELECTION IRREGULARITIES. Okay, this is a so called tribal judiciary that has no Rules of Procedure.  A court that has no judicial merit or authority to enforce any rulings.  But it has made all those lawyers filing nonsensical petitions against tribal members filthy rich. Who believes they will get a fair shake in the Tribal Court?  How do you enforce it? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE A FAIR HEARING.  ASK DAVID POCKNETT.  SOCKBASEN RULED AGAINST HIM 15 MONTHS AFTER THE ELECTION HE WAS TRYING TO QUALIFY FOR.  So much for going through our government process and the great Tribal Court.


Solid Republican roots

Folks, its like this.  Mark Tilden has a lot riding on this administration.  He went into private practice when they came to power. He has easily made over a $500K changing our ordinances.  It’s not like he has a lot of clients since he left NARF. These changes to the election law is an attempt to clean up Patricia Keliinui’s disaster in 2009, but also  would keep this regime in power so he keeps getting paid.  Tilden is an Arizona Navajo.  He is a Republican, like many of his people there.  He believes in the Republican way of suppressing votes.  He did a masterful job of using convoluted jargon to confuse people.  All amendment processes provide summaries that explain the changes in a way people understand. Not so here.  But the level of desperation is pretty high. And the attempt to cut the heart out of the tribe is most apparent.

Election Suppression

Bunch of  problems with these Election Ordinance changes  That’s why Cedric Tobey Cromwell never looked up during the Sunday Meeting. He knew Mark Tilden…the Navajo predator, had him covered. Tilden is the only Indian lawyer of the 12 on the payroll who  is  willing to work against tribal members to get paid. That’s his job exclusively.  Squiring Kimmie Frye around.  Chuckle.

All the Amendments to the Election Ordinances protect the current officials. They would never pass a public vote  before any tribe in any forum in the United States, and Mark Tilden knows it.

  1. Amendment to Section 2:   Allows 1,000 new people to register by mail. 


Voter Fraud is inevitable because WE HAVE NO INDEPENDENT OVERSIGHT OF DISPUTES LIKE MOST GOVERNMENTS. Instead you are referred to the Elections Committee that is run by Cedric’s sister- in -law, Kimmie Frye and a bunch of  Tobeys and Elzy Tubbs ( Probation Scandal) no less.

(b) Amendment to Section 2:

  • Amendment to Section 1:  The Election Documents normally stored in a Federal Records Center ( Nashville BIA) will be stored in the Tribal Archives.

Okay…you can’t get the documents from the 2009 election.  What do you think happens with this change?

  • Amendment 2 and 9  : The election committee determines whether the complaints you make before the election are worthy of a hearing and the good  old worthless Tribal Court determines whether the election irregularities  are worthy of review and if so the outcome. Bet you feel confident in that process.




Why we’re so messed up

The Sunday meeting was as awful as usual but there were some very entertaining presentations  that were priceless.

Momma’s Gonna Knock You Out

Connie in sun glasses before she went ROGUE!

How about Connie (Tobey) Cromwell? Cedric’s mother was cheering on angry tribal members complaining bitterly, about the Community Building project that employs only 10 tribal members.  Cedric can’t  even keep his mother in line! Course no one believes that that the Community Building  will ever be completed.  It’ll be one of those unfinished construction sites with the cement foundation and the steel beams sticking up rusting away. Man, it’s an expensive PR project that took them 4 years to get underway.

“Little Scam-a-lot”

How about Jessie (Tobey) Baird babbling about anything she thought would make people pay

Jessie, where's the Wampanoag dictionary? Oh forgot about that ? Where's it at girl? Oh, on the internet? Since 2007?

attention and becoming indignant  about the fact that her husband didn’t get a job at the Community Center dust bowl .   Oh the “Populist ” Jessie ” the “advocate” ” the phoney linguist” without a college degree or even a high school diploma?  Running for office are you Jessie?  Going to win with all those illegals you added to the rolls when you were in charge? This oughta be good “Squish Squish.”

Big Belabor the Point

Reel Wamps has said for 3 1/2years that the tribe is getting screwed in a bad loan deal at  17% interest,  for what we believe is in excess of $45 million. We have nothing to show for it  but  incompetent self centered leaders with exorbitant salaries .  Once the documentation was given to the Mashpee Enterprise, it was merely confirmation of what we already knew.  But we still  still have a tribal member  who just can’t contain himself.  He hasta get up and keep talking about the atrocity.  It’s done.  Cedric signed it. Cedric of Dorcester  has signed us into slavery over and over because he’s the Chairman. He and his peeps ran a crooked election and they’re in charge. You got any ideas about how to undo this horror story or what we’re supposed to do now? How about you sat right there and watched all this crap happen.   Never lifted a finger.   Where ya been boy?

Do the “Tobey Freeze”

Reel Wamps loves Laura Tobey (Miranda).  She’s always doing all these great investigations to prove she’s smart and on top of things, a

Laura is seeking Nesting Counseling

friend to the members, and never tells anyone about her discoveries. It’s like she’s nesting. Remember the infamous  (Mark Harding) American Express scandal? Jesus.  She had the goods on the leadership (all of her Tobey cousins) and she didn’t do anything with it.  The story had to be told by a real Elder who reviewed the documents and told the tribe.  She saw the same thing and never said a word. So she was never even able to leverage her information for a deal.  No. Stupid. Yes stupid.   Act 2 : Laura Tobey starts gathering  and receiving information on  Wanda ” Biggest Looser” (not weight)Lord.  Lord is renowned for loosing millions and millions a in grant revenues while keeping her job at over $200k annually. Part of the Tobey Cromwell mandate.  Incompetence first. Anyway Laura gets over 100  packets printed up by a tribal department with the proof of  Wanda’s incredibly abysmal job performance (which RW has talked about repeatedly).  When the  Sunday meeting adjourned, Laura still had the packets in her lap.The  Nesting thing is serious. Laura just can’t pull the trigger. So those guys who thought they had a messenger are listening to the wrong Poo Bah for real. Yah….she’s supposed to be running for Tribal Secretary.  So….would she horde the Minutes as opposed to not taking them at all like Tah Tah?

Face it folks.  We just can’t take much more of the wrong Tobeys running things. It has not been a positive experience. Not only would we never have dreamed it.  It’s a horror story that is screwing with Joanne Frye worse than anyone.   She has to deal with all of them.  Ce Ce in particular trying to get her fired every day.  Imagine being chased around and harassed by them?  Bring back  memories? It’s generational don’t ya know. Sigh.


On bended knee

Cedric Tobey Cromwell has a new strategy.  He laid it out during the marathon council meeting that resembled Cirque du Soleil.

He’s going to ask the Bureau of Indian Affairs to ” provide guidance ” on drafting a new compact. Call it a serious cry for help on a casino that clearly is gonzo. Especially since the governor is trying to get a job in DC despite his scandalous tenure and the talks between the tribe and the state are non existent.

Let’s  add  that the Bureau’s disdain for us right now only means the scrutiny of our so called government will only intensify.

So.  Cedric’s  officers and Council paid nearly $ 4 million dollars for legal counsel  over a few months that resulted in the  worst compact in the United States. Why not ask  one of the 12  top notch lawyers for help?You over  paid them enough for bad advice and the pursuit of  projects that they knew were not possible….more fodder for the Bar Association.

The news articles saying that the Cromwellians have spent$40 m  is an under estimate, because no one knows what the Cedric Tobey Cromwells have done.  We have not seen  a budget for the first  3 years they were in office. Of course Reel Wamps  kept you informed for nearly 4 years while the newspapers printed the Administration’s press releases as though they were gospel.  Now Cedric will not return their phone calls.

But when you’re a pimp, you only worry about your money.  The lawyers are worried about questions of over billing and…….

The tribe is stuck with the bill and no way to repay it.  There’s a waiver of sovereign immunity. But the misfeasance and  malfeasance remains a problem….for Ceddie and crew. No contract with the Malaysians will protect them from government prosecution.  The government could care less about your exemption for personal liability for the loans. The government is interested in your willful participation in fraud, and the fact that the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is damned near destitute as a result! Cedric, Aaron, Mark, Yvonne, Trish, Cheryl, Selena and Laura will not be able to show the government one piece of evidence to account for nearly $50 million dollars loaned to us by the Malaysians. Not good, not good at all.Nothing to show for an average of  12 -14 million in debt a year at 17% interest.  Nothing but shame and despair.

Good luck to all preparing to launch their campaigns  today at the  Sunday Meeting.  Sitting by silent while the tribe suffered for 4 years does not make you any better than the current scandalous scoundrels. And if you’re waiting for a groundswell of support….you better not hold your breath. Mashpee folk may be helpless right now, but they’re not stupid.


Flash! More Revelations

While our Tribal leadership is still reeling from recent revelations from a “stolen” document concerning the enormous debt that they have burdened us with, the ReelWamps team has, through means fair and foul, obtained a copy of Chairman Ced’s prepared speech that he plans to deliver at the regular Sunday Tribal meeting concerning that debt.  We present it in part here:

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…

We sincerely hope that this does not spoil your Sunday outing.  We left out quite a bit, but we think you get the idea.

Can You Say… Usury?

I’m trying to wrap my brain around the size of our debt to Genting, Arkana, RW Investments, or whoever it is.who owns it.  At $38 million that we know of, I need some comparison budget for scale.  The figure falls somewhere between the annual budgets of the towns of Truro and Mashpee.  What do we get for that money?  Well, one thing we get is Bill Delahunt for the low, low price of $15,000 a month.  What does he do again?  We also get a bunch of lawyers who seem to be billing for everything up to the air we breathe.  We have Council members and their sycophants living high off the hog, and we only have to pay off the loans at a mere 15%, with, you know, that little boost to 20% if we get a little behind.  Can you say “usury?”

We have to find out about this stuff from the Mashpee Enterprise, hardly a strident critic of the Tribe and its leadership.  Somehow a promissory note escaped and revealed this information to the world.  Some people blew gaskets.  How dare they betray the confidentiality of this information!  My God.  These people were more upset by the revelation of the note than the actual damning content.  It sounded like they wanted to raise a lynch mob.  If only they were as concerned about the extent to which the Council were willing to mortgage our future for the sake of extravagant paychecks for people who are otherwise unemployable.  Makes me wanna holler.

Oh, and we will have to pay it back.  Now let me get this straight:  Genting is spending money to build a casino that will benefit them (and a few select Tribe members), and we have to pay them “back” out of the pittance that we will get (eventually).  They have a waiver of sovereign immunity, so they can sue us for it if we don’t pay them, AND, we do not have LIT, so they can take our land.  And, they can attach any revenue we can raise from Tribal enterprises.  Yes they can.  Such a deal!

I’m sure you’ve read the letter from “Dear Leader.”  In his usual weasel words he has decried this horrific crime and lamented what a detriment it would be to our “..tribal sovereignty and self governance.”  Baloney.  The only threat is to his income and his neurotic need for adoration and obedience from the bleating flock that hangs on to every word that proceeds from his pie-hole.

“We will be taking steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.”  That is scary, in a North Korean sort of way.  Perhaps he will emulate his template, Kim Jong Un, and execute the naughty person with a mortar round.
All hail King Ceddie!  AKA Kim Jong Uncool

The blame game cometh

When the ship sinks the captain says, ” Every man for himself and God for us all.”  We at Reel Wamps want to salute Cedric Cromwell for doing what so many weak men do…… blame everyone else for his failings.  He’s blaming Tah Tah and of course Aaron Tobey for our status as the most pimped out tribe in the whole wide world…..We have a multitude of pimps, you know them Mark and well all those God awful lawyers.

Now financial  documents are missing and are supposed to show up in the Mashpee Enterprise Friday.  Well you better believe that they were leaked by someone from finance….and no one else.  Oh my nervous are we over there in finance? Yes you should be.

One thing you can say about Cedric though….he doesn’t quit ( every 2 weeks with great fan fair)  I’ll say that for him.  He doesn’t need a cheering squad and a huge audience to listen to his pontifications and bluster….then storm outta the room….He just sits there and says dumb stuff. You may stay on for the pay check Cedric but you should do early retirement.

Just remember when you’re looking for direction and leadership,….don’t go to the guy who never shows up for the fight.