Good job Joan Avant

A positive story on us

CBS News did a wonderful story about our  language, and Joan Avant did a good job of  making sure the viewers understood the importance of reclaiming our lost words.  Reel Wamps has to say Joan did a very good job indeed.  We all know Joan has an imagination and is very…very creative. Clearly she was filling in for someone else.   There was no talk about formal education, or linguists,  just this generic story about a little tribe trying to get their rap back. The other thing is that network producers check up on those things, and then the fraudulence is spread all over 60 Minutes you see.  The old microscope always pops out Brooke Scannell.

So it’s no wonda that the great” prognosticator, fabricator, impersonator” Jessie  “Little Scam-A-Lot”  was not front and center with ” Her Greatest Hiest” of all,  The Wampanoag Language. She’s in the story cover video waving her arms for emphasis before an outdoor class of children learning hello, good bye and thank you over and over.  In Jessie’s classes you’re never able to hold a conversation.  Just do the greetings.  The first class is the second class and the third and so on. If you want to learn it…Google it on the internet…it even has the phonetic pronunciation of one of the most difficult languages in the world.

So Jessie did not want to draw attention to herself or her lack of credentials for the lost language she claims to own. She just couldn’t take a chance with those pesky producers who don’t trust and but do verify.

And Jessie is trying to get her hands on another grant for  millions of  dollars to open a charter school. Do we hear more gasps. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. She and her good friend Cheryl Frye Cromwell went to DC to pitch the project and are very excited about their prospects and clearly anxious to get their hands on that money. Who cares about whether she runs for Chairman or Vice chairman or Governor! With Paula Peters as your campaign manager…you’re destined for greatness. ( Tee hee )

Get more moola girls…but don’t get caught !

Those pesky producers started calling, curious about what we have to show for  $41 million in loans. The internet just expedites such unpleasantness.

But the gleeful beneficiaries of the Genting  moola boast of lobsters at Thanksgiving of all times of the year. A ” Wampanoag Thanksgiving” no doubt.  Whatever that is.   Everyone’s talking about how tacky they are….Stop and Shop was a buzz.

But again, Joan did a good job, copy and paste the link into your browser. It’s something positive to enjoy.