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Not one person in leadership had an ancestor doing what these men are doing.

Minnie Ah Hah so totally Mashpee

When the posse closes in, the bad guys start blaming each other for their demise.  They start making even more mistakes. But worst of all….they rat each other out. They start coming up with stupid ideas to cover their tracks and lie incessantly about what the tribal government can do.

Cedric stares off into space  babbling about some blog and shouts that Minnie Ah Hah is a Tobey, while traditionalists shake their heads sadly.  Everyone knows the impossibility of  that statement.  Everyone knows but Cedric. Belonging is so important to Cedric.

Cedric Cromwell says his Tribal Court is viable and effective and sovereign.  He says that Supreme Court Judge  Henry Sockabasin has presided over  40 cases. For God sakes  what  decisions?  Is it domestic violence? Is it civil? Is it criminal ? Have any tribal members received subpoenas? Do you have to show up?  Course not.  How are the rulings  enforced? Oh that’s right.  Real legal disputes are handled in Barnstable County Court….oh yah.  We have a fake court without  authority or enforcement powers. But the District Attorney and the Attorney General have to be convinced that we’re sovereign. Ha ha.

They had one tribal court case that was purely internal  a with it’s OPINION not  a ruling, that took  15 months for Sokobasin to give an opinion on what was a ballot issue.  It was a constitutional issue that a 12 year old could resolve because it was so obvious.  Sokobasin ruled against the obvious confirmation of the tribal constitution. He came down on the political side of  Cedric Aaron and Mark.

So as we languish in embarrassment.  Just remember they’re peeing in your face and calling it rain.

Chambermaid training available

Deal or no deal? Lots of show without telling anything.  The casino.  What’s in it for the tribal members? How does the tribe scale all the hurdles set in the law?

How do you get a community to do business with us after Cedric, Aaron and Mark abandoned Middleboro? Then they engage in the purchase of land in Fall River already set aside for a bio tech facility, stumble over to Raynham for another incomplete  crappy deal , then on to Plymouth of all places….and now it’s Bridgewater? Not enough land. So is it a slot dump? The real question is why are they scurrying around for land this late in the game and still trying to act like land in trust is not an issue? It’s all Cedric talks about in the papers.  LIT is another colossal screw up that he tries to coverup with impossible strategies that are confusing and misleading.

The deadline isn’t July, it’s whenever the state wants to say ‘times up” we were pretending to give you a license….we’re really giving it to some one else.

Genting says they'll give tribal members jobs

Worst of all….Genting for the second time, makes no commitment to tribal members about their share of profits, instead the little Chinese man  condescends to offer tribal members jobs in the casino. Steven Bingham said that was an insult.  And he was right.  Delahunt orders a tribal member “not to bring that up again,” as he paces back and forth on the stage wondering if this is worth the 15K a month.  Who works for who?

Cedric’s  hiring of Michelle (Tobey) Fernadez as the Housing Director set off a firestorm of protest, apparently from her own family.  The Tobey’s were pushing her around in the parking lot when she ran back in the building calling for security.

This is the ultimate horror show.

And the issue of the crazy spending on the charge cards…” That’s how you do business, ” says Cedric.  Are you kidding me?

Where are the financial reports from Mark Harding?  Next month he says.  That’s what he said last month And every month for years.  These babies have a lot to hide and they are in too deep to do anything but run for cover. All the meetings in the world will get us no answers.  None. Cover up is cover up.

As they say, they’re peeing in our face and saying it’s rain.



How do you know when they’re telling the truth? Right.

Before the story telling begins at today’s  Sunday meeting, tribal members need to be reminded of a couple of things.  Indian Health Services is a part of reparations.  It comes with recognition.  It’s part of the government package to pay for the bad things that have happened to us over the last 31/2 centuries. Indian Health Services is totally independent of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, and thank God.

Robin Stamps and her staff work for the US Health and Human Services, Indian Health Services, and we are a Federal Direct Care Facility. Along with the tribal EPA, IHS is the only program run properly without issue or controversy. That’s because the administration can’t put it’s hands on it.


Thank God for IHS

Robin and her staff do an excellent job of providing vital health services to the tribe.   That was obvious when the Nashville representative praised her work repeatedly yesterday never mentioning Cheryl Frye Cromwell. Course Paula The Peters praises Cheryl, in her new capacity as spokesperson for the Cromwell  administration.  No one can tell you what Cheryl does in ” the Health Department ” that is run by the tribe.   No one can tell you what her daughter-in-law does full time, nor can they tell you what her brother-in-law does.  They can tell you what the other staff does…but not Cheryl’s crew. Maybe we should ask Paula the Peters (Harding?…but she never uses that name does she?).

So with this grand opening of IHS…we are simply getting what we are owed.  That  process started with recognition, in 2007.

And when the second meeting on finances begins….you need to ask yourself  how do you know if they’re telling the truth when they always lie?  What evidence do you have to compare anything to?

That’s right nothing.


Just so you know who we are…

This was the Christmas tribal newsletter done three years ago.  Click on it and you will see news about the tribal members, promoting tribal businesses, and encouraging tribal unity and progress. No political  news about the Chairman or his administration. The members are the story.


Here you see the 2008 Special Edition Pow Wow newsletter.  Interesting and educational, for tribal members and the outside world

PowWowSpecial Edition pg1

Oops! She did it again!

It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your
mouth and remove all doubt.
— A. Lincoln

Paula, Paula, Paula—just when people have forgotten what a fool you
can be, you jump out of a page somewhere and refresh our memories.
You project your foolishness in several ways.

First of all, no accusations were made about you personally, so I do
not see why you need to come to the defense of the Council members who
may be involved in any impropriety. Oh, yes, you fail to mention that
the man whom you referred to as “Treasurer Mark Harding” is not just
some guy you know, but your life and business partner, AKA your
“husband.” Is he not a man, can he not defend himself? Or does Mr.
Harding see you as a fool that he can use for that purpose?

Secondly, you doggedly cling to the lies that you and others
propagated about the shunning of certain individuals who were shunned,
not for asking for financial information, but for suing the Tribe and
for suing individual Tribal members, whose livelihoods and property
were placed in danger. I know of one member who was unable to
refinance her home because of the renegades. And while we are at it,
Steven Bingham was given free access to the Tribe’s books and did not
follow up, because the whole thing was a scam for the Binghams and the
Tobeys to have a big payday from the millions they sued for. Get your
facts straight.

Thirdly, you decry the anonymity of the bloggers, yet you remained
anonymous while your friend Peter “The Great Gadfly” Kenney wrote lie
after lie after lie about your enemies. You used all of your media
connections to tear down your enemies, especially Glenn Marshall, who
rebuffed you when you wanted him to leave his wife for you. Gad, you
are a disgusting individual.

Fourthly, if you don’t think that this administration are capable of
the vilest kind of retribution, think again. How is it that a man who
ran in two different Tribal elections was arrested the night before
each of those elections? Could there be a connection between those
arrests and the fact that the only Wamp member of the MPD is closely
related to and supportive of the people in power? I hope not, but I’m

Paula, you think that by publishing your plaintive pablum that you
can influence the people to sympathize with you, but you are wrong.
Do not imagine, either, that people outside the Tribe will be
fooled. It’s out there, and will continue to be.

You suffer from a common ailment among those who never were part of
the Mashpee community, that of underestimating our intelligence.
Your chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer grew up elsewhere, and
think that they can put one over on these bumpkins. Well, I have news
for you, not all closed eyes sleep, and the quiet man may be the wisest.

Paula, you really need to do some soul searching, because, you know,
many people want to like you, but your obsessions turn them off.
Honestly, I think you should consult with a wise person and avoid
those that you now associate with. They may drag you down with them.

Ever Wonder?

Did you ever wonder why Paula the Peters no longer works in the PR department at  Plymouth Plantation ?  Now you know why.

Say nawthin’ to them birds…


Minnie Ah Hah Mashpee Wampanoag Private Investigator


To my Uncle Herrin’ :

The  pornography  scandal.: There have been many sighting of  porn eruptions.  People are donating old porn tapes to keep Harding from renting them on the tribal charge card. Piles of them can be seen stacked for pick up on Monomascoy Island, down Punkhorn, the herring run and on his very fancy doorstep. He reportedly trips over them as he scurries to his simonized truck. Harding, never much for being Mashpee, now an official  “Hotel Potentate” : Hard Rock  Hollywood-$1,127.56, San Diego Hilton $798.63, Sheraton (includes  porn rentals 4/8/11) $1,741. Basic stuff…Shopping at Roch Brothers,  Jet Blue $1,999 …bill total on AMEX for May 2011- $13,098.35.  Much more to go.  Too awful to put all in one. Tribal Elder was only allowed to review 8 months out of nearly three years of spending. No detail on hundreds of airline tickets.

This is my report for December 8, 2011

Your Niece,

Minnie Ah Hah


Leon the Lumbee does Mashpee

Leon started working for the tribe as a consultant running Housing after Alice died.  Leon the Lumbee, the so called administrative guru is well past retirement age.  Or better yet,  way way past retirement.  Being up in age does not stop him from telling you, all the time, about his big reputation in Indian Country.  Well, that rep gets mixed reviews….

Leon ran Housing for a while, then he created a second consulting job for himself as the tribal administrator.  While in Housing he saw a lot of stuff and the reasons for a lot of negative audits.  He was supposed to be fixing things over there but he never did. Leon becomes the tribal administrator. The new guy comes into Housing and the melt down erupts a few month later…Noni  does a Mashpee on Shelly Tobey and the rest is history. New guy is out the door because the whole place is a mess.  Leon can’t find anyone to take over Housing after he tries everyone with actual credentials. They say hell no. He brings in Michelle(Tobey) Fernandez, as interim Housing director. Yes he did….. and the whole office implodes. Great administrator eh?

More weirdness occurs when Leon is doing the  Indian housing rehab program  and according to several sources tells a tribal member they have to use an Native contractor…..guess who that is?  Mark Harding, aka tribal treasurer, ….wow. How come you’re not surprised? Yah….course that’s illegal too.

Well, Leon is supposed to be skedaddling outta Mashpee soon.  For an old guy, he really moves around a lot.

Money orders? On the tribal American Express card?

The most glaring incidence of wrongdoing was the use of the tribal credit cards to purchase money orders.  Marie Stone is the guilty party on one.  It was part of a long list of  abuses discovered by the tribal Elder who reviewed and documented the spending spree for 31/2 hours.  There is absolutely no justification for the purchase of money orders on a tribal credit card.  It is obvious what is happening here.  It is a glaring abuse of power for personal gain.

It has being continuing and has escalated to hidden accounts  in the Project First Light, Inc.,  under the control of  Cedric Cromwell, Aaron Tobey, Marie Stone, and Mark Harding who are officers of the tribe. They further encumbered the tribe to the debt they incurred.  It is the symptom of a larger problem that has gone unchecked.

The tribe is still a 501 c 3. A private non profit. Remember, no land in trust, which means incomplete sovereignty as a government. And it also means the tribal court is symbolic at best, and has no enforcement powers.  Tribal Supreme Court Judge ( of what ? ) Henry Sokabasin is trying to appear that he is taking action now, as the ship is sinking. It does not however, erase his collusion with the Administration for 21/2 years and getting a paycheck for it. His record is most apparent.

There are very strict rules governing 501 c 3 administrative expenditures.  The cards are tribal credit cards. It’s illegal.

Laws have been violated. It’s clear that there is no way to reconcile the financial reports on any level.  No tribal meeting will answer your questions.  This is a serious legal matter now that has progressed to  a different level altogether.

The coverup must end.  The resignations must happen. This tribe has suffered enough.


Paying for Mark’s porn movies… One big party on the tribal AMEX


The mystery surrounding the tribal American Express cards evaporated  for a  tribal Elder today  who spent 31/2 hours documenting the personal expenditures by tribal officers  made on the tribal charge cards.  It just became more outrageous the longer you looked.They all have their own tribal AMEX cards that tell different stories of abuse.

Darryl Frye was  in the room guarding whatever and  providing spin control justifying the gross over spending of his  brother- in -law Cedric Cromwell. Darryl, in all his brilliance would make comments like, ” Ya know, Cedric’s gut a lot of meeting’s to go to.”

Oh yah …….like the meeting at the Mohegan Sun where his room was $500 and he leased a limo for $1,500 for a couple of days.  Now anyone who has been to Mohegan Sun knows you  can jog around the place and not break a sweat.  Sooooooo, what do you need a limo for? Jenifer Lopez was there in concert, was he impressing her? Did he take her outside and show her the limo?  Cause you know they had front row seats. Was he shuttling Darryl and the family back and forth to Foxwoods or MGM ? The records  also showed thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on the best hotel suites and the finest restaurants around the country. And all those gas fill ups $87, $95, over and over…that Escalade burns a lotta gas  don’t it? And then he fills  up all the family on the same day….rollin’  ain’t ya  boy? Who says you make $130 k a year.  You still act like a poor man who won the lottery and just can’t help himself.  Of course Cedric said that the tribal members were not sophisticated enough to understand what he was doing, and how he has to represent as the Chairman, with the big tabs $2,500 here and $10,000 there, $10,000,000 here…and who knows how much it is ..who knows?

Enter Paula the Peters…who in true fashion blurts out the question: “What are you looking for?

Elder: ” You know what I’m looking for.”

PTP: “Lemme look at that.”  She snatches the bill and then says,” Hah….these are porn movie charges…whose card is this ?”

Elder: “It’s Mark Hardings’ ”

There’s silence from PTP.  More trouble with the man who would be Paula’s husband. Can you imagine ? The treasurer. Porn movies in black and white charged to the tribal AMEX.   Lots of room service. In addition $200 green fees in Arizona, Detailing of that fancy truck of his,  thousands of  dollars in charges each month for fancy hotels, the Hard Rock, etc., etc., at hundreds of dollars a night. About $9,972.85  a month on average added to his $80k and all the tribal contracts. Just living large they say.

The main question is…How does any of this serve you, the tribal member? What benefits do you receive? Don’t laugh, tribal members get lots of benefits from their officers watching porn!

Why can’t they open the Pantry on a regular basis? Why can’t they shovel out the Elders? Why can’t they give the wood they promised? Why don’t they do anything for us, just the basic things ?

And the irrepressible Tah Tah who takes trips to Hawaii for a conference ? What conference does she need to go to in Hawaii? Right…and spend $700 on the Sheridan  hotel in a few days and then added another room at the Ramada . Guess the whole family went.  Who the hell knows? Pages and pages. Free wheeling and spending.

The worst part is the plane tickets weren’t included…those trips to Pago Pago.  And who goes on the trips?

It just shows you how out of control things are with spending at the Tribal Council.  Get this, Trish authorizes it, at least that’s what she said. Checks and balances.?With the previous administration you could not spend $15 without a receipt.  These people spend your money with no intention of reimbursing you.

The charge cards are symbolic of a huge problem…. If the charge cards are bad, what do you think the big stuff looks like? Right, millions of dollars unaccounted for.

The bank statements are the key. The Elders have been asking for them for years. As usual, they know what to ask for.

There’s more to this story and all the back door deals of  the tribal administrator.  Another Lumbee who knows more than anyone. Retirement is in his future, because he can’t remember anything.  Then he can travel around and remind everyone how big he is in Indian Country. Ya that sounds good.