How do you know when they’re telling the truth? Right.

Before the story telling begins at today’s  Sunday meeting, tribal members need to be reminded of a couple of things.  Indian Health Services is a part of reparations.  It comes with recognition.  It’s part of the government package to pay for the bad things that have happened to us over the last 31/2 centuries. Indian Health Services is totally independent of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, and thank God.

Robin Stamps and her staff work for the US Health and Human Services, Indian Health Services, and we are a Federal Direct Care Facility. Along with the tribal EPA, IHS is the only program run properly without issue or controversy. That’s because the administration can’t put it’s hands on it.


Thank God for IHS

Robin and her staff do an excellent job of providing vital health services to the tribe.   That was obvious when the Nashville representative praised her work repeatedly yesterday never mentioning Cheryl Frye Cromwell. Course Paula The Peters praises Cheryl, in her new capacity as spokesperson for the Cromwell  administration.  No one can tell you what Cheryl does in ” the Health Department ” that is run by the tribe.   No one can tell you what her daughter-in-law does full time, nor can they tell you what her brother-in-law does.  They can tell you what the other staff does…but not Cheryl’s crew. Maybe we should ask Paula the Peters (Harding?…but she never uses that name does she?).

So with this grand opening of IHS…we are simply getting what we are owed.  That  process started with recognition, in 2007.

And when the second meeting on finances begins….you need to ask yourself  how do you know if they’re telling the truth when they always lie?  What evidence do you have to compare anything to?

That’s right nothing.