Say nawthin’ to them birds…


Minnie Ah Hah Mashpee Wampanoag Private Investigator


To my Uncle Herrin’ :

The  pornography  scandal.: There have been many sighting of  porn eruptions.  People are donating old porn tapes to keep Harding from renting them on the tribal charge card. Piles of them can be seen stacked for pick up on Monomascoy Island, down Punkhorn, the herring run and on his very fancy doorstep. He reportedly trips over them as he scurries to his simonized truck. Harding, never much for being Mashpee, now an official  “Hotel Potentate” : Hard Rock  Hollywood-$1,127.56, San Diego Hilton $798.63, Sheraton (includes  porn rentals 4/8/11) $1,741. Basic stuff…Shopping at Roch Brothers,  Jet Blue $1,999 …bill total on AMEX for May 2011- $13,098.35.  Much more to go.  Too awful to put all in one. Tribal Elder was only allowed to review 8 months out of nearly three years of spending. No detail on hundreds of airline tickets.

This is my report for December 8, 2011

Your Niece,

Minnie Ah Hah