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I Can Barely Bear It…

Run, bear, run!

Cape Cod is in the midst of a frenzy of bear sightings.  It seems that somehow a wild black bear made it across the Cape Cod Canal  or the bridge without even being stopped and asked for identification.  Bears and wolves did once roam throughout southeastern New England, over two hundred years ago, but hunting and loss of  habitat that came with the advance of colonization drove them to extinction here.

Well, he’s back!  We now have what seems, at least from the grainy, distant photos so far, a bear running for all he’s worth.  What he’s after is open to speculation, but bears don’t need much more than territory, food, and a mate.  All very well, but who is this bear?

Could this be our very own Running Bear, hellbent on a course that leads nowhere?  Or maybe he’s headed for the Chatham B’ars Inn on a quest for the perfect destination resort.  All he has to do is attach a slots shack and voilà, instant casino—easy, breezy, Mattakeesy!  What’s more, we can prove that some of the original inhabitants of Chatham migrated to Mashpee in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  There’s our connection.

Whoever he is, good luck.  Run, bear, run!

If you believe Cedric, raise your hand….

Nellie asked for the permits to tear down the historic Tribal Council office and the permits to build the Community Building.  Course Cedric Tobey  Cromwell had nothing, but he told Nellie ” everything was in order” with the permits.  He just can’t produce them.  USDA has not sent the 12 million and why would they?

On to the leery Tauntonians political leaders stuck in the briars with Cedric.  Thorny and stinky.  If the Aquinnah went down in  in a blaze of defeat  in Freetown with their casino,  what’s in store for Cedric’s  slot dump and the Tauntonians? Well,  first the Mayor and his Counselors are looking at an agreement their constituents don’t like at all. They made that clear after about 5 hours of  “we hate this deal with the Mashpee. ”  The Tautonian leadership used the open government law to stall until Thursday.  But people, it works like this: The Mayor and those elected officials answer to the people who packed that auditorium.  It’s called democracy.  They have to  do what the electorate tells them to do or they don’t get re-elected.  And Cedric and his gang…well they don’t know anything about that.

Mark Harding talking about bones and secret burial places is atrocious.  He can only fantasize about the traditional ways of the Mashpee because he most certainly has never participated.

To disguise incompetence behind Indian tradition and some silly concocted  BIA procedure for land into trust is another outrage.   It’s also an insult to the most credentialed tribe in the country…. Aho Bro!brought to it’s knees by some awful people who care nothing about a very proud tribe.

Course if you’re not Mashpee, you just don’t get it.

The land in trust application comes first Cedric.  So throwing words around like scoping means nothing…cause you have the application in before the scoping.  The whole thing will take years according to your own lawyers.  No kidding. And if course you have no application in you’re not in play. So send a letter  out lying about  that.  Good luck with Taunton tomorrow.

Question….do we get a refund from Brook Scannell for $500,000 of negative  press?  Just saying. Aho Bro !

Ceddddddddddric…we know you’re in there!

Pago Pago eh Cedric?

Herrin’: “Everytime Reel Wamps busts Cedric he sends a letter out or somethin’. ”

Roe: ” I know it.  Now his behind is hiding in the trailer.  He moved back in weeks ago.  That cost $7,000 for the phone to be reconnected and the internet.”

Herrin’ : ”  Well boy, don’t you know he’s one of them monarchs. He’s powerful and important. But man that Wampaleaks is working his behind ova like a bulldozer !”

Roe:” Ya they are and them Chinamen want their money back if he blows this casino scam.  Where’s all them permits he says he’s gut for the Community  Building ? That damned dumpsta costs money don’t ya know.  Sittin out front like he’s goin’ to do somethin to the council building.”

Herrin’: ” Ain’t no permits to build or tear down. Ain’t no money from USDA.  Just some more lies to try to cover up.”

Roe: ” They sent out bid requests for demolition and construction to every member of the tribe.  We probably got 10 people with companies that can do that kinda work.  One household got 10 pieces….even the kids got a letter. All to try to look like they’re gonna do something on 55 acres.”

Herrin’: ” Foolish boy. Foolish. But I gut one worse than that.  They got Bobby ” I ain’t got my GED either” Foster, in charge of an auction of tribal equipment and utilities. He’s gut a new title don’t ya know. Office Services and Tribal Assets Manager he is.”

Roe: ” Jezzzzzzus.  Bobby?  Who would put Bobby in charge of money or assets?  Sherlock Holmes is still looking for his 2008 Pow Wow Report.”

Herrin’: ” Come on, come on boy…. Since Cedric’s gang took over the only asset we had was Slow Turtle’s statue, and Nita stole that.”

Roe: ” Shoot that thing is gonzo.  You’re right. I know.  But what about that Sunday meetin’ ? It was sickening.  He kept talking about the Community Building, that he can’t get the permits for.  The Chinaman sitting there lookin’ upset.  Markie and Aaron in the corner lookin’ at the floor.  Aaron lickin’ his lips ferociously. Tah Tah left early and went and sat in the corner at  Dino’s …sun glasses on….drink in hand.  Only 25 people showed up.  The front row was full of White people nobody knew.”

Herrin’: ” Most likely those people who would come into genealogy and tell Patty and Eleanor their grandmother was an Indian princess and show them a picture of somebody with black hair. Thanks Jessie Little Doe whateva whateva.”

Roe: ” Hey, even Glenn Marshall’s sworn enemies stood up and told Cedric he was horrible and that Glenn took good care of tribal members and we got nothing to show from Cedric but mess.”

"I'll never come outta the trailer."

Herrin’: “Who don’t know that.  Listen I think Cedric’s smart enough to boot it outta here.”

Roe: ” Well, normally you know, I would argue with ya, but after that meltdown at Taunton….Pago Pago looks mighty good to him right now.”

Herrin’: ” Oh ya, I forgot about all them Pago Pago plane tickets.  Hey, ya think he’ll take Cheryl TFL with him when he skips town?”

Roe: ” Hell no boy, he told Brook Scannell he was leavin’ Cheryl to attend to her Turkey Buzzards, and that awful Buzzard Crown she made for him.”

Herrin’: ” No shaaaaaa!”


Hey Ceddie, Going Somewhere?

Well, there it sits in front of our Tribal headquarters, a parable, or is it simile or a metaphor?  It seems to suggest the direction of our Tribe under the questionable “leadership” of the Cromwell regime.  With the  phantom building permit in hand, the Gang That Couldn’t  Give a Straight Answer hastened to begin the demolition of  the building.  Is it just for show, or are they too stupid to figure out that the USDA will not release the money while there are encumbrances on the property?  Oh, wait, maybe Mark Harding wants to get to work stripping out the copper pipes and wiring—nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

Oh, what a carnival of horrors we have here.  Do you giggle at their ineptness, or do you rage at their incompetence?  How can a group that can’t even get this simple task right expect us to believe that they can pull off a half-billion plus project?  It makes one’s head hurt.

Indian Identity Theft

Greg McKinney should be ashamed.  But he really doesn’t know any better.   He allowed a column to be published under his signature in the Taunton newspaper.  It was probably written by tribal flak Brook Scannell.  In the piece he says he was raised in the “Mashpee Wampanoag family” and listened to  the parables about days of old.  That is a bodacious parable .

Greg pondering parables

Greg grew up in Newton and whenever  he came to Mashpee from childhood to adulthood,  they beat it to South Cape Beach quick fast and in a hurry.  The McKinneys, with the exception of Glenn,  made it a point to stay away from the other 6 families in the Peters crew, let alone Mashpeeians.  This  was the McKinney brand and they wore it proudly. Their disconnect from the Mashpee and their own very prominent Indian family was glaring and that’s a fact.

We’re still trying to figure out where and when he listened to all those parables.

This went on right up until recognition, when all of a sudden Greg is an ” Indian ” businessman selling janitorial supplies. You have to understand who influences Greg.  His mentors are Cedric Tobey Cromwell and Mark Harding both experts in Indian Identity Theft.  They flat out lied about their tribal experiences.  Those experiences never happened and the tribal members know it. Who cares?

The real atrocity with this Identity Theft issue is the fact that our documented identity as a tribal community was the reason for our recognition.  It was the recognition fight lead by his uncles and other relatives in the Mashpee Wampanoag family. According to the BIA, our identity documentation as an indigenous people is described as the most thorough in Indian Country. It’s all we have left.  It’s all any real tribe has and most take violation of that traditional identity  very seriously.

Bet the Pocasset Whatever Their Name Is Tribe can’t produce a single piece of paper proving who they are….but the mainstream media lumps them in with us like they’re legit.

But let’s look at Greg’s role in the tribal government.  Cedric and Markie made him the Chairman of the on again off again Economic Development Committee. This is the EDC that the Harvard Project said did a a terrible job of establishing a business plan for the tribe or being effective.  The committee also plays an important role in adhering to a requirement for IGRA so that tribes don’t end up like us, depending solely on the possibility of a casino that generates nothing for the membership. That plan for us to take care of ourselves in a way we did it for centuries never materialized…Greg didn’t hear about all that in the parables apparently.

Well, Cedric and Mark first started making a fool of Greg when they had him launch the Federal Charter.  The Charter scam was soundly defeated by the “Mashpee Wampanoag family.” As far as we know.  Greg condescended to the membership about the validity of the plan (to make Cedric, Aaron Tobey and Markie the head of a monarchy….for life).

The members shouted him down, as they asked each other ” Who’s he anyway? ” Maybe he should have told a few parables.

And then there’s the most recent effort that executed an  administration policy of diddling with grants. Witnesses said Greg was trying to take grant money from the Environmental Protection Department.  What’s the justification? For what? How about not allowed.  It got pretty hot and thank God it didn’t happen. Maybe a parable would have been more persuasive.

The state, the poor desperate Tauntonians and most stakeholders don’t give a damn about this Administrations claims of Native American authenticity.  They just keep looking at the Administration record with other governments and the mistreatment of it’s own people. They know the Cromwell administration is exploiting it’s own people and they also know this administration has some serious financial mismanagement issues  that make any partnership untenable.  They did it to themselves.  But they really carpet bombed us in the process.

That’s one hell of a parable  ain’t it?





No questions answered

At the last Sunday Meeting,  tribal members were subjected  to an hour long  karate demonstrations by children.  They heard more misinformation on the progress of the elusive Community Center. Ya, it was a really small crowd.  Our people are disgusted.  Cedric didn’t want to talk about anything ….so he stalled for 2 hours.

Here’s the thing.  Cedric is publicly discussing the financial commitments to the Tauntonians.  $33 m here….. Aaron’s brilliant bingo bonanzas ….It’s all pretty standard in the process of preparing to do a compact  with the state.  It doesn’t mean the state is going to do the deal.   And we know Cedric will do anything to get Tauntonians to buy into his casino.

Well known fact: The Cromwell Administration lacks credibility with tribal members. Why? Because Cedric won’t answer the question:

What’s in it for us?

He’ll never answer the question.


Where they at?

If Cedric has building permits he should produce them.  Right.  Stop wasting postage writing letters  to members telling more lies every time you get caught.  The last building permit issued for the tribe was 2010 for the  health trailers. Check with the town yourself. Oh yeah…the taxes have not been paid.

Well then. Let’s move on.

If Cedric has the application for land into trust, he should also produce it. It’s so hard for CeddieLou to be a leader.  He prefers buffoonery.

Brooke Scanell’s little vote buying sessions with the unemployed Tauntonians  haven’t gone all that smoothly. On three different occasions at these forums, individuals have asked for the LIT paper work.  They just don’t believe this crew.  Cedric, tribal lawyers and Judy Shapiro, who is supposed to be confirming our link to Taunton ( wink)  responded this way: they “have seen the application,” that they have “held it in their hands”….and of course CeddieLou mumbled an evasive answer as is the mandatory response for buffoons. All this is documented on Wampaleaks and a host of different blogs and in newspaper columns…the absurdity of these responses is way beyond the pale. It also confirms the dishonesty and incompetence of this administration.

Oh by the way, all LIT applications are posted on the Department of Interior BIA website.  You will be hard pressed to find ours. The CIA  Scotland Yard, the FBI will come up empty handed.

So now you have to wonder why the state and the governor is even engaging this dishonest government.  A government that has abused its own people publicly and with regularity.  There’s something up with that.


Get the blow torches

We can always hope.  But we can’t expect the impossible.  The impossible being that Cedric Tobey Cromwell, Aaron Tobey and Mark Harding, would actually do something to benefit the tribe. We’re talking about the real tribal members.

Recently, Cedric was pandering to the Tauntonians promising them a partnership resulting in good paying jobs, a bright future and prosperity.  These poor people would strike a deal with the Devil if they thought they could make a buck. Ironically the Harvard Project basically said that the Mashpee Wampanoag  government was in a shambles with no economic development plan and funneling  millions of  foreign dollars  into tribal coffers that just  vanish. Poof !  The Harvard Project said the operation lacked transparency. In a big way eh ?

We won’t get into the abysmal administration and pilfering of grants etc. Wow.  So how could Cedric have the nerve to go to the Tauntonians and say he’s going to make their lives better when his team has destroyed the Mashpee Wampanoag?

Well then. Let’s move on to Brooke Scanell’s retirement hustle. Better known as the oldest vote buying scam in the universe. Paying the Tauntonians to show up and get their families to vote for the casino project….even though it’s non-binding. 300 people out  of 50,000 residents.  Okay.  That 500 K would go a long way to help tribal families.  But the priority is paying Cedric, Aaron and Markie. That’s priority # 1.

So now the tribe has a second Mascot, that would be Steve Helms of the New Bedford illegal aliens.  Steve is now a bona fide propagandist. That means a “good faith” propagandist. This is the same guy who brought his little kids to a union meeting in breach cloth.  Right.  He attended few pow wows and did a lot of bad mouthing of the First Lady over the years.  Now he’s the token  unofficial Mashpee Wampanoag Indian selling Cedric’s hustle.  Unless Helms has a contract, he will be just like all the other numb nuts in the newspaper  photos shaking hands with no guarantee.  But Steve Helms thinks he’s going to get paid and he’s rumored to be running against  Cedric because he has the support of the very people Cedric  put on the rolls illegally! Poor Cedric.  Poor poor Cedric. Now dubbed, “Wasa matta with you boy?”

Here’s the biggest mess ever. Just when you though it couldn’t get any worse… the land into trust issue is back.  The Town of Mashpee has said it will not allow the tribe to  tear down the old Tribal Council Office  nor will it allow for the construction of anything on 55 acres. That would be the  so called Community Building developed by David Weeden. Cedric’s official Mascot #1 David Weeden.  Ah yes.  The loveable David.  Mark Harding’s new best friend. No certification or license.  Perfect.

Well back to the 55 acres.  If you’re wondering why the town put the freeze on building or tearing down….It’s because  the town still owns the land.  If the tribe had an actual application for land into trust pending, the Town would see that as an act of good faith, that the tribe was trying to complete its sovereignty  and waive the taxes on the 55  acres and the housing  acreage  etc…The previous administration had been doing this all along.  But now under these nuts, nothing has actually transpired to show a good faith effort to put land into trust, the town says the tribe owes it  hundred of thousands of  tax dollars.

Of course Cedric and his boys are saying that the USDA is screwing things up by not releasing the millions.  Well, clearly the USDA will not release  the money under these circumstances. But Cedrics  putting on quite a show for the state that has its own problems.

Right.  And They’re over in Taunton talking about bringing them prosperity? And they can’t or won’t  pay the bills in Mashpee? Plus now they’re sucking up to the real Elders when its too late. How about giving them their money back and  return their van? You evicted them from the Council grounds after they demanded the bank statements and audio tapes.  Right now Nellie has been waiting for 4 months to hear from the Great Henry Socbasen about Patricia Keliinui’s rigged 2009 election that cursed us with this horror show of incompetence. Where are the infamous sign in sheets Joanne?  Stop worrying about the Elders and find those doctored sign in sheets why don’t ya?

Get the blow torches. Or even fish heads and pine cones will do nicely.

“Stunneded ain’t she ?”

Herrin’:  ” Did ya hear about  Cheryl Frye Cromwell’s email ?”

“Their motto: “Them birds gotta go!”

Roe : ” Nope. What she done now?”

Herrin’: ” She sent an email  with a picture attached  to it…to Indian Health Services, tribal members, staff  and the damned world claiming a bunch of eagles were flying over the tribal health office.  She  said it was a sign of blessings bestowed on the tribe.  Oh she went on.”

Roe: ” Well, what’s wrong with that.”

"The Scavengers" Down to the bone!

Herrin’: “The picture was of a bunch of turkey buzzards.”

Roe: ” Come on now…come on….turkey buzzards? ”

Herrin’: ” Damned right boy. Turkey buzzards. That girl is titched.”

Roe: “Stunneded ain’t she?”

Herrin’: “Blessed? We been cursed ever since their behinds occupied the Council.”

Roe: ”  They gut a special Scavengers Parade  for them ya know.  Cedric’s the Grand Marshall marching in the front every week….wearing that foolish crown of buzzard feathers.”

Cedric wearing his Buzzard Crown

Herrin’: ” Oh that’s what that thing is. We didn’t know where the hell he gut that from. Can’t we get a break from these numbskulls?”

Roe: ” Well, I don’t know.  They’re pretty funny. Cause they’re so stupid.”

Herrin’: “Ya but ya get tired of laughing to keep from crying.”

Roe: ” Turkey buzzards.”

Herrin’: ” Scavengers.”