Hey Ceddie, Going Somewhere?

Well, there it sits in front of our Tribal headquarters, a parable, or is it simile or a metaphor?  It seems to suggest the direction of our Tribe under the questionable “leadership” of the Cromwell regime.  With the  phantom building permit in hand, the Gang That Couldn’t  Give a Straight Answer hastened to begin the demolition of  the building.  Is it just for show, or are they too stupid to figure out that the USDA will not release the money while there are encumbrances on the property?  Oh, wait, maybe Mark Harding wants to get to work stripping out the copper pipes and wiring—nah, they wouldn’t do that, would they?

Oh, what a carnival of horrors we have here.  Do you giggle at their ineptness, or do you rage at their incompetence?  How can a group that can’t even get this simple task right expect us to believe that they can pull off a half-billion plus project?  It makes one’s head hurt.