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Our Own Trail of Tears


Information is a powerful weapon.  We have tried to make sure tribal members understand what’s happening to us during a time when we have no leadership and complete abandonment of the most basic elements of our traditions.

The extraordinary attempt by Cedric Cromwell to distract tribal members from the serious financial mismanagement and coverup of numerous examples of incompetence and violations of the constitution, is astounding, but not surprising.  He is after all, an outsider along with Aaron and Mark. Like all outsiders, they thought they were smarter than us.

To say the Aaron Tobey conducted an   investigation into financial misappropriation by Glenn, Desi and Shawn is not only silly but pathetic.  Pandering to the media that prints anything  to do with Glenn. What happened to his investigation of his woman Ronda Hughes who had lied on her application and was hiding marijuana on her person (very personal place) when she re entered the country?

Who else of their miniscule support group was accepting big money from the Fisherman’s Fund?

Why do they keep hiring family members who are not qualified to work in for the tribe?

How big is the debt to pimp us out to the Chinese who are hiding behind us as they consume little tribes with weak leaders?

What is the deal with Genting?

We should be worried more about how tribal members get paid under Genting, because GENTING WILL OWN THE CASINO BECAUSE IT IS A COMMERCIAL CASINO NOT A SOVEREIGNTY CASINO BECAUSE WE HAVE NO LAND IN TRUST.

The problem with the state is that that tricky little clause that says if we receive a commercial license we have to promise never to exercise our right to build a sovereignty  casino that guarantees each tribal member over 18 an allotment.

Always squallin' Cedric's elated that he got away with it

Do you think

that Cedric is suddenly sending out casino update letters cause everything is cool.  He’s got quite a few people breathing down his neck  right now. He hasn’t given tribal members an honest answer since he held that clenched fist over his head on Feb 9 with his fraudulent election.

And he can’t even give you an estimate of what your allotment will be, can he? Think about it. He can’t even ball park it. That’s just not part of  the deal.

He knows what his allotment is….him, Aaron, Mark, Marie, Cheryl, Trish and Yvonne are the only ones that have a sure fire allotment in this deal.

They’re getting paid to pimp the tribe.

Better yet do you really want Cedric negotiating this deal?  Glenn did a lot for this tribe and we all know it. His personal mistake pales next to what this administration is doing to us.

Read today’s Globe and see how they see it.  Same way we do.




Debit Cards, oh yeah…..

When people apply for debit cards the company warns of fraud and the potential for illegal access to to bank accounts.  Well the officers of the tribe have debit cards.  Cedric Cromwell, Mark Harding, Marie Tah Tah, and Aaron Tobey.  It’s the  ultimate theft of cash from tribal coffers. There’s no way to trace the cash withdrawn, that’s why governments do not   issue debit cards to anyone. Course there are no rules with the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, and the White people are letting it go unchecked laughing.  We have come full circle.

It’s so illegal.


Debit me on Bro

So ask Cedric about that.  Maybe he can explain it in one of his ridiculous update letters.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars already spent on the American Express and now on debit cards on the tribal account.

Unlike the Fisherman’s Fund that had a long list of tribal ( and council ) members benefiting from the original investors, who really helped tribal members with their bills and basics …like food.  This Chairman pays himself and council members, only…. who do nothing.  Nothing, nothing. Pimping the tribe to the Chinese.


Back when times were hard, not that long ago, and the Mashpee took care of  themselves, a certain family was at the head of the line asking for an ” order ” and that order kept them from starving because they couldn’t hunt  or fish to feed their families.  That’s what we did for each other and turned our heads to the foolishness and concentrated on staying alive.

That was how it was.  We shrugged and went on.  Each family had a role.   Each family did certain things.

The politicians, the keepers of traditions, the hunters and fisherman, the educated ones. They respected each others roles and didn’t get in the others lanes…..And there were the scoundrels then…that are still scoundrels today… lying and pontificating on TV.  Making things up. That’s the family that didn’t do a damned thing and we all know who that  was…is.

So here we are with the worst at the helm.  No one would ever have thought it.

Now they are in charge and they have brought us nothing but shame and disgrace. Keep asking ” Grungy Boy ” them

questions. Keep asking.

While they keep getting paid.

Disrespecting Peter Hendricks

Another Mashpee Wampanoag man has died.  Peter Hendricks passed away too soon.  His family and friends attended to ceremony and sorrow.  And to show you how little the tribal council cares for our people, not one member of the council other than Carlton Hendricks Jr, offered condolences to his family.  These are the people in charge.  Outsiders who did not know Peter ….or us.

What others say

I found this news item in the  Enterprise News.  It’s not so much the news item itself, but the reactions to it.  So Genting is going to build a casino in Bridgewater and the Tribe will take all the heat.  Good deal, Cedric.  Thanks for nothing.

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A quick question…

Who gave Marie “TaTa” Stone the authority to decide who will be buried in our cemetery?  I swear, the balls on these people.

A Mashpee Wampanoag Spring

Having tried logic, humor, ridicule, petitions, shouts, whispers, and
more, to wake the Tribal government of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe to
the intolerable situation that we, the citizens of this Tribe find
ourselves in, must move on to a more proactive, and potentially more
unpleasant action.  We have already laid out before them our
complaints.  Their recalcitrance in the matters of finance, hiring
policies, and the constitution are well documented.

What I propose today is to remove the present Tribal Council by whatever legal, prudent, and effective way available to us.

First things first.  We are not out to create a new tribe, nor to eliminate the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.  The goal is to rid ourselves of an illegitimate executive that rode in on a stolen election, and who has continually violated the constitution, failed to perform their duties faithfully, and moved to steamroll any dissent.  We are not going to allow this to continue.

First of all, we must organize.  We can set up a provisional government-in-exile, as did several Nazi-occupied countries in WWII.  The function of the provisional government will be threefold:

  • Be the true voice of the Mashpee Wampanoag People.
  • Organize and hold elections to fill all posts in the Tribal government.
  • Petition the BIA to recognize those elected as the only legitimate Tribal Government.

Once the Tribal government is in place, the provisional government will dissolve itself.

We can, and must, restore order and decency to our Tribal government

Do you agree?  You can email us at

2012 Elections?

Why is there no notice of the upcoming elections in the Mittark?  Could it be, as Cedric said, that there are no elections?  Could it be that he is so afraid of what could happen to him and his junta that he is willing to cancel the elections?  Let me put it to you this way:  there will either be free and open elections on the first Sunday of February, or there will be a revolution, complete with crowbars and sledge hammers.  These people have got to go?

You’ll need a scorecard to follow this…

The cast of characters:

1.  Paula Peters
2.  Mark Harding
3.  Cedric Cromwell
4.  Cheryl Frye Cromwell
5.  Aaron Tobey
6.  Carol Lopez
7.  Marie Stone
8.  Yvonne Frye Avant
9.  Carolyn Turner
10. Patricia Keli’inui
11. Kevin Frye
12. Peter “Great Gagfly” Kenney
13. George Brennan (Cape Cod Times)
14. “The Tobey Girls”
15. Amelia and Steven Bingham
16. Winnie Johnson Graham

The story goes something like this:

Paula “Princess” Peters, after an unsuccessful run at the Tribal
chair, and an even less successful run at Glenn Marshall’s affections,
apparently decided to take a different tack.  Using her connections
with 12, 13, 14, and 15, She helped to precipitate the downfall of

During the 2009 election fraud, Paula acted as 3, Cedric Cromwell’s
campaign manager, and boasted about it later.

Paula is the life partner of our thief-in-chief, 2, Mark Harding.

Cheryl Frye Cromwell, 4, is a council member and also is the wife of Cedric, 3.  Hers is another story.

Aaron Tobey, 5, is the vice chairman, and was also on the ticket with
3, as well as Marie Stone, 7, who is the daughter of Carol Lopez, 6,
who was the campaign manager for Aaron, 5.  Marie, AKA “TaTa,” is a
story all by herself, but I won’t go into the burning of a car in
Wareham.  No, I’ll save that one.

Aaron is cousin of Cedric, also 14.

As soon as the votes were “counted” in the fraudulent 2009 election,
Trish Keli’inui, 10, the chairman of the election committee, ran off
to Dino’s sports bar to celebrate with Cromwell & Co. instead of
securing the ballot box and putting it under lock and key.  Also,
Kevin Frye, 11, a Mashpee Police officer and the man on duty at the
polls, abandoned his post, leaving an unsealed ballot box for anyone
to tamper with.

The day after the fraudulent election, Cromwell and his team sealed
off all offices, allowing his close allies to enter any of the
offices.  In one gross violation of election protocol, Cromwell
CERTIFIED HIS OWN ELECTION.  In the past, and wisely, the membership
committee would compare sign-in sheets with the Tribal rolls and then
certify the election.  The ballot box would be sealed and stored.

When Cromwell finally allowed access to the offices, it was discovered that locked file cabinets holding sensitive and confidential member files had been rifled through, and cabinets were left unlocked.  Only one person, Carolyn Hendricks Turner, 9, knew the location of the hidden keys.  She is the sister of Yvonne Frye Avant, a council member and sister of ofc. Kevin Frye.

In that Wednesday, when Patty Oakley, planned to reenter her office, she called on Paul Mills, chair of the Elder’s Judiciary Committee and videographer for the Tribe’s cable TV show to accompany her as a witness and to videotape the conditions of the office and its files for her legal protection.

When Cromwell got wind of the taping, Cromwell accosted Mills, with
Yvonne as a witness, and in a threatening manner told Mills that he
was “no longer on the committee.”  Mills left the property to protect
the tape and privately owned video equipment.  Subsequently, Aaron
Tobey demanded of Mills the “return” of the privately owned tape.  The
tape is still available as evidence.

Well, I think many of you know the story from there — mass firings
and hiring of incompetents who supported the junta, adding of very
questionable “members” who could never pass muster with their
applications, the harassing of council members who were not o    n board
with the junta, ad nauseum.  They stole the Elder’s van and money.
They bought a worthless piece of junk in the form of a “bobcat” from
Winnie, 16, for what purpose I’ll never know.

Cedric Cromwell has no respect for tradition — banging on a drum and
singing “hyahyahyayah” does not make you Mashpee.  Wearing a clown hat
and saying a few words in our old language does not make you Mashpee,
not when you cuss out elder women and refer to a female Tribe member
as a “motherfucking bitch.”  Excuse my français.  Cedric needs to
spend some time sitting down listening and less standing up talking.

I hope I haven’t confused anyone with all the numbers and such, but I
can’t imagine being able to follow this tale of woe without a
scorecard.  You all need to realize how really serious this problem
is.  These people have got to go.

That’s Gratitude For Ya…

Not only are the members of the current ruling party of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe corrupt, they are also terrible liars.  “Integrity and justice” indeed.

I want to get right to the most dastardly of their lies, the idea that the Fisherman’s fund benefited Glenn Marshall, Shawn Hendricks, and Desiree Hendricks, plus “certain tribe members.”  Well let’s get right to the Tribe members that benefited from Mr. Marshall’s largesse, and Heaven help me, I am going to name names.

Sherry Pocknett (see Sherry with Cedric left)
Sherry is one who took aid from the Fishermen’s Fund and turned around and stabbed Glenn in the back.  Sherry, a single mother was seen many times “climbing the stairs” at the old Tribal building with requests for help, as did many others.  Glenn was more than happy to help out with mortgage payments, utilities, tuition, and the like.  In fact, Sherry’s son, Jamaal Branch, would not have been able to graduate from Colgate University without the help of Glenn Marshall and the Fishermen’s Fund.  Jamaal was a star running back at Colgate U, and later became a practice team member for the New Orleans Saints.  Though he never made the regular lineup because of the Saint’s depth, he did make a touchdown in regular season play.  That’s gotta be worth something.  That’s gratitude for ya.  Oh, and Sherry, you will never have a restaurant in the non-existent casino.  The Malaysians will see to that.

Yvonne Frye Avant. (right)
Yvonne seems to have forgotten that Glenn Marshall created a job for her in the Tribal administration, a job which she still holds.  Her husband, Elliot Avant, has also profited from the Tribe through no-bid work.  Oh, and Yvonne is a council member, and was so during Glenn Marshall’s administration.  She was reportedly on of those drinking champagne toasts and doing high fives when Glenn resigned.  That’s gratitude for ya.

Cheryl Frye Cromwell (see Cheryl and Cedric left.)
Yes, this is Mrs. Cedric Cromwell, another who has gone to the Glenn Marshall well many times.  Glenn did many good deeds for her.  That’s gratitude for ya.




Amelia Bingham.
Whaaaat?  Yup, Mrs. Bingham “climbed the stairs” at least once, when
she demanded an irrational amount of money for worthless and
inaccurate information that was requested for purposes of Tribal
recognition.  Of course, Glenn, being a softie, caved and gave her
money.  Tribe members, you ate that one. Oh, and she later sued the
Tribe and the Officers.  That’s gratitude for ya.

You see, the reason that Inspector Clueless, AKA Aaron Tobey does not want to reveal the names of the people who took money from Glenn is because it would reveal the names of many of the supporters of he current corrupt bunch of liars.

Okay, that’s a few.  There will be others coming.  Just hope that YOU are not on the list.