You’ll need a scorecard to follow this…

The cast of characters:

1.  Paula Peters
2.  Mark Harding
3.  Cedric Cromwell
4.  Cheryl Frye Cromwell
5.  Aaron Tobey
6.  Carol Lopez
7.  Marie Stone
8.  Yvonne Frye Avant
9.  Carolyn Turner
10. Patricia Keli’inui
11. Kevin Frye
12. Peter “Great Gagfly” Kenney
13. George Brennan (Cape Cod Times)
14. “The Tobey Girls”
15. Amelia and Steven Bingham
16. Winnie Johnson Graham

The story goes something like this:

Paula “Princess” Peters, after an unsuccessful run at the Tribal
chair, and an even less successful run at Glenn Marshall’s affections,
apparently decided to take a different tack.  Using her connections
with 12, 13, 14, and 15, She helped to precipitate the downfall of

During the 2009 election fraud, Paula acted as 3, Cedric Cromwell’s
campaign manager, and boasted about it later.

Paula is the life partner of our thief-in-chief, 2, Mark Harding.

Cheryl Frye Cromwell, 4, is a council member and also is the wife of Cedric, 3.  Hers is another story.

Aaron Tobey, 5, is the vice chairman, and was also on the ticket with
3, as well as Marie Stone, 7, who is the daughter of Carol Lopez, 6,
who was the campaign manager for Aaron, 5.  Marie, AKA “TaTa,” is a
story all by herself, but I won’t go into the burning of a car in
Wareham.  No, I’ll save that one.

Aaron is cousin of Cedric, also 14.

As soon as the votes were “counted” in the fraudulent 2009 election,
Trish Keli’inui, 10, the chairman of the election committee, ran off
to Dino’s sports bar to celebrate with Cromwell & Co. instead of
securing the ballot box and putting it under lock and key.  Also,
Kevin Frye, 11, a Mashpee Police officer and the man on duty at the
polls, abandoned his post, leaving an unsealed ballot box for anyone
to tamper with.

The day after the fraudulent election, Cromwell and his team sealed
off all offices, allowing his close allies to enter any of the
offices.  In one gross violation of election protocol, Cromwell
CERTIFIED HIS OWN ELECTION.  In the past, and wisely, the membership
committee would compare sign-in sheets with the Tribal rolls and then
certify the election.  The ballot box would be sealed and stored.

When Cromwell finally allowed access to the offices, it was discovered that locked file cabinets holding sensitive and confidential member files had been rifled through, and cabinets were left unlocked.  Only one person, Carolyn Hendricks Turner, 9, knew the location of the hidden keys.  She is the sister of Yvonne Frye Avant, a council member and sister of ofc. Kevin Frye.

In that Wednesday, when Patty Oakley, planned to reenter her office, she called on Paul Mills, chair of the Elder’s Judiciary Committee and videographer for the Tribe’s cable TV show to accompany her as a witness and to videotape the conditions of the office and its files for her legal protection.

When Cromwell got wind of the taping, Cromwell accosted Mills, with
Yvonne as a witness, and in a threatening manner told Mills that he
was “no longer on the committee.”  Mills left the property to protect
the tape and privately owned video equipment.  Subsequently, Aaron
Tobey demanded of Mills the “return” of the privately owned tape.  The
tape is still available as evidence.

Well, I think many of you know the story from there — mass firings
and hiring of incompetents who supported the junta, adding of very
questionable “members” who could never pass muster with their
applications, the harassing of council members who were not o    n board
with the junta, ad nauseum.  They stole the Elder’s van and money.
They bought a worthless piece of junk in the form of a “bobcat” from
Winnie, 16, for what purpose I’ll never know.

Cedric Cromwell has no respect for tradition — banging on a drum and
singing “hyahyahyayah” does not make you Mashpee.  Wearing a clown hat
and saying a few words in our old language does not make you Mashpee,
not when you cuss out elder women and refer to a female Tribe member
as a “motherfucking bitch.”  Excuse my français.  Cedric needs to
spend some time sitting down listening and less standing up talking.

I hope I haven’t confused anyone with all the numbers and such, but I
can’t imagine being able to follow this tale of woe without a
scorecard.  You all need to realize how really serious this problem
is.  These people have got to go.