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What’s the rush people?

Wave goodbye.

  • That public relations wizard Brooke Scanell quit today.   She walked after she milked us for about $750 K.  She was behind some 5th grade  media and message campaigns that ultimately made us look like fools and spread misinformation that ended in complete disaster.   You better believe the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe won’t be on her resume.
  • Navajo Sue AKA  Drula or Trula Breuninger, put her resignation in for June 7th. Her buddy Navajo Joe dragged her in here about 7 months ago to make a quick buck, around $12k a month. Tah Tah complicated things also. Tah Tah bullied her and insisted on giving  herself the title of Human Resources Director when she was anything but.  Navajo Sue demanded a 2 month severance…..and she’s the one who quit!
  • Ron Scott is no longer Housing Director, as we told you.
  • That old geezer Leon is back at $60 an hour.He made double that before.
  • Marge is retiring from her $80k a year job as finance director.   She says “she don’t know what Mark Harding was doing!”  And Robbie don’t know what she’s doing.

MWT bled dry by overpaid consultants, lawyers and staff

We all know why these people are leaving.  BBO.  Backers Backing Out. The money has dried up.   The latest infusion from Genting is beyond late and probably ain’t coming….but Cedric, TFL, Jessie, Robbie, Tah Tah, Yvonne, and Trish keep taking those checks, and you keep getting those $30 food cards.

The details of the Tuesday meeting are coming up.  Now that’s a mess if ever there was one.

Also…the Tribal Council has been in workshops for two days, at Sea Crest. Today’s the last one. They’re being taught communication skills.  Don’t laugh.  The consultant was selected by Jessie. Now that’s funny.

Double down to a meltdown

Tah Tah in better days long ago

Tah Tah was on a mission.   You can tell because she had her mother with her.  It’s double down serious.

Carol was shuttling her Tah Tah house to house trying to gin up support for tonight’s meeting and get people to sign a petition.

Tah Tah’s petition would get rid of her (not so darling anymore).. leader CeddieLou. She feels ignored and isolated.

She’s clearly resorting to  the Tobey T playbook, which means nothing will happen.

She sent a letter to lawmakers at the statehouse against everyone on the Council ( accept Carlo, Laura and Winnie ) saying she is being bullied and harassed by her once partners in crime and CeddieLou.   There oughtta be a law she says. Who’s idea was that?

It all confirms what we all know about Tah Tah.

This is why no one takes us seriously.   Just imagine.  We have no dignity left.

Lunatics running the asylum.

Panic No More

Now that the Tobey’s are waging war on their cousin CeddieLou, he’s pushing the panic button. It’s a correct action that comes too late.The tribal government is about to collapse.  At least  the sections controlled by the Council.   The unqualified overstaffed,  Fryebal operation is so top heavy, it resembles a cement block sitting atop a blow fish, and you know the rest.

Now we all know that Cedric really doesn’t know much about the Mashpee and even less about his family legacy. Ahem. Let’s be honest, he’s getting a pretty serious dose of Tobey Terror.   What is Tobey Terror?  It is the relentless nonsensical questions, the badgering, bullying, screaming and the insatiable appetite for more of whatever they demand. They’re never satisfied.

But the first phase of Tobey Terror begins when they start running around telling anyone who will listen “We gotta get them outta there.” As soon as they’re out of earshot, the person rolls there eyes saying, ” For God sakes, who the hell is them? Today it’s Cedric, tomorrow it’s Robbie or Laura.”  No family member is safe.

Then they try to revive the programs their cousin CeddieLou has destroyed.   Like they’re doing something constructive.  Trouble is the Pantry ( established by the late Debra Tobey Debarros who was very very well liked) and the Thrift store would be manned by Tobeys only. Won’t get too much traffic there.

So they start trying to get credible tribal members to join them in their screaming sessions at the Council meetings where they stay on the attack.   That fails.   They begin circulating a petition and collaborating with a former candidate.No one trusts them too much. And what will they do with the petition?   Right.

By now,  Cedric is back to the lame radio and TV talk shows using Cedric Spin about the ” we got nothin’ now for real” casino.

Cedric’s reaching for that red button.

Think of it…Tobey Terror on one side and his Tah Tah love hate (too cozy) escalating problem on the other.

He tries to prevent his cousins from meeting with other tribal members to organize a group to bring him down.  ” Voices of the People ”  is not to his liking so he tried to get the founder to meet with him to stop this uprising.  Right,you say whatever.  That effort doesn’t seem to be getting off the ground but CeddieLou is doing what he does best.   Screwing things up.   You can’t tell people they can’t exchange ideas or criticize their government or whatever the Council has become. You can’t do that to federal employees Ceddie. They become whistle blowers.

What ever you know, just tell the Feds.   They probably already know.  But you don’t want to start lying saying you didn’t know when you had access to everything. Or let’s say, you refused to be on a shady election committee so you got off.  Hummmmmmmmmmmm.  Just tell.

Stop talking and tell someone who can do something to stop this destruction.

Beyond trying to appear honest, other Tobeys are resigning from liaison posts to distance themselves from their bad votes and investigations that went no where.

For the 3rd or 4th time, the Council is going to try to pass a Genting budget today.  It’s a disgrace that all the officers make these huge salaries and do absolutely nothing.   They have all these staffers who do nothing but collect more money than the Creator to do absolutely nothing,but certify their membership cards on the Fryebal council, and hire more of their unqualified kids. Unless you’re a Frye you need not apply. You forgot hu?

All of them should forfeit their checks to the pantry and to tribal families in need. They have never given us a dime.  Not to our kids for scholarships, tutoring, tribal drug counseling, or any area were help is needed. Just crappy trips to some Chinese buffet for the Elders once a month.   And those wonderful monthly $30 food cards. The healthcare is courtesy of  the federal Indian Health Services. Housing is also a federal program. So the millions spent on a fraudulent casino was just a scheme that allowed Cedric to pimp us out and tie us up.

So if he’s threatening you and telling you not to speak out against him you need to think about that $2,500 a month your household would get ( just from Council salaries) if he and his crew weren’t stealing us blind.

Poor CeddieLou.   A victim of Tobey Terror. Join us Cedric. Fight oppression. Stop the abuse. Panic No More.










Tah Tah gone wild: Episode 29

The Ghetto Culture has consumed us!

Herrin’: “Where’s everybody? ”

Roe: ” They’re trying to get Tah Tah committed to the nut house. Since we won’t have a casino in Taunton, a delegation of staffers went up there to see if they would take Tah Tah instead. They were beggin’ and pleading and willing to pay millions! ”

Herrin’: ” Now that’s a worthy mission. but I know they turned em down.”

Roe: ” Yah, they did .”

Herrin: “What she done now?”

Roe: “I donno where to start.   The girl is has scared the Bejesus outta every staffer in the damned building.”

Herrin’: ” That ain’t nothin’ new boy.”

Roe; ” Well, she keeps on terrorizin’ that Navajo Sue girl. And Navajo Sue is quittin’. She don’t wanna be the tribal administrator no more. She made it clear that she was tired of Tah Tah interfering. But it’s also because she sees the cash flow and the lack of money coming in. Navajo Sue said the Housing Director Ron Scott needed to be fired cause he was incompetent. Course the guy inherited a mess from a long line of incompetence since Alice died.  No one could clean that up.'”

Herrin’: ” I bet the indictment of that Narragansett Housing Director….that Brown woman, I bet that didn’t help matters did it?”

Roe: ” No it didn’t.  But here’s where Tah Tah comes in.   Tah Tah’s been keeping Ron on the job because he rents a room from her!”

Herrin’: ” Well then, what’s that say about him? Besides Tah Tah’s gotta keep that Repo man away.”

Roe: ” I know it. But listen, on one a her rampages, she took all the parts outta the copy machine cause she said it made too much noise when the staff used it. I guess she had a bad head.   It took days to get the service people to come because they are terrified of Tah Tah.   They finally came, put the parts in, and she took the damn thing apart again.  Shut the copier down AGAIN ! Money down the tube.”

Herrin’: ” That’s what they do best.”

Roe: “Yaaaaaas. Well you got certain Housing employees who are lounging on their decks instead of working on our housing needs. So we’re payin’ Valarie and Imani to hang out.”

Herrin’: ” It’s the new ghetto culture.”

Roe: ” It’s too bad.  We  came so far.  But what bothers me is the out and out lyin’.  Every body talked about how Jessie Baird was so nervous presidin’ over that Sunday Meeting. ”

Herrin: ” Yah, I heard that too.  But you know her.  She just makes things up, and presents them as fact. She don’t bat an eye either when she does it.”

Roe: ” She lied about Genting.  She said ‘ Oh yaaas they’re going to be with us for a while.’ And Carlo said, ‘No they’re not. They said they were gone in six months.’   And only Cedric knows when it begins and when it ends.   He and that perfect example of sophistication TFL were partying down on his birthday getting that tan.  All ya can see are the whites of his eyes now.”

Herrin: ” Whatta ya trying to say ? Ha ha ha. Oh,  Jessie says she needs staff.”

Roe: ” Wha for…keep up with her lies?”

Herrin’: ” Probably. Robbie got a $20,000 raise cause he didn’t know his salary was so low.”

Roe: ” Ya, he didn’t know that as the Treasurer, he was supposed to have an independent audit either. He asked Cedric what to do. Can you believe that? You know Ceddie Lou said, ‘ We don’t need no audit.’ As Mark Harding carried boxes outta the office. But those 15 bank accounts don’t lie.That boy is foolish. He was our last hope.   He’s still wanderin’ around.”

Herrin’ : “He fell right in with ’em. Jesus.”

Roe: ” They say he’s scared of CeddieLou.  That he just doesn’t know what to do.’

Herrin’: “Cedric ain’t who he should be scared of. “

Roe: “Speaking of scary, here come them Tobes…”

Herrin: ” Man, they ain’t changed in 100 years.  They got another petition goin’. Who’s side are they on today? “

Roe: ” Just, start the truck…..don’t run ova that kid for Christ sakes.

Plan B: Dump the Koolaid

It is a scene that is all too familiar: an Indian being plied with whiskey.  The results were predictable.  A drunken Indian soon forgot his duty to hunt and otherwise provide for his tribe.  Instead of keeping himself strong and ready to defend his village, he turned his violence inward on his own.  The drunken Indian becomes indolent.  Some of our Mashpee ancestors saw this and acted.

These ancestors, nearly 200 years ago, got involved in the Temperance movement.  Clear heads made sound decisions.  Men and women of vision knew that they could survive the world as it had become by being sober, industrious, and skeptical of the intentions of outsiders.  We owe them a debt of gratitude because they secured our survival as a tribe.  Some families and individuals rose to prominence, and in spite of the adverse conditions of those days, became relatively well-to-do.  Just look at some of the old houses around town built by our people, some still in our hands.

Selling his skins for a drink of whiskey.

I am often compelled to wonder—what is the future of our Tribe, economically speaking?  Are we being led by men and women of vision, or are we being led over a cliff by people whose tunnel vision can only see the the tempting mirage of their own economic gain and political power?  Forgive me if I am a skeptic in these matters.  We have not been given any evidence to be otherwise.

Whiskey is not the powerful tool that it once was, but I think that some of ours have been imbibing the Jonestown Koolaid. ( Or is it Dorchester Koolaid?)  The old time Indian sold off his beaver pelts for a jug of whiskey, with the full knowledge that in mere minutes that he would be roaring drunk, while some of our people are selling off their future and their children’s future for the promise of what, a job that does not (or may never) exist, or a restaurant or other business in a casino that may never exist?  What is our fallback, our Plan B?

I have an idea.  Let us be sober in these matters, let us be industrious, and most of all, let us not trust those who have no reason to be concerned for our future and our common welfare.  We can be the second wave.  We can create an environment of progress.  We can be respected.  We need not put all our hopes in a casino.  If it comes, then all the better, but let us have plan B in place.

Or maybe it should be our plan A, and let the casino be the plan B.

We can mistreat our own just fine, thanks.

Yer lookin a mite peaked, m’boy. Ain’t you eatin’ enough?

Spinning out of control

Cericspin is killing us.

Today’s Sunday membership meeting will be another futile session full of unanswered questions and nonsensical Cedricspin.   The poor man is trying, desperately to remain relevant because he’s destined to disappear into the world of scam artists who exploited their own people. And now you have that bastion of credibility, Cheryl Frye Cromwell, aka The First Lady, trying to stamp out any semblance of free speech and assembly left to tribal members.  She’s got a nerve.

Cedricspin was back on various state media talk shows spewing the annoying  blah blah talking points written by extremely overpaid White staffers.   The stuff is awful. It’s not only misleading, it’s demoralizing.   But Lou gets paid $17k a month Sometimes it’s $24k…pretty much whatever he bills a tribe with many members who make less than that a year. The guy is keeping Cedric on life support because he’s hooked up too. Best we know, other than contributing to the bad strategy and talking points, he gets pizza, garlic wings, Cedric’s laundry, runs errands for Connie and laughs all the way to Sovereign Bank.

Back to Cedricspin.  Cedricspin means you redesign the so called tribal casino and get it in the newspapers, reveal it to the suspicious Tauntonites ( who have not been given the incomplete LIT application that Mark Tilden keeps BILLING FOR WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROGRESS…$160 k) and do more blah blah.

But to show you how ineffective Cedricspin is….. the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is moving forward by allowing southeast gaming interests to resubmit thier plans without paying the $400k fee. If they are rejected by a town…they can move on to another locale without paying the fee. The Commission is doing everything it can to launch a casino in our region because they do not believe Cedric. Cedric’s life support plan works like this: he redesigned Genting’s casino by relocating various parts of it,  which conflicts with the agreement with the town of Taunton.  Again just making things up to confuse people, giving them hope and justifying paying out $1.2m a month.

We don’t have a casino license.  We don’t have LIT.  We don’t have a way around the Supreme Court case that says the BIA can’t take our land in trust.   The whole plan is built on lies that Cedric keeps spinning as the truth.

Cedric’s irrelevance is our irrelevance because people keep asking, “Why don’t the tribal members do something ? Why does this keep going on if the guy is so bad?”  We don’t like the answer to that.   But Cedric takes advantage of it and keeps rigging elections and making us irrelevant.

So we will continue to watch Cedric preside over “ghetto fabulous” Council meetings where he tells Marie to ” Shut the fuc- up,” amid Council members getting huge raises and others crying as they’re outted for robbing various grants and still others are accused of selling drugs to the others mothers and taking care of outsiders instead of our families. This is our little reality show at the hands of a family that had little to do with us in the recent past and has never been in charge of anything in this tribe’s history. This is who we have become.

This is what happens when incompetence reigns and no one steps up to stop it.

Shovel Ready…

…means different things to different people.

Sorry, sorrier, sorriest

The trip to Taunton is another Ceddie sideshow. The Tauntonites want to see the land in

Cedric wears his trademark Turquoise bollo, the stone of the Navajo. He's accused of impersonating a Wampanoag.

trust application (tee hee). Cedric wants to avoid taking the stand.  Ceddie is on trial with no defense.  He can’t use the insanity defense, because he knew exactly what he was doing.   All for him nothing for you.

And despite Ceddie’s villainous  status, it’s the  loneliness that’s killing him, This guy is really disliked. All those tribal members dreaming of a casino. Their hopes dashed while Cedric knew all a long. All those people sucking up to Cedric and the guy was just trying to keep his paycheck rolling.  And true to form, he keeps up the smarmy facade of crap that continues to make us look like fools…..he has a thing about using the Elders. Cause everyone else got out of the wagon. Sadly the insanity seems to be shared by certain Council members old and new, who have turned on him and all of a sudden want to publicly chastise him for dragging us into the ditch. Well, they were willing participants in the complete reversal of our progress.   They were pushing the wagon while Ceddie pulled us. Into the ditch.  Into that vast ditch.  They all thought they would get away with it because what could the members do?  Everything was against us. No Land in Trust.  No court. No way to stop the abuse.  No resort eh? Nothing and no one to help us.

Hopefully the Federal lawsuits will save us. Or does someone have a better idea?

Well here’s the latest and the greatest people…Ceddies 3 months in arrears and that $5 million he just borrowed goes to pay lawyers who keep billing us for work on rejected legal premises.   Cedric allows them to bill $ 1.2 million a month. $1.2 million because he has to pretend we still have a chance at a license in the worst location in the state! And no ancient ties to the land.  It is absurd and the Mass Gaming Commission knew it.  He has to justify his pay check, so whatever it takes.  You get a $30 a month food card. Check this out, between Cedric and Cheryl they pull down about $18,000 a month.   No one knows what Cheryl does but embarrass the hell out of us and make up stories about her education. No matter what, they get those checks and so do those lawyers.

Navajo Joe put in a bill for $160,000 recently. Don’t ask what he did…no answer. So when you keep asking all those questions over and over and over and over like you’re doing something real, and hollering and screaming at Ceddie…. what do you hope to achieve? You know that’s a sign of insanity when you ask the same questions over and over expecting a different result.

He gives you no answers. No budget. Nothing.  He answers to Genting for that paycheck. A certain probing Council member made sure  her husband got a contract on a government project.   That’s a serious federal violation.   No waivers will cover you.  You are benefiting and have never done a damned thing for the tribal members.And you’re trying to be the heroine now.

Several of you face that serious dilemma. All the while lining your own pockets

Millions and millions hidden in the Tribal Gaming Authority. Ya…..

The only good thing to happen is that that worthless Economic Development Committee got no money in the budget.  That’s a relief, They did not create one job in 4 years or present a EDP just marched around and presented all these self serving proposals to set up a separate tribe….some people were just too inebriated to do the job, Even on the conference calls.

And suddenly….everyone is retiring.  Really?  That doesn’t absolve you. Everyone wants a raise on the staff and the Council and no one works. The Council offices are empty half the time…

“It’s like an echo chamber up in here !”