Sorry, sorrier, sorriest

The trip to Taunton is another Ceddie sideshow. The Tauntonites want to see the land in

Cedric wears his trademark Turquoise bollo, the stone of the Navajo. He's accused of impersonating a Wampanoag.

trust application (tee hee). Cedric wants to avoid taking the stand.  Ceddie is on trial with no defense.  He can’t use the insanity defense, because he knew exactly what he was doing.   All for him nothing for you.

And despite Ceddie’s villainous  status, it’s the  loneliness that’s killing him, This guy is really disliked. All those tribal members dreaming of a casino. Their hopes dashed while Cedric knew all a long. All those people sucking up to Cedric and the guy was just trying to keep his paycheck rolling.  And true to form, he keeps up the smarmy facade of crap that continues to make us look like fools…..he has a thing about using the Elders. Cause everyone else got out of the wagon. Sadly the insanity seems to be shared by certain Council members old and new, who have turned on him and all of a sudden want to publicly chastise him for dragging us into the ditch. Well, they were willing participants in the complete reversal of our progress.   They were pushing the wagon while Ceddie pulled us. Into the ditch.  Into that vast ditch.  They all thought they would get away with it because what could the members do?  Everything was against us. No Land in Trust.  No court. No way to stop the abuse.  No resort eh? Nothing and no one to help us.

Hopefully the Federal lawsuits will save us. Or does someone have a better idea?

Well here’s the latest and the greatest people…Ceddies 3 months in arrears and that $5 million he just borrowed goes to pay lawyers who keep billing us for work on rejected legal premises.   Cedric allows them to bill $ 1.2 million a month. $1.2 million because he has to pretend we still have a chance at a license in the worst location in the state! And no ancient ties to the land.  It is absurd and the Mass Gaming Commission knew it.  He has to justify his pay check, so whatever it takes.  You get a $30 a month food card. Check this out, between Cedric and Cheryl they pull down about $18,000 a month.   No one knows what Cheryl does but embarrass the hell out of us and make up stories about her education. No matter what, they get those checks and so do those lawyers.

Navajo Joe put in a bill for $160,000 recently. Don’t ask what he did…no answer. So when you keep asking all those questions over and over and over and over like you’re doing something real, and hollering and screaming at Ceddie…. what do you hope to achieve? You know that’s a sign of insanity when you ask the same questions over and over expecting a different result.

He gives you no answers. No budget. Nothing.  He answers to Genting for that paycheck. A certain probing Council member made sure  her husband got a contract on a government project.   That’s a serious federal violation.   No waivers will cover you.  You are benefiting and have never done a damned thing for the tribal members.And you’re trying to be the heroine now.

Several of you face that serious dilemma. All the while lining your own pockets

Millions and millions hidden in the Tribal Gaming Authority. Ya…..

The only good thing to happen is that that worthless Economic Development Committee got no money in the budget.  That’s a relief, They did not create one job in 4 years or present a EDP just marched around and presented all these self serving proposals to set up a separate tribe….some people were just too inebriated to do the job, Even on the conference calls.

And suddenly….everyone is retiring.  Really?  That doesn’t absolve you. Everyone wants a raise on the staff and the Council and no one works. The Council offices are empty half the time…

“It’s like an echo chamber up in here !”