Panic No More

Now that the Tobey’s are waging war on their cousin CeddieLou, he’s pushing the panic button. It’s a correct action that comes too late.The tribal government is about to collapse.  At least  the sections controlled by the Council.   The unqualified overstaffed,  Fryebal operation is so top heavy, it resembles a cement block sitting atop a blow fish, and you know the rest.

Now we all know that Cedric really doesn’t know much about the Mashpee and even less about his family legacy. Ahem. Let’s be honest, he’s getting a pretty serious dose of Tobey Terror.   What is Tobey Terror?  It is the relentless nonsensical questions, the badgering, bullying, screaming and the insatiable appetite for more of whatever they demand. They’re never satisfied.

But the first phase of Tobey Terror begins when they start running around telling anyone who will listen “We gotta get them outta there.” As soon as they’re out of earshot, the person rolls there eyes saying, ” For God sakes, who the hell is them? Today it’s Cedric, tomorrow it’s Robbie or Laura.”  No family member is safe.

Then they try to revive the programs their cousin CeddieLou has destroyed.   Like they’re doing something constructive.  Trouble is the Pantry ( established by the late Debra Tobey Debarros who was very very well liked) and the Thrift store would be manned by Tobeys only. Won’t get too much traffic there.

So they start trying to get credible tribal members to join them in their screaming sessions at the Council meetings where they stay on the attack.   That fails.   They begin circulating a petition and collaborating with a former candidate.No one trusts them too much. And what will they do with the petition?   Right.

By now,  Cedric is back to the lame radio and TV talk shows using Cedric Spin about the ” we got nothin’ now for real” casino.

Cedric’s reaching for that red button.

Think of it…Tobey Terror on one side and his Tah Tah love hate (too cozy) escalating problem on the other.

He tries to prevent his cousins from meeting with other tribal members to organize a group to bring him down.  ” Voices of the People ”  is not to his liking so he tried to get the founder to meet with him to stop this uprising.  Right,you say whatever.  That effort doesn’t seem to be getting off the ground but CeddieLou is doing what he does best.   Screwing things up.   You can’t tell people they can’t exchange ideas or criticize their government or whatever the Council has become. You can’t do that to federal employees Ceddie. They become whistle blowers.

What ever you know, just tell the Feds.   They probably already know.  But you don’t want to start lying saying you didn’t know when you had access to everything. Or let’s say, you refused to be on a shady election committee so you got off.  Hummmmmmmmmmmm.  Just tell.

Stop talking and tell someone who can do something to stop this destruction.

Beyond trying to appear honest, other Tobeys are resigning from liaison posts to distance themselves from their bad votes and investigations that went no where.

For the 3rd or 4th time, the Council is going to try to pass a Genting budget today.  It’s a disgrace that all the officers make these huge salaries and do absolutely nothing.   They have all these staffers who do nothing but collect more money than the Creator to do absolutely nothing,but certify their membership cards on the Fryebal council, and hire more of their unqualified kids. Unless you’re a Frye you need not apply. You forgot hu?

All of them should forfeit their checks to the pantry and to tribal families in need. They have never given us a dime.  Not to our kids for scholarships, tutoring, tribal drug counseling, or any area were help is needed. Just crappy trips to some Chinese buffet for the Elders once a month.   And those wonderful monthly $30 food cards. The healthcare is courtesy of  the federal Indian Health Services. Housing is also a federal program. So the millions spent on a fraudulent casino was just a scheme that allowed Cedric to pimp us out and tie us up.

So if he’s threatening you and telling you not to speak out against him you need to think about that $2,500 a month your household would get ( just from Council salaries) if he and his crew weren’t stealing us blind.

Poor CeddieLou.   A victim of Tobey Terror. Join us Cedric. Fight oppression. Stop the abuse. Panic No More.