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End Game and We’re out

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Praying that it’s a rumor

They say that the First Lady is the Tribal Administrator. Oh boy! They say that Robbie Hendricks is still the Emergency Manager and collecting a check as Treasurer  and no one has seen him at either job ($150 K). They say Kimmie is manning the New Bedford Health Clinic and she can’t prick your finger let alone see it. They say no one knows what David Weeden does on the work site cause the White guys are in charge.  But he looks good in his brand new truck.

They say the Narragansett and the Shinnecocks  are dividing up the prize money already since their people are the judges at our pow wow…and the head dancers. They have decided to create a pow wow for the others because few of our people come to the Indian Circus. We can’t call it an Indian Circus really because we have so many Indian Impersonators that the Natives don’t come.  It’s a costume ball because they do not ask for a tribal ID for grand entry and to participate in contests. A lot of these people are not Indian and they compete .

Now that can get pretty sticky for a lot of people who used to claim tribes that were not federally recognized, because their roles were not validated.  Now that’s changed.  You would be surprised who is not Indian. Maybe not.

The Narragansett have been our enemy for centuries.Now they are smirking at us because our traditional leaders are not present to conduct ceremony and preside over the oldest pow wow in the country.  It’s another reason the real Mashpee stay away because it  has become a Costume Ball. And it’s not very good impersonations .

Snatching victory from defeat

39 people attended the Tribal Budget presentation Saturday. 13 were Tribal employees, 7 were  Cedric and Council members and 19 were Tribal members. The budget passed by a 21 to 18 vote.  No landslide here.Here’s what we know

  1. All the (13) staff voted for the $22m budget
  2. All but 1 of the (7) Council members  (Carlo) voted for the budget
  3. Only 2 Tribal members voted for the budget

If 2 more tribal members attended the meeting and voted against the budget like the vast majority, it would have died on a tie vote.

The budget is a mirage.  If it were real don’t you think the professional staff would stay around to keep getting paid?  They knew Genting was out of this deal very shortly. We’re not using the political acumen we used to be famous for. We had accountable elected officials who protected us. They did not sell us into slavery and make us out to be fools before the whole world.   But then again you literally  have the worst people in the Tribe at the helm.We cannot blame anyone for what’s happening to us.   When we choose to be embarrassed and do nothing but gossip and complain, then we are abused.

You have to do something for something to happen.                          

The legal Tribal insignia has been replaced with this cartoon. Fake and phoney.




Two for one screw up

If we had an economic development plan that generated money we wouldn’t be paying back the loan on the government building with Genting loan money plus the interest on the loan from the federal government.   The government interest is 4%, combined with the 17% of Genting….well we’re paying 21% interest on that raggity building that may never be finished. Isn’t that great ?

If and when you look at that budget today….it’s smoke and mirrors.  $12 m for the gaming commission….for what?  To pay a bunch a White men and a couple of Indians to do whatever.  We have no idea what they’re doing….and the rest of the money $10 m is to run the government….supposedly.

It’s to make it appear as though there is a future for the tribe,  It’s a sickening place for us. There’s nothing left but 21% interest on the government building .

When Genting stops paying …well figure it out.

Catching up

The May 28th meeting was an exhausting episode in our tribal story.  The comparisons about the obviously bad decisions made by Cedric and his partners.


  • Dumping Middleboro ( 536 acres for  $6 m, LIT complete, historic ties complete, IGA complete)
  • Signing up with Genting at 17% interest ( $55m no member benefits in 4 years)
  • Total failure of the Taunton Itty Bitty Casino
  • Complete loss of credibility
  • Money dries up, professional staff quits.’
  • Yvonne becomes tribal administrator (great !)
  • You get a $30 a month food card



Constant reminders


The link below is a constant reminder of the dishonesty that exudes from our tribal government. It comes from the gouging lawyers (Arlinda Locklear & Mark Tilden) and the so called chairman, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and the supporting cast of council members who perpetuate the lies and deceit. This is the 4th column of this type that continues to appear in the media recently that basically reiterates what we have been saying for years. It tells us that our government has ruined our opportunity for success on any level.

Also remember that Arlinda has been central in promising a fix to the supreme court decision blocking LIT.   She said it would be in a matter of weeks not months. Liar.  She knows that she’s talking about a technical element in the Supreme Court decision that has nothing to do with the actual Land in Trust dilemma. But it’s the consistent lying that has gone on to get paid, while we suffer.

We can’t blame the White man, the Black man or the administration because we have allowed it to continue….relentlessly.   We haven’t forgotten the updates on the ridiculous meetings…it’s a lot.  We will get to it.

The Tah Tah saga

Well, we promised an update so before we talk about last night, lets go back to the horrendous Tuesday  Council meeting on May 28.That was another anthology to our awful government.

Why doesn't anyone like me anymore?

CeddieLou had great difficulty managing the meeting.  There were quite a few members in attendance. The crowd scared the hell out of CeddieLou. He had half the Mashpee police department inside and out of the meeting. He tried to immediately shut things down and go into Executive Session.  He was worried that people were going to call for his resignation, or he would have to take up one of his cousin’s petitions to remove him from office. Well Carlo told him they had to dispose of old business and take up new, you know Roberts Rules of Order….so basically, Hendricks ran the meeting, while Ceddie pouted in the corner doing the shifty eye.

Well Tah Tah started in and wanted to be on blast to perform for the audience.  She confirmed her skewed view of the world. With great flair she displayed all the copy machine parts that she had taken the week before. She then passed out piles of emails that really made no sense….she cussed Navajo Sue out and pretty much proved nothing but how really foolish she is.  Course CeddieLou asked staff to stand if they felt threatened or intimidated by the infamous Tah Tah.  Only one had the nerve. As usual Cedric’s tactic fall flat against his once dear dear friend.

The Entertainment value was priceless. Bet those cops go out and really tell the world how sophisticated our government is hu? You bet.

There’s more……stay tuned.





So special

Emergency Meeting Monday.  Taking a look at the “(dis)organization” chart of empoyees.  Code: Job eliminations, etc., etc.,

As CeddieLou  calls for the ouster of his once tight girl Tah Tah…….Tah Tah is trying to get rid of  CeddieLou’s Crew, a kind of “Off with their heads ” senario ya see?

Don’t ask if it can get any worse because it just keeps coming in waves. Drowning us.