Two for one screw up

If we had an economic development plan that generated money we wouldn’t be paying back the loan on the government building with Genting loan money plus the interest on the loan from the federal government.   The government interest is 4%, combined with the 17% of Genting….well we’re paying 21% interest on that raggity building that may never be finished. Isn’t that great ?

If and when you look at that budget today….it’s smoke and mirrors.  $12 m for the gaming commission….for what?  To pay a bunch a White men and a couple of Indians to do whatever.  We have no idea what they’re doing….and the rest of the money $10 m is to run the government….supposedly.

It’s to make it appear as though there is a future for the tribe,  It’s a sickening place for us. There’s nothing left but 21% interest on the government building .

When Genting stops paying …well figure it out.