The Tah Tah saga

Well, we promised an update so before we talk about last night, lets go back to the horrendous Tuesday  Council meeting on May 28.That was another anthology to our awful government.

Why doesn't anyone like me anymore?

CeddieLou had great difficulty managing the meeting.  There were quite a few members in attendance. The crowd scared the hell out of CeddieLou. He had half the Mashpee police department inside and out of the meeting. He tried to immediately shut things down and go into Executive Session.  He was worried that people were going to call for his resignation, or he would have to take up one of his cousin’s petitions to remove him from office. Well Carlo told him they had to dispose of old business and take up new, you know Roberts Rules of Order….so basically, Hendricks ran the meeting, while Ceddie pouted in the corner doing the shifty eye.

Well Tah Tah started in and wanted to be on blast to perform for the audience.  She confirmed her skewed view of the world. With great flair she displayed all the copy machine parts that she had taken the week before. She then passed out piles of emails that really made no sense….she cussed Navajo Sue out and pretty much proved nothing but how really foolish she is.  Course CeddieLou asked staff to stand if they felt threatened or intimidated by the infamous Tah Tah.  Only one had the nerve. As usual Cedric’s tactic fall flat against his once dear dear friend.

The Entertainment value was priceless. Bet those cops go out and really tell the world how sophisticated our government is hu? You bet.

There’s more……stay tuned.