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Roll the video tape

Back in the day, from January 2008 – Feb 2009, tribal members could watch the Tribal Council public meeting sessions on video tape. If you wanted to read the meeting minutes you could do so in the hard copy log book at the reception area.Tribal Secretary Desi Hendricks also recorded audio tapes  of meetings. Every meeting.  Of course these audio tapes were the official record of minutes for the tribal government.

Now we have  none of the above.  Nothing. No accurate audio, hard copy or video. Probably on purpose because Cedric and his lawyers don’t want a record of this trifling group of unofficial Council Members who can’t conduct business properly.

When Shawn Hendricks was Chairman, by the beginning of 2008, it was decided that video taping the meetings would not only provide a visual record of the meeting, as is the case in government sessions all over the country….but also stop the inappropriate behavior of one Council member in particular.  She would march up and down behind the chairman like a banshee screaming and disrupting the meetings…out of order, like a ghetto fabulous queen.The video taping stopped Cheryl Frye Cromwell from embarrassing herself and the tribe. The video taping forced certain members to behave and conduct business properly.

Carlton Hendricks Jr brought the taping back during the last council meeting and the Cromwellians flew into a panic.  They don’t want anyone to see how they conduct business or whatever they call it.The video tape would have captured Tah Tah storming out of the meeting claiming duress when she is in fact running away from her constituency because she can’t answer questions about her  very poor record keeping.  Tah Tah’s madness will be the demise of the Cromwellians and it’s too late to turn back now.

The idea of video taping was absolutely out of the question vote wise and Trish looked like she was about to have a stroke…. so allowing council members to audio tape record the meetings passed.  Now to show you how absurd Cedric is, he was trying to stop Laura Tobey Miranda from tape recording the public meetings.  Anyone can do it . There’s no tribal law that says it can’t be done. If your tribal secretary is “coo coo” and cannot be relied upon to take the minutes….the last thing you want is for someone else to do it correctly.  It was so stupid…..but it served a purpose to collect more evidence.

Thank you Cedric, Trish, Mark Tilden, Tah Tah for confirming the failure to record and conduct business legally.   And the real Mashpee came to the meeting to see for themselves. Real Mashpee has had enough.






BIA Moves In Chukchansi Case

In case any of you don’t think that the BIA will intervene in a “sovereign” tribes election activities, read this:

With a little push from the federal court, we could finally have a resolution to the highly questionable 2009 “election.”

Drunken Debauchery at Dinos

Guess who fell off  the bar stool (backwards) at Dino’s ? Knocked themselves out for a minute. A very important tribal director !  Ask someone….oh never mind.  They were all wasted. Your tribal leaders whipping out the AMEX cards. We don’t know about Cedric Cromwell.   Honestly. He was observing the election revelry  with sunglasses on surrounded by his family and his one friend….Lou.  Lonely ain’t it bird?

Carlton Hendricks, Jr. poses continuing threat to Genting Tribe

Carlton Hendricks Jr, took a huge bite out of the Cromwell Genting Tribe on Sunday. The Fight for Right goes on. Hendricks vote count of 246 votes topped Genting pawns Cheryl Frye Cromwell (225) Yvonne Frye Avant (215)  and Winnie Johnson (213) and the Fryebal Council. Despite questions about recorded and non recorded votes from Aaron Tobey, Genting clearly feared the fallout of throwing yet another election in favor of their paid disciples.  So Reel Wamps can only claim credit for 2 out of 3 outcomes.

Hendricks has consistently voted against the continued increases in budget that is now approaching $80 million with no benefit to the true tribal members. Of course the  scandal continues over the slush fund to Council members and others where there is no record.  And the federal government is very interested in all this.  But we have t give Hendricks the total credit for fighting alone on the inside and without help from the outside.  Maybe the membership figured it out.

Apparently the pressure is on.

If the real tribe is to make a comeback it needs outside help for sure, but Robbie Hendricks needs to be ready to explain himself to his peers.  Tough job Robbie.

The Scoreboard…

C Hendricks 246

C Frye Cromwell 225

Y Frye Avant 215

W Johnson 213

W Pocknett 200

A Tobey 199

R Tobey Stamps 197

L Jackson  155

Many of these people had no business running and if they had gotten behind those who could win, our nightmare would have been over.Actually. Genting would have had to sacrifice their soldiers Cheryl and Yvonne.   But some people are bought off for nothing.  Yes they are. But there are new eyes watching. Thank God.




Genting’s Election Quick Picks !


The Genting rigged election is likely to come out this way…..

Yvonne Frye AVANT ( All of the Fryes will vote 2 or 3 times to keep getting paid as Council employees and besides  Kimmie Frye is in charge of the election…ballots in the trunk don’t you know….or “Hey need to vote a few more times? Nobody will know the difference cause we don’t allow any election observers.” Yvonne is such a mess she keeps reminding everyone she’s been on the Council over 20 years.  Too bad she only helps herself ! )

Cheryl Frye Cromwell ( When your sister is in charge and your peeps are voting 2 or 3 times why worry?  All your dirty little secrets aren’t secrets and all the phoney credentials and taking credit for federal programs can’t bring the respect you crave.  Worst, you can’t get that crick out of your neck from looking over your shoulder.)

Aaron Tobey ( Another delusional usurper who undermined the most essential tribal traditions.  Remember the “Tobey Elders” or the “Bomber Jacket Elders” he established to replace the true Elders, who disliked him.  He torpedoed our aqua farming opportunity owned by the late Mr. Kelly while screeching about Aboriginal Rights.  He gave away our Aboriginal Rights to hunt and fish to the state in the Crappy Compact…..that was a doozey.That was the first time the BIA said …who are these guys? in a scathing rebuke of our Compact. The guy almost started a full fledged riot.  Yes indeed he will replace Winnie Johnson who sucked up to Cedric so hard in the Mashpee Enterprise you had to wonder if she was on something. She’s so simple she was promising families monthly allotments from the casino we will never have….thanks to her buddies. And hiding her Mercedes 500 doesn’t mater either cause everyone knows shes hiding it.)

The fourth winner of this  election remains a mystery.  The corruption is so rampant you have to wonder if the outcome really matters.


No influence peddling here…no sir !

As they sat at the Council table wolfing down food ( while conducting tribal

Cromwell desperate for another $3.8m Genting loan. Where oh where does it go?

business), Cedric and crew were trying to find a way to get around a tricky tribal legal mandate.  The laws says that investor money can in no way be tied directly to tribal policy making.  It also says investor money can in no way be used to influence tribal elections or  governance of any kind.  Well at the last Council meeting they did the whole thing…. it took them a while but they absolutely violated the tribal law courtesy of Genting. They didn’t have enough votes because Cheryl Frye Cromwell and Yvonne Frye Avant (its their election) and others abstained or wouldn’t vote so it took 1, 2, 3 votes to get the required 7.

They desperately needed the $3.8 M loan from Genting. And the language of the loan agreement states that the loan would only be made if the election revisions were passed by the Council. Of course they will ensure that this upcoming election will come out the way they want it, just like all the others…after all we’re the ” no redress ” tribe eh? And  Mark Tilden aka tribal attorney was there violating tribal law and collecting his over billed fees right to the end.  He’s guilt free.

And there you are.  Confirmation that Genting owns us and could care less about our little constitution and our phoney government full of horrors.

Cedric,Jessie, Robbie and Tah Tah want that pay check and nothing is going to get in the way accept maybe an outside force of some kind. Stay tuned…