Roll the video tape

Back in the day, from January 2008 – Feb 2009, tribal members could watch the Tribal Council public meeting sessions on video tape. If you wanted to read the meeting minutes you could do so in the hard copy log book at the reception area.Tribal Secretary Desi Hendricks also recorded audio tapes  of meetings. Every meeting.  Of course these audio tapes were the official record of minutes for the tribal government.

Now we have  none of the above.  Nothing. No accurate audio, hard copy or video. Probably on purpose because Cedric and his lawyers don’t want a record of this trifling group of unofficial Council Members who can’t conduct business properly.

When Shawn Hendricks was Chairman, by the beginning of 2008, it was decided that video taping the meetings would not only provide a visual record of the meeting, as is the case in government sessions all over the country….but also stop the inappropriate behavior of one Council member in particular.  She would march up and down behind the chairman like a banshee screaming and disrupting the meetings…out of order, like a ghetto fabulous queen.The video taping stopped Cheryl Frye Cromwell from embarrassing herself and the tribe. The video taping forced certain members to behave and conduct business properly.

Carlton Hendricks Jr brought the taping back during the last council meeting and the Cromwellians flew into a panic.  They don’t want anyone to see how they conduct business or whatever they call it.The video tape would have captured Tah Tah storming out of the meeting claiming duress when she is in fact running away from her constituency because she can’t answer questions about her  very poor record keeping.  Tah Tah’s madness will be the demise of the Cromwellians and it’s too late to turn back now.

The idea of video taping was absolutely out of the question vote wise and Trish looked like she was about to have a stroke…. so allowing council members to audio tape record the meetings passed.  Now to show you how absurd Cedric is, he was trying to stop Laura Tobey Miranda from tape recording the public meetings.  Anyone can do it . There’s no tribal law that says it can’t be done. If your tribal secretary is “coo coo” and cannot be relied upon to take the minutes….the last thing you want is for someone else to do it correctly.  It was so stupid…..but it served a purpose to collect more evidence.

Thank you Cedric, Trish, Mark Tilden, Tah Tah for confirming the failure to record and conduct business legally.   And the real Mashpee came to the meeting to see for themselves. Real Mashpee has had enough.