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The brawl between Tribal Chairman Cedric Cromwell and Secretary Marie Stone would not be tolerated anywhere in America….Indian Country either.

Cedric should resign.

Cedric sporting his western NDN bolo clowns with the Mayor of Taunton. We can imagine what they say about him behind his back after reading of his escapades

Cedric sporting his western NDN bolo, clowns with the Mayor of Taunton. We can imagine what they say about him behind his back after reading of his escapades

Cedric has a history of bad relations and total disrespect for women tribal members and they happen to be Elder women. He bullies and verbally assaults them because they challenge him.  Many tribal men have called him out and he demurred.  That docile facade he puts on for Whites and other outsiders is pure “fake, phony, fraud” as Marie Stone said. As he called her ” a fuc**** bitch” and said he was going to “punch her in her face”  she said ” So you’re a woman beater too, you’re going to punch an Elder in her face?”  Yes he was. apparently, meanwhile  he was comforted by his executive assistant the “Deaconess”…(nutty Francie) who knows something about abuse.

Another very interesting revelation during this Ghetto Madness was Winnie Johnson Graham’s attempt to bring order to chaos.  Winnie has a sordid history of violence herself.  She spent time in Barnstable County Jail for beating up a pregnant woman.  A few years ago, she jumped on a tribal woman in front of the tribal youth she was supposed to be mentoring. Right.

Winnie in a lucid moment posing in Taunton. the mannequin with a past, always ready to spring into action.

Winnie in a lucid moment posing in Taunton. The mannequin with a past, always ready to spring into action.

Another irony is the fact that Cedric and his crew have never recorded council meeting or activities with any authenticity or consistency.  As we have said over and over, even the Girl Scouts have official minutes. A government without minutes is not real.  We are confident the Federal Government is aware of this also.  Again, ironically, if Cedric (and his clown show) wanted to stop the foolishness, they would videotape  every meeting.  That would be the record THAT MARIE IS UNABLE TO KEEP ! The previous administration videotaped the meetings to stop inappropriate behavior that often stemmed from Cheryl Frye Cromwell, AKA, The First Lady.  Cheryl would stomp around the Council table sneering, making inappropriate comments and having outbursts while her brother was at the other end of the room threatening the Chairman. Well, when the previous administration videotaped  meetings and the madness stopped.  Back then if tribal members wanted to see what happened and how people voted, they could read the written minutes, listen to the recorded minutes and view the videotape.  Now if you ask for the minutes, per the tribal law, you get crickets.

And the idea of making thieves punch a time clock is totally absurd now that they’ve stolen all they can steal and on the way out.

Contrary to Winnie’s urgent effort to stop any recordings of Ceddie and Marie, videotaping would have preempted the whole mess.  And, we would be able to tell whether she tripped him or not.

The other enormous issue is our Tribal Shame.  We all know that Marie is incapable of doing her job as Secretary.  We have watched a once beautiful smart tribal woman deteriorate before our eyes and we all know she is ill, yet we are all guilty of allowing her to continue to engage in bizarre and

Beautiful Marie not so long ago. Many tribal members say she is unrecognizable.

Beautiful Marie not so long ago. Many tribal members say she is unrecognizable now.

undignified activities as an official of our tribe.  She is officially our Secretary of State.  Marie has become an unrecognizable replica of her former self.  We are all guilty of allowing this to go on.  And likewise, Cedric has apparently taken advantage of Marie’s condition which is unconscionable. But then again Cedric;s insecurity, the result of the Tribes refusal  to accept him as authentic Mashpee, is all part of his insecurity and his very dark side.

One last point concerning the chaotic scene between these tribal council.officers.  Kevin Frye was told to remove Marie.  Course she told him where to go.  Do ya see what I mean?  We said long time ago that Kevin Frye is not exactly Mr.  Enforcer.  It’s ridiculous.

Cedric should resign and we all know it.

The casino is a bust. We say that because they can’t even finance their bloated government.  That $8m that finally came in from Genting is already spent because the Tribe is 2-3 months behind in its bills.     In 10 days he will know if the Malaysians will give him another $16m to run the tribal government, ( $933,000 a month, an increase of $300K a month) and $46m for the Gaming Authority. It is outrageous because you can’t see any tangible result.  We don’t even run our own pantry.  All we have are a bunch of trashy leaders fighting because things ain’t working out too good.

Genting, by the way is not likely to take any more risks with the Chinese economy tanking and the Florida Seminoles have shut them out of the state for several years. Contrary to what some clueless tribal members ( who work for the Tribe) babble about the Seminoles.  We in no way resemble the Seminoles because while they did start out small 40 years ago, they had no debt and they lived within their means paying their lobbyist with nickels and change from bingo. But they took care of their people, and if they didn’t want the money and chose to live in the Everglades, they did.  But James Billie took care of his people and he was very defiant and controversial in the bargain.  Now they are huge and billionaires and totally independent.  They never surrendered to the US government by the way.

There is no word on the outside financing for the Warehouse Casino in Taunton.  There is absolutely no news on who would go into business with us with a venue that cannot generate the money to pay the note, so Jim Peters was right. But one thing we know there’s no class 3 in our future and even it were possible we wouldn’t get a check until 2027.

Lastly, Cedric should resign because he is in declining health.  He has diabetes, high blood pressure, a bad heart and he is unable to walk.  Rumors are that he has multiple sclerosis.  He has never served us but he should have the decency to step aside and let us rebuild our nation.His obsession with money is literally killing him. You can’t keep paying unworthy staff for loyalty at our expense. That’s bad and we deserve better.  We have been humiliated long enough Cedric.




Tripped up again

Cedric Cromwell was hoisted up by his security guards, his elbows locked around their necks  and brought into the council meeting, and according to people who have witnessed this ritual he generally tries to get a running start to make it to his chair.  Didn ‘t work to well because Tah Tah tripped him.Correct. She trippd him !

Picture Cedric on one knee screaming at Tah Tah  ” You  with fuc**** bitch, I’m going to punch you in your face, “You fuc****bitch. Right.  Tah Tah fires back, “You fake, phony,fraud mother fuc#@#.” Winnie Johnson was running around frantic about tape recorders and videos capturing the chaos. Cedric kept calling Tah Tah a ” Fuc#@*# bitch..”So Tah Tah shouts….” You don’t talk to me like that when these people aren’t around.”  Word is  that Tah Tah was angry with Cedric and despite the circus atmosphere the meeting went on.  Tah Tah has a temper.  She wants an Executive Session to air all this stuff out.  That is what she didn’t put on Facebook and in rambling email diatribe.

These people are melting down.And fast.



Watchin’ Ceddie 2X’s Squirm

It’s not a pretty thing…but it was bound to happen. Ceddie 2X’s butt naked and exposed….pretending we’re still going to have a casino.  A resort casino.  It’s a new concept.  The Warehouse Slot Dump.  Those articles in the Taunton Gazette were something else.  As usual, it was the whole story without the press release talking points.  Herrin’ and Roe will have more….

We forgot something

"Oh Shi-, they know." SRC in his posh office at his empty desk in the empty building of the Woebegone Tribe.

Ceddie 2X’s looks for a way to deflect his failure to deliver a casino while taking millions in salary and benefits.

Ceddie 2X’s still has a problem with the ” Sovereignty” method of building a casino.  The Indian Gaming Commission wants  the Tribe have a compact with the state…..which is a mile high hurdle for Ceddie 2X’s.

But without financing…it doesn’t even matter does it Ceddie “Moot ?”

C2X’s has overseen the distribution of $200m to parts unknown and gave tribal members donated turkeys and hams.  He has disemboweled the fabric, culture and image of the tribe with his inexperience and greed.  Our bizarre spiral into debt and despair has reportedly caught the eye of  federal investigators on sever levels.  We can only hope.

“Ceddie 2X’s”

Johnny 2X's is Cedric's name sake. Suddenly he's talking to the Elders who he allowed to be disrespected and denigrated during his entire reign.

Jimmy 2X’s is Cedric’s name sake. Suddenly he’s talking to the Elders who he allowed to be disrespected and denigrated during his entire reign.

You know things are bad when Shovel Ready Ceddie, his wife The First Lady and the Mean Travel Queen show up to an Elders meeting. He has been to the Elders meeting  exactly 2 times in 7 years, that’s how he got  the new name “Ceddie 2X’s.” Just like the guy in the movie Goodfellas …Jimmy 2X’s who said everything 2X’s.

Ceddie 2X’s is a character alright.  Unfortunately this horror movie is real. He’s was doing damage control on steroids because his fairy tale is over. So here’s his script.

He tells the Elders that they should not listen to rumors about the Tribe being broke and unable to adhere to the state compact.  So instead of admitting that the tribe is broke, that he has no financing for the casino and that he can’t live up to anything in the compact ( including the mandatory pay off of the old investors ) he says the MWT is going it alone as a sovereign nation.  That there will be no presentation to the Mass Gaming Commission. There’s nothing to present. But actually he gets out of paying off the investors, builds a slot dump or some other raggity mess  and can stall forever. You better believe he won’t put that in a press release or talk about it on a conference call.

So the Tribe is going to go out on its own without worrying about the Compact.  You heard it right here.  And he admitted that he is going to put the damn thing in the “warehouse” ( as we disclosed earlier ).  Red flag #1 that is in no way a “Resort Casino.” Red flag #2 there was no mention of financing anything.  Red flag # 3 who waits this late to get the financing on such a huge deal like this.? All Ceddie 2X’s was interested in was getting a check, the casino was never on the radar as a true Tribal benefit.  It was always Gentings baby. They would have kept going until March, maxed out the loans from Genting,anticipating that the Mass Commission would issue another license.  This is called preemption.

So Cedric admits that he can’ get it done the right way and basically admitting he can’t meet the terms of the Compact.  Now— two days ago he was talking like the state would be foolish to issue a license to another group.   Now he’s saying our LIT says we don’t need the state. Right, you got lawsuits on the horizon and a good old fashioned depleted bank account and nothing to hock.

Be sure to ask about that financing at the general meeting today and if Ceddie 2X’s got paid Friday.


Who’s scamming who?

Mass Gaming Commission know SRC is plagued with hurdles and never had a plan for the Tribe to benefit.

Mass Gaming Commission knows SRC is plagued with hurdles and never had a plan for the Tribe to benefit.

Shovel Ready Ceddie is in a full blown panic.  He’s claiming the state gaming commission will loose big if it issues a license to another gaming group in the southeast region.It doesn’t mean the Tribe cannot move forward, it just means the state wants guaranteed revenue.   He is also inferring that if the state does issue a second license, the state will violate the compact. Actually it is the direct opposite.

Once again, it is the Tribe that will violate the Compact  because the tribe cannot fulfill the requirements in  the agreement with the state

  1. NO Investor or Bank to pay for the $500m “Resort Casino”  They intend to go on a dog and pony show around the country trying to find a way to pay for it. That could take years. Casinos are not a good investment anywhere in the world especially since we have NO COLLATERAL  and because ANY PROFIT WOULD GO TO GENTING TO PAY OFF THE HORRENDOUS DEBT. WE AS TRIBAL MEMBERS WILL NOT SEE A DIME FOR 11 YEARS.  THAT’S GREAT ISN’T IT ?
  2.  Plan to use a warehouse for the first phase of the casino because they have no money to finance anything. A CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE COMPACT because it does not comply with the definition of a resort casino.
  3. The clock starts ticking TODAY for the 6 year window of opportunity to sue over the legitimacy of the Land in Trust  decision handed down by the BIA.  Check previous posts that outline the reasons legal experts say the decision is as flawed as it is invalid and subject to be struck down.
  4. Cannot pay off the original investors.  That’s $60m that must be paid. A CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE COMPACT.
Cedric never intended to get this far. He squandered what opportunity we had to live with dignity on our homeland. A White man would have done a better job.

Cedric never intended to get this far. He squandered what opportunity we had to live with dignity on our homeland. A White man would have done a better job.

And lastly, to suggest that the Tribe is some kind of competitive threat in the gaming arena is a stretch.Without financing, the damned thing will never be built. The Brockton group is a much more reliable license option because they have their plan, a better location, financing and a reputable track record.  Unfortunately for the Tribe, SRC and his crew have squandered our opportunity to be self sustaining and instead have used us to serve gaming giant Genting and of course get paid.  Cedric never intended to get this far.  Never planned for it or an end game that would benefit us.  He has no passion or love for the Tribe because he can’t love what he does not know. Plus he was never accepted.

Ironically, the state has to decide if it wants to risk the loss of hundreds of millions of tax dollars, and months of waiting,betting that Shovel Ready Ceddie will abide by the compact and actually scale YET MORE HURDLES.  And we have not even talked about the Indian Gaming regulations that they have not complied with.

The  March  date to issue a license lends credence to the huge possibility that the state wants another license out there that they can count on to bring in money.

Big question is who’s financing our phantom casino?  Right. You would think they would tell us something.  Bet the Gaming Commission is interested too.



Tribal finance told Treasurer Robbie Hendricks that there is not enough money in the bank to cover tribal expenses. They said  he had better “prioritize” what and who needed to be paid.  Are you laughing yet ?  Well you know what that means.  Shovel Readie Ceddie will be at the top, Messy Jessie next and so on down the council list of greedy incompetents who collect big cash every Friday and do absolutely nothing to earn it.

They spend over $400k a month on salaries.Salaries for the Fryebal Council.

But check this out.  These crooks borrowed a ton of money over the last 45 days.  $45m to buy the very crappy land in Taunton…and $11m a couple of weeks ago.  Problem is they have not received the last request and it won’t be a total $11 m because Genting charges $2.3m on the money so they only get about $8m.

Biggest problem—they are $8m shy of the $200m cap on the Genting ATM. The Gang has run through $200m and there’s nothing to show for it but a lot of do-nothing-staff.

SRS has been living a lie since he stole the 2009 election. Now reality has set in and as usual, he hiding.

SRC has been living a lie since he stole the 2009 election. Now reality has set in and as usual, he’s hiding.

Genting has made it clear that:

$200 m is the end of their criminally expensive loans

They will not finance the casino

The Compact with the state demands several things SRC and Crew cannot deliver:

SRC promised the state a $500m “resort casino.” Because he has no investors or underwriting he’s trying to launch a “Beta” casino in a warehouse on the Tauton property.  You can imagine the horror of even trying to offer that concept to the state gaming commission. There’s no substitution allowed. 

The Compact also requires the SRC to pay off the old investors.  That’s $60m that they do not have, obviously.  He’s trying to negotiate  installments. Not allowed.  SRC is trying to argue that the payoff comes later… another untruth. The Compact requires that it be paid in full.

And even more damaging is the 6 years time period that allows for potential lawsuits over the shaky, shady LIT decision that hangs over the entire business like a wet blanket.


So you have a gaming commission eyeing a sure thing like a group who has backers and money and the ability to get a casino built without a lot of controversy. Generating tax dollars is the goal and MWT is undoubtedly  financially unsound….

And well let’s face it ….our tribal government is loaded with ghetto fabulous drama and totally lacks credibility.

Most recently we have a tribal member working in finance who was indicted ( FBI investigation ) for money laundering dope money. It could open the door for the feds to start looking around just as the housing fraud, and council member involvement, has caught the eye of authorities because it is so bad  and blatant misuse of federal dollars.

We had a tribal member who was a high level staffer on the gaming authority who was arrested for drug trafficking ( in his behind no less ).

So there’s “Less Stress” in issuing the license to a credible group with money an a true plan to develop a real resort casino in a better location that will generate tons of money.

We just can’t get a break.