Tripped up again

Cedric Cromwell was hoisted up by his security guards, his elbows locked around their necks  and brought into the council meeting, and according to people who have witnessed this ritual he generally tries to get a running start to make it to his chair.  Didn ‘t work to well because Tah Tah tripped him.Correct. She trippd him !

Picture Cedric on one knee screaming at Tah Tah  ” You  with fuc**** bitch, I’m going to punch you in your face, “You fuc****bitch. Right.  Tah Tah fires back, “You fake, phony,fraud mother fuc#@#.” Winnie Johnson was running around frantic about tape recorders and videos capturing the chaos. Cedric kept calling Tah Tah a ” Fuc#@*# bitch..”So Tah Tah shouts….” You don’t talk to me like that when these people aren’t around.”  Word is  that Tah Tah was angry with Cedric and despite the circus atmosphere the meeting went on.  Tah Tah has a temper.  She wants an Executive Session to air all this stuff out.  That is what she didn’t put on Facebook and in rambling email diatribe.

These people are melting down.And fast.