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Wrong Answer

Nervous? They should be.  The Land into Trust debacle has been an exhausting nightmare for us because Shovel Ready Ceddie aka Cedric Cromwell keeps trying to keep hope alive on our casino without proof that it’s going to happen. And he does it by fabricating meetings with BIA leaders and his lawyers who tell humongous  lies about the process….and without shame. It’s amazing.

SRC’s Million Dollar Baby, Arlinda is supposed to report on the ROD the Record of Decision/ Record of Determination by the BIA on our LIT.  Okay.

1st: Is the Application Complete?  Where is the proof that the BIA accepted our ” historic ties” to Taunton for our elusive casino?   When were the hearing held? There is nothing in BIA records for LIT that indicates that we are even on the radar.

2nd: Where are the markups and schedules for hearings on our LIT at any level on any issue? LIT cannot happen without these hearings. Nothing.

3rd: So the BIA has reversed itself and says we were under federal jurisdiction before 1934 therefore the BIA can take our land into trust? When were we told of such a remarkable decision? Why wasn’t it given to the Cape Cod Times? Nah, cause it ain’t real.

4th: So why aren’t we on the long list of tribes who are moving through the process like the Alabama-Coushatta, the Ft. McDermitt Paiute & Shoshone and other Nevada Nations Tribes? 

So does Arlinda wave her fan and we jump ahead of these tribes? The Alabama -Coushatta has been suffering a long while too.

Our LIT suffering is based on blatant misinformation from our tribal government and the lawyers to keep lining their pockets.   Now the date for LIT is scheduled for the end of August….maybe because the state is allotting the second gaming license for our region in September. Remember none of the criteria has been met.  It’s absurd.

Jesus how stupid do they think we are?

Here’s the worst lie. SRC and Messy Jessie claim they had a meeting with BIA Secretary Kevin Washburn. Right.   SRS claims he told the Secretary he was very disappointed with the BIA’s timeline and missed deadlines. SRC is lying  on the BIA. Like why would Washburn meet with either one of them? They are toxic.

What happened was Messy and Ceddie attended the Annual United National Indian Tribal Youth conference …..and Washburn also attended.  Anyway, Washburn has nothing to do with LIT.  And surely wants little to do with them.

The legality of the  matter is in plain sight on the Congressional and BIA websites. It’s also recorded in documents to ensure the integrity of the process.  And unfortunately the communication and record does not have our tribe in the picture.