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Danielle Hill beaten badly in Tribal race….irregularities impact outcome for others

The Ratchett agony of defeat.

Danielle Hill was the lowest vote getter in a horse race of 11 candidates vying for 6 seats on the council.  Hill’s unresolved felony warrant in New York clearly undermined her efforts to become a council member. Incumbent Patricia Keliinui was the weakest link in the Cromwell incumbents commonly referred to as  ” The Woebegone Women” coming in 8th. Ironically Keliinui is responsible for failing to enforce tribal laws and election procedures during the chaotic 2009 election that ushered in the Cromwell regime.  Since then the election process has been dominated  by Cromwell and Frye family members and cronies who make up the rules and threaten members who question their actions.

Winnie Johnson Graham slipped under the radar of criticism which allowed her to be the top vote getter to the surprise of many.  If the election is clean, it shows that voters have clearly forgotten her illegal award of $50,000 from Housing.  Tribal member advocates say the money should be be repaid by garnishing  her pay check from the Tribal Health Department.


Robert Dias,a popular young town supervisor, came in second place and is expected to be a strong advocate for

Rob Dias, is popular and respected. A leader to watch.

core members.Carlton Hendricks, Jr.  a consistent vocal critic of the administration was re elected coming in ahead of Cheryl Frye Cromwell, wife of Chairman Cedric Cromwell. Cromwell barely made it back on to the

TFL & Ceddie during happier times. Plenty of purple and lobster.

Council edging out Laura Miranda.  Cromwell greatly exaggerated her 4 month stint in the Reserves.  In various documents, Frye Cromwell  says she served in the Army from 1981-1985. Military officials had no record of Frye Cromwell’s service. Both Frye Cromwell and her cousin Yvonne Frye Avant, who has no record of accomplishment for 25 years on the Council and another Cromwell soldier have been loosing ground each election, slipping from the top vote getters to the back of the pack. Even their family seems embarrassed by them.

But the irregularities continue to be part of the MWT elections.  The demand for ID’s from known tribal members(who had no ID)  turned away at least 15 voters.  These voters were the nephews and close friends of Carlton Hendricks Jr, Laura Miranda and Robert Dias. Miranda would have beaten Frye Cromwell easily.That was a known fact.  And the fact that Cedric Cromwell had a membership card made for his mother on site. Others who would

Navajo Joe presides over the election. Standing behind monitors, trying to avoid lawsuits. Tough job.

clearly vote against his wife were not given the same access. A bright spot appeared when Tribal attorney Mark Tilden kicked out the Child Chairman of the Enrollment Committee, Brian Weeden. Tilden had scolded Weeden about the impropriety of being the enrollment committee chairman and openly campaigning for The Woebegones. Banished by Navajo Joe, the big kid took his rightful place with his candidates waving signs out front.

Had those people been allowed to vote, which is standard, Cheryl Frye Cromwell would have been history like Patricia and Danielle. Cromwell has not been the picture of health for a while and the continued controversy surrounding his wife and council cronies is not pleasing to the Arkana bosses.

Winnie Johnson    280

Winona Pocknett   266

Robert Dias           266

Yvonne Frye Avant 262

Carlton Hendricks, Jr. 257

Cheryl Frye Cromwell 248

Laura Tobey Miranda     245

Patricia Keliinui              239

Aaron Tobey                   222

Robyn Tobey Stamps    190

Danielle Hill                    161





So…..You can’t ID Natalie Costa as a Tribal member?

Well sah Nat, you're more Mashpee than all of 'em put together...They need to know who you are.


See….they can make an ID on the spot for Connie Cromwell, the chairman’s mother from Boston, but because Natalie Costa doesn’t have her ID she can’t vote. The ID requirement came about because of the 2009 controversy when non tribal members were voting and the Elders were not there to stop them.  People who are known tribal members are supposed to be able to vote without ID.

Then again this same group of nuts asked Chief Earl Mills for his ID…they really did not know one of our most revered members.

Foreigners don’t respect tradition .

Vote anyway– don’t let Messy Jessie’s Wannabes win

Today is election day and we should not give up on Mashpee.  Many outsiders have chosen to turn their heads while we languish at the hands of the worst in the tribe.  People think we actually voted these people in. That’s because outsiders have clean elections and ours are questionable at best.

Wamsutta, Massasoit...would want us to do the right thing.

Well no fight is worth winning unless serious consequences will result. We have some very good candidates who are not afraid to answer to us, to face us and to do what’s right. They will restore dignity to our government and the basic services to our Elders, children and families.We have to start there because the debt and the Arkana situtuation is a legal matter.

Reel Wamps should not have to inform the true Mashpee of the goings on in the tribal government.  The government should conduct business the way it used to too in the old Town Hall where you were called out and had to be accountable to the families of this tribe. We can bring integrity back.

Too  many of our ancestors struggled for us to give up now. And the people in the Cromwell administration do not have ancestors who contributed to our well being in any substantial way…let’s just be honest.

This is nothing new to us…let’s stand up, and if you don’t recognize people, ask them, who are you? Who’s your family? That’s how we know each other….and there are no Elders to monitor eligible voters. Certainly Brian Weeden, Chair of the Enrollment Committee  (I know it), Messy Jessie’s decoy,  is no expert nor is he a substitute for adults who know tribal family members dating back 50 years.

Take plenty of notes of irregularities, they will be vital in the federal lawsuit on the whole Cromwell operation. There are people out there willing to help us. And of course others are watching this process closely aren’t they Navajo Joe?

Slimy Alright

That’s why her nick name is Ratchett. Danielle Hill was in the Cape Cod Times with her talking points (construed several times) about her arrest and felony charges being the result “wrong place at the wrong time.” Well how about this:

She was arrested in New York in 2009.

She was charged with a felony.

She was put in jail.

She was given a court date in January 2010.

And she didn’t show up.

The felony warrant was issued September of 2010.

Wake up Danielle...So very, well..... sad.

We’re not going to talk about that clown show of an election committee.  Equipped with its own bully who enforces the ridiculous dictates from the Council.  Then the election committee and candidates are all out together getting smashed last night trying to forget…

How can she expect us to believe that she did not know that these serious charges were pending and she was wanted? And she tells the CCT that she’s not sure when she will return to NY to answer them? She says she’s not guilty.  When was she going to tell the court ? Well then….

So the question becomes how do you not clear your name on a felony charge?  Why were you working as a clerk at the infamous Tribal Court? Guess it’s the right fit? And currently working in the grant program? Dishonesty is the criteria as we said before.

And we are lead to believe that Ratchett is not a fugitive from justice with a felony warrant in the state of New York? Apparently not, according to law enforcement in Mashpee. Well let’s look at how justice is handed down here.

Take a look at another episode involving Carlton Hendricks, Jr. He had a misdemeanor warrant issued in Mashpee because he had not paid a $300 fine. He was a candidate for election at that time about 6 years years ago. Unknown to him was the fact that the warrant was issued on the Tuesday before the election. He had seen police officers during the course of the week nothing was said.  But, on Sunday, election day,  Hendricks was arrested. Right, on a misdemeanor charge, on election day.

So it’s very interesting how certain people are obsessed with debunking our definition of Danielle Hill as a “fugitive from justice” when it’s clear that they deliver justice in a very select way.

Again the Town of Mashpee and it’s selectmen would never adhere to these kinds of employment practices or for law enforcement to diddle with its duties. Of course since we have no land in trust, the Mashpee Police Department is our law enforcement agency.  But when it comes to us,  the rules are different aren’t they?  We provide certain government officials quite a bit of entertainment no doubt. Instead of weeding out the bad people, they allow them to fester among us.

It’s an old strategy tried and true.




Can we all share the reward ?

Oh my, warrants everywhere and she’s still a candidate, wanted by the authorities in New York.Danielle has been on the lamb for 5 years and now, under the protection of Shovel Ready Ceddie and Navajo Joe.  Arkana said keep her on the ballot. They do what they’re told.

Such a proud day for us.

Disgracing us yet again

Second page of a sad story


Wanted…fugitive from justice

Not worthy of serving us or working for us.

Danielle Hill has a problem.As we told you, our sources say the horror comes in the form of a 5 year old arrest warrant for grand larceny in New York.  So instead of telling her to turn herself in, the attorney, Navajo Joe is trying to work something out, and the election committee, all of them but one are trying to figure out how to keep her on the ballot.

It is outrageous….And Danielle has her own personal tribal attorney, who actually works for us, to work for her.  Other tribal members don’t have that luxury…Living the lie; a fugitive from the law who worked in the Tribal Court, and is a senior planner, handing money.

This kind of dishonesty is what has degraded us.  It has made us the laughing stock.  Shovel Ready Ceddie should be a man and make his wife Cheryl Frye Cromwell step down and not seek re election.  We have had enough of her attempts to become respectable.  Danielle should turn herself in and deal with her issues which are pretty serious.

If we only had a way to address the criminal behavior of this administration.Actually other law enforcement agencies do, thank God.



The Whole Truth

There’s nothing left to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.  The people running it are the degenerates of the tribe who allow people with active felony warrants run for office. For several days, our sources say that they have proof that  Danielle Hill has been wanted since 2010 in the state of New York on a felony warrant for grand theft.

Cheryl Frye Cromwell  got confused about her military  service….all typos, you know,  5 months vs 4 years in the Army. No one makes that kind of mistake about their military service and she stalled as long as she could with an answer to the Cape Cod Times.

The people running the election are all connected to council favorites who are embarrassing damned fools that no sane person  would admit they knew.

So what next…Good luck!




Danielle what’s your secret ?

Why won’t the election committee run the a check of your felony records….Oh we know why…The majority of the people of the election committee, including sister Melisa (arrested for resisting arrest, fighting the cops, and driving on a suspended license) are involved in the cover up.  For days they have refused to do the background check on Danielle to end the story of a felony charge in New York.

And get this, they let her do her own background check and said she was clean.  Wo Navajo Joe!

And of course the Woebegone Election Committee members bully Non Woebegone members.

Just announce the election results today….why wait till Sunday?


You’re paying for the re election campaigns of Housing Hijacker (Winnie Johnson), Mean Travel Queen (Yvonne Frye Avant), Ratchett (Danielle Hill), Newfrye (Trish Keliinui), Winona Pocknett, and  She Who Lies About Her Military Service (Cheryl Frye CROMWELL).

Worst of all you are paying for for the postage and the printing of the Woebegone campaign materials. This means we are being disenfranchised. That’s why you’re only hearing from Brian Weeden and  Shovel Ready Ceddie’s candidates. They make boo coo money and still have you paying for their campaign !

This election is a scam like all the others. There is no campaign financing for the challengers...and we never authorized the Woebegone campaign financing either. So Mashpee Selectmen do this ? Sure they do, ahem.


Look at the bulk postage number on the Mittark and the direct mail piece from the Woebegones.They are the same.The Woebegones  who make $380,000 a year combined,  could have paid $65 each to for their own bulk mail permit to mail to 1,000 tribal households. That’s the right thing to do. Instead they chose to milk you because they can.This makes it virtually impossible to win for the opponents because they can’t get their message out to voters.  They don’t have the mailing list , the printing , the graphic design ( done by whoever, Stevie Peters…bet your grandfather’s proud of you) ….nothing.That’s a violation of federal election law. That’s why they call it disenfranchisement.

It is the very thing the Republican Party has been doing to Blacks and Hispanics to keep them from voting…..keep them at a disadvantage that they can’t overcome.

The Woebegones are so greedy, so desperate,so out of control they are willing to steal another election to keep getting paid by Arkana

The other candidates, Carlton Hendricks, Jr. Laura Miranda, Robert Dias, Robin Tobey Stamps, and the ever changing Aaron Tobey are at a disadvantage and so is everyone looking for someone else to vote for.  Worst of all you are paying for for the postage and the printing of the Woebegone campaign materials.  Such a deal eh?

Ask yourself….

Does the town of Mashpee, Barnstable, Brockton, Taunton, or Boston conduct the most important part of their democratic process with these kinds of illegalities in place?  Of course not. Even Navajo Joe, Mark Tillden warned Brian Weeden that he could be sued because he is openly endorsing and campaigning for the Woebegones, and is trying to force the young people to vote for his slate. It is a very bad reality show.

They can only do what you allow them to do.

Stay tuned.  More salacious election investigative reports. Unreal.