Danielle Hill beaten badly in Tribal race….irregularities impact outcome for others

The Ratchett agony of defeat.

Danielle Hill was the lowest vote getter in a horse race of 11 candidates vying for 6 seats on the council.  Hill’s unresolved felony warrant in New York clearly undermined her efforts to become a council member. Incumbent Patricia Keliinui was the weakest link in the Cromwell incumbents commonly referred to as  ” The Woebegone Women” coming in 8th. Ironically Keliinui is responsible for failing to enforce tribal laws and election procedures during the chaotic 2009 election that ushered in the Cromwell regime.  Since then the election process has been dominated  by Cromwell and Frye family members and cronies who make up the rules and threaten members who question their actions.

Winnie Johnson Graham slipped under the radar of criticism which allowed her to be the top vote getter to the surprise of many.  If the election is clean, it shows that voters have clearly forgotten her illegal award of $50,000 from Housing.  Tribal member advocates say the money should be be repaid by garnishing  her pay check from the Tribal Health Department.


Robert Dias,a popular young town supervisor, came in second place and is expected to be a strong advocate for

Rob Dias, is popular and respected. A leader to watch.

core members.Carlton Hendricks, Jr.  a consistent vocal critic of the administration was re elected coming in ahead of Cheryl Frye Cromwell, wife of Chairman Cedric Cromwell. Cromwell barely made it back on to the

TFL & Ceddie during happier times. Plenty of purple and lobster.

Council edging out Laura Miranda.  Cromwell greatly exaggerated her 4 month stint in the Reserves.  In various documents, Frye Cromwell  says she served in the Army from 1981-1985. Military officials had no record of Frye Cromwell’s service. Both Frye Cromwell and her cousin Yvonne Frye Avant, who has no record of accomplishment for 25 years on the Council and another Cromwell soldier have been loosing ground each election, slipping from the top vote getters to the back of the pack. Even their family seems embarrassed by them.

But the irregularities continue to be part of the MWT elections.  The demand for ID’s from known tribal members(who had no ID)  turned away at least 15 voters.  These voters were the nephews and close friends of Carlton Hendricks Jr, Laura Miranda and Robert Dias. Miranda would have beaten Frye Cromwell easily.That was a known fact.  And the fact that Cedric Cromwell had a membership card made for his mother on site. Others who would

Navajo Joe presides over the election. Standing behind monitors, trying to avoid lawsuits. Tough job.

clearly vote against his wife were not given the same access. A bright spot appeared when Tribal attorney Mark Tilden kicked out the Child Chairman of the Enrollment Committee, Brian Weeden. Tilden had scolded Weeden about the impropriety of being the enrollment committee chairman and openly campaigning for The Woebegones. Banished by Navajo Joe, the big kid took his rightful place with his candidates waving signs out front.

Had those people been allowed to vote, which is standard, Cheryl Frye Cromwell would have been history like Patricia and Danielle. Cromwell has not been the picture of health for a while and the continued controversy surrounding his wife and council cronies is not pleasing to the Arkana bosses.

Winnie Johnson    280

Winona Pocknett   266

Robert Dias           266

Yvonne Frye Avant 262

Carlton Hendricks, Jr. 257

Cheryl Frye Cromwell 248

Laura Tobey Miranda     245

Patricia Keliinui              239

Aaron Tobey                   222

Robyn Tobey Stamps    190

Danielle Hill                    161