You’re paying for the re election campaigns of Housing Hijacker (Winnie Johnson), Mean Travel Queen (Yvonne Frye Avant), Ratchett (Danielle Hill), Newfrye (Trish Keliinui), Winona Pocknett, and  She Who Lies About Her Military Service (Cheryl Frye CROMWELL).

Worst of all you are paying for for the postage and the printing of the Woebegone campaign materials. This means we are being disenfranchised. That’s why you’re only hearing from Brian Weeden and  Shovel Ready Ceddie’s candidates. They make boo coo money and still have you paying for their campaign !

This election is a scam like all the others. There is no campaign financing for the challengers...and we never authorized the Woebegone campaign financing either. So Mashpee Selectmen do this ? Sure they do, ahem.


Look at the bulk postage number on the Mittark and the direct mail piece from the Woebegones.They are the same.The Woebegones  who make $380,000 a year combined,  could have paid $65 each to for their own bulk mail permit to mail to 1,000 tribal households. That’s the right thing to do. Instead they chose to milk you because they can.This makes it virtually impossible to win for the opponents because they can’t get their message out to voters.  They don’t have the mailing list , the printing , the graphic design ( done by whoever, Stevie Peters…bet your grandfather’s proud of you) ….nothing.That’s a violation of federal election law. That’s why they call it disenfranchisement.

It is the very thing the Republican Party has been doing to Blacks and Hispanics to keep them from voting…..keep them at a disadvantage that they can’t overcome.

The Woebegones are so greedy, so desperate,so out of control they are willing to steal another election to keep getting paid by Arkana

The other candidates, Carlton Hendricks, Jr. Laura Miranda, Robert Dias, Robin Tobey Stamps, and the ever changing Aaron Tobey are at a disadvantage and so is everyone looking for someone else to vote for.  Worst of all you are paying for for the postage and the printing of the Woebegone campaign materials.  Such a deal eh?

Ask yourself….

Does the town of Mashpee, Barnstable, Brockton, Taunton, or Boston conduct the most important part of their democratic process with these kinds of illegalities in place?  Of course not. Even Navajo Joe, Mark Tillden warned Brian Weeden that he could be sued because he is openly endorsing and campaigning for the Woebegones, and is trying to force the young people to vote for his slate. It is a very bad reality show.

They can only do what you allow them to do.

Stay tuned.  More salacious election investigative reports. Unreal.