Wanted…fugitive from justice

Not worthy of serving us or working for us.

Danielle Hill has a problem.As we told you, our sources say the horror comes in the form of a 5 year old arrest warrant for grand larceny in New York.  So instead of telling her to turn herself in, the attorney, Navajo Joe is trying to work something out, and the election committee, all of them but one are trying to figure out how to keep her on the ballot.

It is outrageous….And Danielle has her own personal tribal attorney, who actually works for us, to work for her.  Other tribal members don’t have that luxury…Living the lie; a fugitive from the law who worked in the Tribal Court, and is a senior planner, handing money.

This kind of dishonesty is what has degraded us.  It has made us the laughing stock.  Shovel Ready Ceddie should be a man and make his wife Cheryl Frye Cromwell step down and not seek re election.  We have had enough of her attempts to become respectable.  Danielle should turn herself in and deal with her issues which are pretty serious.

If we only had a way to address the criminal behavior of this administration.Actually other law enforcement agencies do, thank God.