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Pity the fools

Well we lost again. No surprise. Actually it wasn’t us, it was Cedric and Jessies’ phantom government.  The mood at the Tribal Council is like a perpetual wake. The Fryes  are about to be pealed away from the gravy train as the Cromwell administration looks for another way to keep getting paid. And that’s restricted to them, and not all those Fryes’ with made up titles and payroll accounts that buys their  vote.

So Cedric and the lawyers APPEAL.

Tobey cousins Chairman Cedric Cromwell and Vice Chairwoman Jessie White Baird are responsible for reversing over 80 years of progress by tribal leaders. The great shame they have cast on us is historic and damning.Tobey cousins Chairman Cedric Cromwell and Vice Chairwoman Jessie Jones Baird are responsible for reversing over 80 years of progress by tribal leaders. The great shame they have cast on us is historic and damning.

Okay, you know that  we can appeal but all arguments on both areas HAVE BEEN EXHAUSTED. Okay so what do you think the court will say? How about NO because the court said we were not under federal jurisdiction and the BIA needed to give a new explanation to satisfy the supreme court decision. Ya well how about the BIA decided to do nothing, as we predicted.  The BIA  is in turmoil and is not  interested in doing their job or helping any Indians.

But hold it…let’s look at the real ballers in this game.  In Cedric’s Scam.  Ya.  The tribal lawyers.Now any appeal, no matter how frivolous, will continue the scandalous fees and over billing of the lawyers if Genting wants to keep running money through us.  Now…check out their monthly and annual fees….and dream of shopping in Roche Brothers every damn day of your life instead of begging Donna (Frye)Johnson and Ca for a loaf of bread at the Food Pantry ( AKA the Boston Food Bank).  Jesus, Maybe the shut down will force them to push away from the table and  loose a few pounds.

Anyway, Here’s a thumbnail of the break down and incredible shake down that has decimated us.

Attorney Debra Saquera             $60,000.00 a month    $720,000.00 annually

Howard Cooper                           $41,666.00 a month    $500,000.00 annually

Mark Tilden                                  $25,000.00 a month    $300,000.00 annually

Judy Shapiro                                $16,666.00 a month    $200,000.00 annually

If you know what the hell they are billing for?  You need to let us know cause it warrants  complaints to the Massachusetts Bar Association for gauging and over billing because it’s unreal. And they clearly know nothing of Indian law because we keep loosing….but then again, why not keep billing the damned fools.  That would be us…ahem.

Great job Ceddie. We heard you’re going to have a party even if we lost. Bet the Tobey’s are real proud of you and Jessie and your grand redemption of the family name. Who would have thought you would have reversed every ounce of progress the ancestors made.  Who would have thought it ? Quite a legacy indeed.

We haven’t forgotten you girl !

Messy Jessie pensive dreaming of staying in power by any means necessary.

Messy Jessie pensive and dreaming of staying in power by any means necessary.

Jessie…you’re on our mind with all your big new self serving ideas.Quahog Pie has a few questions we need to answer, but you’re comin’ up soon !

7 days hu?

Right, so what can they come up with in a week that they couldn’t produce in months?  Nothing, accept the BIA will put their decision not to act on the ROD, in writing.  The judge was being generous…… again.

Genting's architect change the design of phantom casino 3 times, and got paid millions to do so.  Wow wonder why?

Genting’s architect changed the design of phantom casino 3 times and got paid millions to do so. Wow, wonder why?

You ever wonder what the hell Cedric did with all that money?  Nearly $400m. Does anyone have the nerve to ask him before he starts bootin’ it down the road ?

We’ll just let you unpack that for a minute.

A delay…sure

The Cromwell administration got the bad news they knew was coming.  The BIA did not redo their justification for taking the Taunton and Mashpee lands into trust.  The Bureau said it was not going to do it.  BIA Secretary Ryan Zinke just did not put it in writing….allowing Ceddie Lou to buy more time and spin the bad news as a delay. The court must have the decision  in writing.  It’s not a delay.  How do you have a delay when the court set the deadliine for June 19? It’s a stalling tactic. What was the alternative proof that we were under federal juristiction?

It was so bad the administration plans another trip to DC to “sit with”  Secretary Zinke.  This Native Hater just fired all the top Native administrators at the Bureau. You think this guy wants to ” sit ” with Indians? Like all the Trumpsters, he was put in place to destroy the agency. Do you think he wants to chit chat with Cedric and his incompetent lawyers, and get a warped history lesson from Messy Jessie? Exactly.

Cedric and side kick  Jessie have botched LIT from the beginning.  Leadership is not part of their DNA.

Cedric and side kick Jessie
have botched LIT from the beginning. Leadership is not part of their DNA.

So tonight,Ceddie’s crew of advisors and cronies started talking about appeals on section 2, or going the congressional route. Does that sound like a delay to you? And those efforts are virtually impossible.

Besides if it were good news.  Ceddie would have been on every news venue that would take him, despite the fact that the Taunton people would have sued again and won again.

How about we shoud have been working the Congress ( with other tribes) 7 years ago on a two track strategy that included a Plan B.  Plan B would be an economic development plan for the Tribe.

The only strategy ever in play was Cedric’s paycheck and that of the paid Council that got paid exorbitant salaries to do nothing.

Last September, the Tribe got $32 million from Genting.  $14 million in interest comes off the top. $14 million !  The last drawdown was for this month. It was $3 million  and of that, $2m goes to bills 60 days in arrears.

Out of money and options the next step is to fire employees, all but those who work in the federal programs that actually do something like health and dental.  There are at least 20 people who do nothing with no legitimacy but the Frye name. It’s a time where being a Frye is a liability.

And good ole Jessie.  She never stops trying to get that elusive respect.  More about her tomorrow.










Hold it !

Herrin’ and Roe are almost ready to tell their story about all this “Land in Trust nonsense.” But so is Quahog Pie….rounding them up these birds is a job in a half.