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Don’t rest on ceremony !

Yet another news story talking about all the ceremony and  enormous hurdles Deval Patrick is supposed to just wipe away.  Like the President wants to waive the laws for us,  leaving  a bunch of other Tribes (who have completed their LIT paperwork properly) still waiting.  That’s a great plan during an election year.  A great one with all the baggage connected to Cedric and Genting. But campaign contributions could be more problematic than helpful.

Never mind that there’s nothing in the deal for the tribal members.  Nothing.

Oh, Cedric has a new sidekick.  The right venerable Bob Maxim. Post master.  Former selectman (ahem, uurrrrrrr).  He was just a grinnin’ too. He carries a lot a weight among the tribal members don’t he? They  really had a hard time trying to round up tribal members to support the worst compact in modern times.

Anyway here’s another news story that looks beyond ceremony and  all Cedric’s pitiful missteps and propaganda.

The Bodacious First Lady


Governor Deval Patrick was smiling up at Cedric surrounded by his loyal Council drones, when the photographer snapped the picture.  It was a historic moment.  A moment to be treasured by the few in the room.  The moment when the Mashpee Wampanoag agreed to what is now known as the worst compact between a Native American tribe and a government in the United States.   “Onerous” is what the Indian gaming expert called it  in the Boston Globe article…because it’s so awful.

But that’s old news.  No matter how bad the experts say it is …Cedric (with his long Genting money) and his new friend….. just keep grinning.

"The Bodacious First Lady" is in short supply at Payless

Anyway there was a major distraction at the historic event. Once again, “TFL” Cheryl Frye Cromwell and her renowned sense of style, stole the show with those bodacious white Payless shoes. It took the Governor’s breath away….or maybe he was gasping……like everyone else.

It’s all a matter of taste don’tcha know.


Confirmation that it’s a “Crappy Compact”

Onerous Compact in many ways

Yesterday, the Boston Globe confirmed that the treaty between the Commonwealth and Cedric Tobey Cromwell is  ” onerous” in terms of it’s impact on the tribe.  The question is who would negotiate something so unfair to us and so beneficial to the state? Bottom line is that it is unacceptable to the BIA because the Federal laws are put in place to protect tribes from greedy investors who take advantage of Native people.  In this case we’re being enslaved by our Phoney Government.

Mashpee Wampanoag tribal compact may be too generous to the state,risking federal rejection – The Boston Globe

Date:     Jul 29, 2012        

The state’s lucrative casino compact with the Mashpee Wampanoag, ratified last week by the Legislature, will now undergo a critical 45-day federal review amid signs that the state’s large take of tribal gambling profits could lead to the deal’s rejection, according to a Globe review of past compacts. “I would say there’s a fair chance it would not be approved because the terms are way too onerous,” said Oklahoma lawyer Gary S. Pitchlynncq, a specialist in tribal gambling law.

It’s so bad, it is obvious something else is a foot. Some other agenda in play.


Building a Crowd for the “Crappy Compact” ….Fryebal Council to the rescue

The Saturday meeting on the Crappy Compact was not only poorly attended but poorly defended.  There were only 4 Council members there, because the others clearly were afraid of another meltdown. There were about 15  very pale NuBees and 10 real tribal members there. Among them were a few fisherman who stormed out.  Course there was a member of the Natural Resources committee who was with the fishermen last week, and as predicted,  he flipped to the Crappy side with comments like, ” It’s not so bad.”

Hopefully the shakedown was worth it cause the flip flopper is well known to all and will never get a big piece of the pie cause he’s a cheap date.

The Crappy Compact defies federal law.   So why would anyone working for us negotiate something that ATTEMPTS to undercut our right to hunt and fish anywhere in the country. The incompetence of these people is amazing.

On to tomorrows signing of the Crappy Compact. The Cromwellians  had Joanne trying to round up Mashpeeians to get on the bus  to

Killing our heritage

Boston for photographs with Cedric and the Governor. They said “no” to Joanne  as usual.  No one wants to be tagged as a sell out on the Crappy Compact. The .50 Indians  ( we all know who they are) waffle and will get on the bus for the box lunch you understand. The Council  will be forced to transport the Fryebal council staff after giving them another day off with pay, because tribal members want no part of the mess.

Many Elders remember that at Thanksgiving the Boston political powers would round up our  people and put them on floats for the Thanksgiving parade. Well with the ’70’s land suit and a host of other revelations like …….since Thanksgiving and the King Phillips War, we  have had  a really hard time just surviving ….we obviously stopped playing Indian for the people that only wanted to see us at Thanksgiving.

But now we’re in the same situation. People who have no connection to us, negotiating for us, like they’re Mashpee Wampanaoag. They are imposters that are loved by people who don’t like us.   Patrick is no different. He has never met with the Traditionalist of the tribe.  He continues to collaborate with Mr. Dorchester.

Mashpee, you need to remember that Metacomet was undermined by his own people. That would be us.

Conflicted or How to avoid another “Go Mashpee” on ya

Robert Mills in his role as the tribal judge wrote Nellie and said he had to recuse  himself   ( “Excuse oneself from a case because of a possible conflict of interest or lack of impartiality) You may remember that Reel Wamps outlined all those conflicts on June 23 . Nellie’s case alleges elections fraud and the fact that Council member and “Do Girl” Patrica Keliinui , as  the 2009 elections chair, failed to properly resolve the dispute with an Elders Council tribunal as outlined in tribal law.  And of course we know that the infamous sign in sheets loaded with illegal voters, that brought the crew into power, is missing. Curious. Robert said ” I cannot compel the Council to produce the documents.”

There you have it.

But  here’s the big news, actually it was predicted by Patty Oakley.  Robert has handed the explosive case  off the our man Henry Sockbasen.  He’s the chief judge of the tribal court of no authority.  Must   be great to collect a check for years to hand down opinions that don’t amount to seagull poop.

Stay tuned people much more coming on this little diddy.

Misfeasance, Malfeasance, Nonfeasance


Now we come to the truly unbelievable stuff.  If and when the Genting signs over $202m  in refinancing (at 17%), it falls into the sticky hands of  Misfeasance, Malfeasance and Nonfeasance. That would be Yvonne Frye Avant, Cedric Tobey Cromwell, and Mark Harding under the auspices of the “Tribal Gaming Commission” allowing them to dispose of it as they see fit. Any of the three can sign checks independent of the other. Imagine them having access to that kind of money.

Can you spare us a few million?


Being the good pimps that they are….you can’t even hope for a few dollars here and there.  Besides, Genting is the Supreme pimp that keeps  them in line.

So if you’re holding out hope of getting a few dollars …..remember this….you ain’t seen a dime yet have ya? Alright  then.


More really dumb stuff

Cromwell Administration motto

Wednesdays Council meeting completed the circle of madness for the Cromwell administration starting with giving Lesley Jonas the Housing Director job.  Now we’re not going through the long list of  issues that disqualify her for the job.  Well….we just can’t let it go. Apparently her ability to willingly take  jobs that she is totally incapable of doing, is  the criteria. She was the Pow Wow Director for 2 years and never raised a dime, and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to boot. Worst of all, she knew as much about pow wows as Tony Moniz…actually Tony knew more. We can credit her with the initiation of the Indian Circus. Truth is, for months Leon asked a lot of very qualified people to take the job and they refused.  Many qualified people applied for the job and were ignored. Leslie Jonas will now head the troubled Housing Department. I’m sure HUD will be impressed.

The outrage over the resolution allowing Leon to appoint  Marie ” Tah Tah ” Stone Human Resources Director without a Council vote was rescinded a couple of weeks ago.  So was the one that promoted Marge Seagraves as Tribal Administrator.  Their very expensive lawyers, told them that they didn’t rescind the actions properly and needed a do over.  Since when do they follow the laws people? Despite the fact that the promotions were taken back,  Tah Tah kept sending out emails as “ Human Resources Director.”  She’s still sending them out. Marge just told the Council “They were all crazy.” Ya think?

On to poor  David Weeden, nearly driven mad trying  to coordinate the Indian Circus.  Now he’s back to collecting resumes from tribal men and women interested in working on the community center.  David,  construction workers don’t have resumes.  Come on now. And ah….USDA has not sent the money. The Tribe has not paid the taxes.  Everyone is still working in the old trailers and buildings.  So what does that say?

The Land into Trust application is incomplete.  They submitted it that way.  One of the tribal lawyers was screaming in a hallway of a recent meeting in Taunton that ” The application should not have been made public.” The business of the BIA and DOI is a public record.

Saturday meeting to talk about how they screwed us in the Crappy Compact. Who would have the nerve to have a meeting on a treaty that was never reviewed by the people it impacts.  Tribal members need to show up to sign the petition going to the BIA.

Cedric and the gang are having a clam bake for the Governor. Clearly, Patrick  is not too particular about the company he keeps.  Being sacrificed is not worth celebrating.

Meeting with Town canceled, Genting refinancing postponed

The compact between the state and the tribe apparently is having a domino affect on the administrations rag tag efforts to secure a gaming license.  Tomorrows  meeting between the Town of Mashpee and the Tribe has been canceled. Cedric says the tribe doesn’t have a lawyer available to meet. Cromwell was the one who set the meeting to review the bizarre additions to the compact that allows the tribe to secure  thousands of acres of town land. That clause in the compact not only violates the Federal Recognition document and federal law  but also conflicts with  the 2008 overwhelming vote by the tribal members confirming the Intergovernmental Agreement with the Town of Mashpee.   So once again, this administration just charges along willie nillie,  trying to undo valid legal agreements. And their lawyers keep on billing.

Next, the Council postponed  a refinancing package for $200 million with Genting.  Refinancing ?  Oh you didn’t know?  What do you mean you didn’t know?  $30m a year for TRIBAL ADMINISTRATION for Cedric, Aaron, Markie, Yvonne, Cheryl “TFL…Lovin’ those turkey buzzards,”  Laura, Winnie, Selena and Trish.  $30m for them and $0 for you.

Oh you don’t know what we owe them currently? Really?  Oh you haven’t seen a consistent month to month financial report since they’ve been in office?  You don’t know who’s on their payroll or what they did with about  $45m acquired so far? Well, that’s just too bad.   If you think the removal of aboriginal rights is bad, you better get your boots on, cause there ain’t enough quahogs on this earth to pay for the eternal enslavement to the Chinese dynasty.

Back to the dominoes.  The week long delay in the Senate is an ominous sign because it shows that the entire tribal license is in question.  Too much controversy, from aboriginal rights, the town and legal challenges plus there are too many blank pages.  For one thing, the linchpin Land in Trust application is incomplete in very critical areas.  Proof of the ties to Taunton ( impossible) ” To be submitted ” the environmental study ” To be submitted.” will take too long for the Clown Patrol to complete.  They’re holding up the show and the rest of the state is not feeling generous.

With the  Senates approval of  the compact, the Gaming Commission is stuck with deciding whether to give a valuable license to a less than honorable totally incompetent group of identity thieves  under attack from their own people, and  surrounding communities.

Genting is not interested in refinancing based on a casino  that may not happen.  How would Cedric pay it back? Right. It’s in our name.

First Lady meet the first lady

Ah Hah survives Secret Service questioning

Governor Deval Patrick is hosting a much anticipated Presidential fundraiser at his home in early August.  First Lady Michelle Obama will be the featured guest and couples will pay 20k to be in her presence.

Guess who will be there?  Take a wild guess.  You got it with no effort and so did the Secret Service who converged on Mashpee to query the ancient people through its Private Investigator Minnie Ah Hah.

Uncle Herrin’

I have to tell you that I met the Secret Service advance team  in font of the Meeting House. You know y0u can’t be too careful with all their foolishness down there in South America. They seemed to be okay.  There was a Black guy and a White guy.  No Indian. They know some of  our tribal members.  They know Earl Mills, Anne Peters, Hazel Oakley,  Dart, Vernon Pocknett, Norman Dias and Stretcha. I thought it was odd about Stretcha.  But I’ll get back to that.  I gotta tell you.  Those SS people know a lot. Before I opened my mouth.

They knew  everything about our REAL Elders but they had a lot a questions about the first lady Cheryl Frye Cromwell.  Here’s the transcript of our conversation.

SS B :  “You are Minnie Ah Hah of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe?

Me: ” I am.”

SS W : Ah Hah is not a tribal name.  What is your true last name. ?”

Me: “It is Ah Hah.

SS W: ” There are no Ah Hah families in this tribe.”

Me: ” How do you know? I am special don’t cha know.  I am an Ah Hah.   No one will claim me because I know  too much and I tell. I am a Peters, an Amos, a Mills, a Pocknett, Haynes, an Oakley, a  Pells,  a Hendricks,  a Mingo, a Bearse and a Hicks.  I am powerful.  I have all those family characteristics.  I am powerful.  ”

SS W: : “This Indian whoo do stuff gives me the wilies.”

Me: ” You’re  talkin’ about Mr. Willie Pompey? Takes Leigh Potter to to tell you where he’s buried.”

Wow !

SS B: “Man, get to the business of their first lady please.”

SS W: ” Right, Now Cheryl Frye ahhhh Cromwell. We hear she’s a graduate of U Mass, a fighter for human rights and a health enthusiast as head of the tribal health department.”

Me : The answer is no, no and no.

SS W: ” So none of that is true.

Me: ” Course not. Cheryl wants to be all those thngs but she’s just is not. Now, Stretch said …well ….. Stretcha is so good at encouraging us to be kind and faithful to the Creator.  She knows a lot more than me.  I would tell you to go over there and talk to her but her  son  Dwight might not allow it.”

SS B: ” Well if Stretch, or Stretcha.. why that nick name?

Me: “Edna had long legs.  She could really run.  And when she did those legs would stretch out… So they called her Stretcha.”

SS W: ” Can we get on with the questioning.  Look ,Cheryl Frye Cromwell or “TFL,” is reportedly delusional beyond her education and professional qualificiations. and a fighter for human rights…

Me: ” Well yah….She thought Turkey Buzzards were bald Eagles …and she beat the hell outta that Pequot girl last year.”

SSB: ” For God sakes should we allow this woman in the Clutch with Michelle Obama? Is she a female impersonator or something?”

Me: ” That I cannot confirm or deny.”


This is my Secret Service Report  7/23/12

Your Neice,

Minnie Ah Hah



A Little Misfeasance & Malfeasance going on here !

Well, Autum Banks spent the $25  to go to a real court and file an injunction against the ghetto  fabulous players destroying the tribe. She did it. She damn sure did it.  Was it her grandfather Vernon Pocknett telling her to go forward… or was it her grandmother Bernadine  who pushed her to the forefront.

Whatever. SHE did it. SHE charged Cedric  Cromwell, Aaron Tobey Mark Hardng, Cheryl “TFL “Frye Cromwell  and Genting with misfeasance and malfeasance.

So there you have it.  After 31/2 years of our ranting an raving.  A Mashpee Wampanoag woman delivered the  decisive blow.

As Manthie  (Avant)  (Cheryl’s grandmother)  used to tell the judge..

“Takeittohigher judge” ( Take it to a higher court).

Well then.