Don’t rest on ceremony !

Yet another news story talking about all the ceremony and  enormous hurdles Deval Patrick is supposed to just wipe away.  Like the President wants to waive the laws for us,  leaving  a bunch of other Tribes (who have completed their LIT paperwork properly) still waiting.  That’s a great plan during an election year.  A great one with all the baggage connected to Cedric and Genting. But campaign contributions could be more problematic than helpful.

Never mind that there’s nothing in the deal for the tribal members.  Nothing.

Oh, Cedric has a new sidekick.  The right venerable Bob Maxim. Post master.  Former selectman (ahem, uurrrrrrr).  He was just a grinnin’ too. He carries a lot a weight among the tribal members don’t he? They  really had a hard time trying to round up tribal members to support the worst compact in modern times.

Anyway here’s another news story that looks beyond ceremony and  all Cedric’s pitiful missteps and propaganda.