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Come on !

Just because we don’t know what to do yet, doesn’t mean we don’t know what you’re doing to us. Obviously Mark Tilden’s sudden interest in the Mashpee Wampanoag Constitution election law is predicated upon protecting the Frybal Council (staff) lead by union leader Yvonne Frye (Avant?). First Lady Cheryl, also up for re election with her cousin, is trying to hang on for another year and another $140,000 worth of salary.

Yvonne can't be out of a job now

The shameless transparency of Navajo Joe’s cash cow operation is supposed to be explained away at the special meeting Sat. Funny he’s never followed the Constitution before. In fact he was constantly being forced to adhere to the constitution during last year’s bizarre election. That was because Traditionalists forwarded proof of his violations of the law and filed suit in federal court. All that information was forwarded to the BIA for the record so they couldn’t say they didn’t know.

Cheryl has run out of ribbon cuttings

The Tribe should have an election in 2014 and another election in 2015.
The tribe should not be made to suffer with those two because they want to keep getting a check.
Course Yvonne and Cheryl know their popularity is waning. Kimmie can’t throw another election for her brother in law no less her sister and first cousin. She’s not allowed to be involved with the next election and all of a sudden they’re saying we have to wait.

Kimmie put the 2013 ballot box in her car and went into Dino's to tie one on.

Cheryl and Yvonne don’t want to risk it. But the families should have the opportunity to unite behind candidates and rid the Council of two of the worst, most self serving members ever to finagle their way on to that board.

And if we don’t have the good sense to do it….we have no one to blame but ourselves.




Wake Up People, We’re Wastin’ Sunshine!

Does anybody know anything about this?  It is a solar panel array on the large barn at the rear of the “horse farm.”  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

A solar installation such as this should be capable of supplying a significant portion of the power consumed by a place such as a farm, in fact, if scaled appropriately, it can also provide a source of revenue for the Tribe.  The solar panels produce DC power which is converted to AC by a device called an inverter.  The power is then available for use, and what is not used is sent to the power grid, causing the electric meter to actually run backwards.

The question I have is, are we using the panels, and are we gaining, or at least saving by it? That is obviously the reason it was put there, right? I mean, if that was not the purpose then what was?

My cynical side wants to believe that maybe somebody profited from this, you know, maybe some party in the Tribal leadership, or someone close to him may have manipulated a grant for his own benefit—nah, nobody would do that, would they?

Alert! You Are About To Be Disenfranchised!

Have you received this letter?  If not, then click on the image at left to read it.  If you have received and read the letter, then you should understand that it is a thinly veiled attempt to extend the terms of, um, certain key members of the Cromwell administration.  It is not enough that it is unconstitutional, but morally corrupt in the bargain.  More details are coming.


The Feds are keeping us alive…but we could use a Pantry eh?

If it were not for the Federal Government, the members of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe would have nothing. Nothing.  We do have a gigantic debt don’t we?  But the bad part is we have no idea what $62 M was spent on. The Council holds random meetings without posting them to keep people away and to minimize questions.  They cancel more meetings than they hold.  Why should they?  They don’t follow the law unless it’s going to help them personally .

Cheryl's Bald Eagles were turkey buzzards and the trailer will cost $1m to move

We know Cedric and his wife Cheryl  are always grinning  for the cameras, cutting ribbons for services and ground breakings that are financed solely  by the federal government . Cedric misleads unknowing tribal members by making them think his administration did all this.

Actually we should give the tribal members more credit because very few attend these events.Most often it’s staff in the background…the Fryes mostly and two or three Tobes.  Frybal Council membership is lead by union leader Yvonne Frye ( Avant?).

Let’s take a look back  and the benevolence of the Federal Government.

Indian Health Services, is saving lives courtesy of the US Department of Health and Human Services….not   the Cromwell Administration.

The new Tribal Dental Clinic is courtesy of the US Department of Health and Human Services….not the Cromwell Administration.



The Tribal Government Center is courtesy of the US Department of  Agriculture loan of  $12 million at 4% interest  (that is being repaid with Genting money borrowed at 17% interest). Very few of our people have worked on this project.




Housing……the tribute to Alice for her hard work is worthy.  We all agree on that.  But if the millions in  funding ever materializes …..we will be building a public housing project that is open to anyone who qualifies. Cedric says Elders first “depending on “qualifications”   but we cannot discriminate…all courtesy of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Oh yeah, the only way we can discriminate and offer it  exclusively to our people, is if we had LAND IN TRUST.  Right. That’s more elusive than the 2009 voter sign in sheets that brought  this wonderful group to us.

It  all reminds us that everything this Administration takes credit for is built on false pretenses.Maybe this has been a bad dream we’re forced to watch play out over and over.  But let’s face it.  Most members just don’t know what to do.  When you settle for $30 a month food cards….that tells how far we’ve fallen.

Next….. Yvonne and Cheryl’s Election Protection Scam.







Liars and Pikers and Bears, Oh My!

Hey, I guess that ReelWamps has some new fans (or foes).  Somebody poked the hornets nest by posting an item from here concerning the wayward payroll funds and asked a question.  Seriously, guys, leave that to the pros.  My goodness, the Frye/Tobeys jumped on this like they have some kind of personal stake in defending the performance of the Cromwell regime’s operations.  Anyway, I’d like to draw your attention to one sentence of one response:

[Nancy Frye Rose]  “…Its to bad there’s a blog that does nothing but post untruths, lies and exaggerations. Shame on those who use the world wide web for negativity!”

Do I need to remind you people of the events of just a few years back, when that same web was being used for “negativity?”  There were almost daily assaults on the Tribal leadership then, on the internet and in the media.  That was when certain individuals and groups wanted to embarrass, harass, remove, and destroy the people that they were demonizing.  They employed outsiders, like  Peter Kenney, to spread his lies and invective in his column on  Or the Boston Globe calumnist (sic) Sean Murphy who falsely claimed that Tribal lawyer Bill McDermott wrote the Tribe’s constitution.  Who gave him that lie?  Then let’s not forget the columns in the Cape Cod Times written by Paula Peters, when she wasn’t stalking Glenn Marshall.

“…untruths, lies and exaggerations?”  Hurt your feelings much?  How about greed, corruption, and cronyism?  Does that not do real damage to our Tribe’s reputation and collective welfare?  What about the Cromwell gang’s repeated efforts to stamp out dissent, obfuscation,  and outright lying?

Don’t like being criticized?  Get used to it, it ain’t gonna stop as long as the Cromwell gang controls our Tribe.  Solution?  Drop out, resign, leave; only then can you have a world of unicorns and rainbows.

Don’t shun the hungry Yvonne !

The Yvonne’s,  Tobey and Frye seem to want to lecture Reel Wamps about  bank glitches.  Can you two stop worrying about the paychecks to your family members and focus on the demoralizing news accounts that say our people are appealing to the food pantries in tears because they are hungry? Those news reports were a disgrace, in light of the $50,000.00 a month in salaries that go to 8 Council members.

The Sandwich pantry and Christ the King has clearly saved many lives while our Council takes salaries comparable to government  officials who represent millions of people.  We have about 2,000 tribal members.

Yvonne Frye ...can you spare a dime?

You damned fools don’t even have sense enough to donate money from your salaries or food stuffs to feed your own people. You’re talking about a bank ” glitch. ” We already said Yvonne Tobey  who works for WIA has her own grant account.  But those Fryes on the  Genting payroll, without job descriptions, is another story all together. Our people need help and we’re paying Council officers who do nothing but worry about their family members getting paid while our people scramble for $30 food cards.

So Yvonne Frye how much are you going to donate a week?  We hear an echo…

Oh Yvonne Toby, how many tribal members have you put to work? Oh no answer…Yah who are they?

Glitches…….? You’re a disgrace.And we have been reduced to beggars.



No paycheck today!

Well sah...expect a repeat performance.


Around noon today the Council staff went into a full blown panic because there was no direct deposit of their paychecks into their accounts There was no money to pay anyone actually.  Of course we can’t verify if the Council members got their huge checks…because you know they always come first above all else.

We do know Marge was running all around trying to offer assurances. But the bottom line is, there is no money to pay the workers.  Usually the investors wire the cash in and they didn’t. Maybe they forgot. But those on grants and federally funded programs have their own accounts and their money should be available.

They’re supposed to be able to cash their checks Monday.  But it’s a signal of bad things to come. It’s the kind of problem that keeps the chair and vice chair from attending meetings…isn’t it?



What’s another millon $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?

A while back, Reel Wamps said that the location of the health department trailer wouldn’t meet code requirements and was too close to the road. It also ticked off the Town of Mashpee. Plus it was totally ghetto.  So being  the way things work in the world…..the tribe has to pay a huge amount of money to move the trailer. $1 million.  Right, and the town will not grant an occupational permit for the government building until it’s moved.

Incompetence comes with a huge price tag and we’re a witness.

Here’s the most interesting part.  Indian Health Services  said it would pay $500,000.00 to fix the screw up and Robbie found another $500,000.00 that could be cut from the bloated Tribal Council budget to use to pay the tab. So Robbie sees the light and tries to save money, or at least avoid adding to the debt.  Cedric’s not having any of that.  They have a huge falling out because Cedric put the extra million dollars in the Genting budget request for next week.   You see that 90 day budget is around $3.4 million. A big drop from  the $5.6 million he used to grab many moons ago. Cedric needs to get it back up a couple of million actually.  For what who knows ( wink wink).

Cedric can't get enough of that Genting cash

That’s why Cedric canceled the meeting Wednesday and will not make an appearance Sunday.  He’s past the point of explaining his ninkumpoopery and his greed.  He wants to keep the title and the paycheck.

You know, as sick as Indian America is….Indian Health Services could find good use for the $500,000. Or what about our people?  God forbid they do their job and take care of their people. But then again we’re not their people.

And we could have one hell of a pantry with half a million.  And food cards galore!

Wampship Down…

The SS Wampanoag

It’s bad enough that Cedric cancelled the Wednesday council meeting, but now he has backed out of the Sunday general meeting.  Rumor has it that he has problems with his sugar.  I tend to think that the problem is more with his spine, but I’ll let others pursue that.

It goes without saying that in the absence of the chairman, that the vice chairman should take over and run the meeting, but from what I understand, our vice chairman Jessie “Little Doe” Baird found something better to do on Sunday.  Forgive the hell outta me, but you would think that for $98,000 a year, she has already found the best thing she could do, but I think there is a fundamental problem here.

As in many situations, everybody wants the power and money, but nobody wants the responsibility.  I have a sense that the wheels are falling off the wagon, and that the chair and vice chair don’t want to be the ones to have to deliver the bad news.  So Tah-Tah gets stuck with the duty, well, maybe stuck is not the best word.  Heaven help me,I think that maybe Marie is the most responsible of the three, since she is willing to take on what is could be a barn burner of a meeting.

So what is the problem with Jessie?  Could it be that she was not really a serious candidate for office?  Or maybe she thought that it was going to be a cake walk straight to fabulous wealth that would flow from the mythical Wampanoag casino.  I can tell you one thing, she is only concerned about her own agenda, and not the Tribe’s.  Anyone who knows the real story of the “shunning” will know this:  Jessie was the individual responsible for the idea of shunning because she was afraid that her grant would be in jeopardy, and then when she found out it was not, she dropped the idea.  Never mind that other Tribe members were having their livelihoods and property threatened, she was safe, so screw everybody else.

Speaking of shunning:  I hear from usually reliable sources that Jessie and Yvonne were trying to get the council to shun some people, maybe Glenn?  Maybe others?  Ain’t gonna happen.  Go ahead, you will have a real rebellion on your hands.