Wake Up People, We’re Wastin’ Sunshine!

Does anybody know anything about this?  It is a solar panel array on the large barn at the rear of the “horse farm.”  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

A solar installation such as this should be capable of supplying a significant portion of the power consumed by a place such as a farm, in fact, if scaled appropriately, it can also provide a source of revenue for the Tribe.  The solar panels produce DC power which is converted to AC by a device called an inverter.  The power is then available for use, and what is not used is sent to the power grid, causing the electric meter to actually run backwards.

The question I have is, are we using the panels, and are we gaining, or at least saving by it? That is obviously the reason it was put there, right? I mean, if that was not the purpose then what was?

My cynical side wants to believe that maybe somebody profited from this, you know, maybe some party in the Tribal leadership, or someone close to him may have manipulated a grant for his own benefit—nah, nobody would do that, would they?