The Feds are keeping us alive…but we could use a Pantry eh?

If it were not for the Federal Government, the members of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe would have nothing. Nothing.  We do have a gigantic debt don’t we?  But the bad part is we have no idea what $62 M was spent on. The Council holds random meetings without posting them to keep people away and to minimize questions.  They cancel more meetings than they hold.  Why should they?  They don’t follow the law unless it’s going to help them personally .

Cheryl's Bald Eagles were turkey buzzards and the trailer will cost $1m to move

We know Cedric and his wife Cheryl  are always grinning  for the cameras, cutting ribbons for services and ground breakings that are financed solely  by the federal government . Cedric misleads unknowing tribal members by making them think his administration did all this.

Actually we should give the tribal members more credit because very few attend these events.Most often it’s staff in the background…the Fryes mostly and two or three Tobes.  Frybal Council membership is lead by union leader Yvonne Frye ( Avant?).

Let’s take a look back  and the benevolence of the Federal Government.

Indian Health Services, is saving lives courtesy of the US Department of Health and Human Services….not   the Cromwell Administration.

The new Tribal Dental Clinic is courtesy of the US Department of Health and Human Services….not the Cromwell Administration.



The Tribal Government Center is courtesy of the US Department of  Agriculture loan of  $12 million at 4% interest  (that is being repaid with Genting money borrowed at 17% interest). Very few of our people have worked on this project.




Housing……the tribute to Alice for her hard work is worthy.  We all agree on that.  But if the millions in  funding ever materializes …..we will be building a public housing project that is open to anyone who qualifies. Cedric says Elders first “depending on “qualifications”   but we cannot discriminate…all courtesy of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Oh yeah, the only way we can discriminate and offer it  exclusively to our people, is if we had LAND IN TRUST.  Right. That’s more elusive than the 2009 voter sign in sheets that brought  this wonderful group to us.

It  all reminds us that everything this Administration takes credit for is built on false pretenses.Maybe this has been a bad dream we’re forced to watch play out over and over.  But let’s face it.  Most members just don’t know what to do.  When you settle for $30 a month food cards….that tells how far we’ve fallen.

Next….. Yvonne and Cheryl’s Election Protection Scam.