What’s another millon $$$$$$$$$$$$$ ?

A while back, Reel Wamps said that the location of the health department trailer wouldn’t meet code requirements and was too close to the road. It also ticked off the Town of Mashpee. Plus it was totally ghetto.  So being  the way things work in the world…..the tribe has to pay a huge amount of money to move the trailer. $1 million.  Right, and the town will not grant an occupational permit for the government building until it’s moved.

Incompetence comes with a huge price tag and we’re a witness.

Here’s the most interesting part.  Indian Health Services  said it would pay $500,000.00 to fix the screw up and Robbie found another $500,000.00 that could be cut from the bloated Tribal Council budget to use to pay the tab. So Robbie sees the light and tries to save money, or at least avoid adding to the debt.  Cedric’s not having any of that.  They have a huge falling out because Cedric put the extra million dollars in the Genting budget request for next week.   You see that 90 day budget is around $3.4 million. A big drop from  the $5.6 million he used to grab many moons ago. Cedric needs to get it back up a couple of million actually.  For what who knows ( wink wink).

Cedric can't get enough of that Genting cash

That’s why Cedric canceled the meeting Wednesday and will not make an appearance Sunday.  He’s past the point of explaining his ninkumpoopery and his greed.  He wants to keep the title and the paycheck.

You know, as sick as Indian America is….Indian Health Services could find good use for the $500,000. Or what about our people?  God forbid they do their job and take care of their people. But then again we’re not their people.

And we could have one hell of a pantry with half a million.  And food cards galore!