Wampship Down…

The SS Wampanoag

It’s bad enough that Cedric cancelled the Wednesday council meeting, but now he has backed out of the Sunday general meeting.  Rumor has it that he has problems with his sugar.  I tend to think that the problem is more with his spine, but I’ll let others pursue that.

It goes without saying that in the absence of the chairman, that the vice chairman should take over and run the meeting, but from what I understand, our vice chairman Jessie “Little Doe” Baird found something better to do on Sunday.  Forgive the hell outta me, but you would think that for $98,000 a year, she has already found the best thing she could do, but I think there is a fundamental problem here.

As in many situations, everybody wants the power and money, but nobody wants the responsibility.  I have a sense that the wheels are falling off the wagon, and that the chair and vice chair don’t want to be the ones to have to deliver the bad news.  So Tah-Tah gets stuck with the duty, well, maybe stuck is not the best word.  Heaven help me,I think that maybe Marie is the most responsible of the three, since she is willing to take on what is could be a barn burner of a meeting.

So what is the problem with Jessie?  Could it be that she was not really a serious candidate for office?  Or maybe she thought that it was going to be a cake walk straight to fabulous wealth that would flow from the mythical Wampanoag casino.  I can tell you one thing, she is only concerned about her own agenda, and not the Tribe’s.  Anyone who knows the real story of the “shunning” will know this:  Jessie was the individual responsible for the idea of shunning because she was afraid that her grant would be in jeopardy, and then when she found out it was not, she dropped the idea.  Never mind that other Tribe members were having their livelihoods and property threatened, she was safe, so screw everybody else.

Speaking of shunning:  I hear from usually reliable sources that Jessie and Yvonne were trying to get the council to shun some people, maybe Glenn?  Maybe others?  Ain’t gonna happen.  Go ahead, you will have a real rebellion on your hands.