Don’t shun the hungry Yvonne !

The Yvonne’s,  Tobey and Frye seem to want to lecture Reel Wamps about  bank glitches.  Can you two stop worrying about the paychecks to your family members and focus on the demoralizing news accounts that say our people are appealing to the food pantries in tears because they are hungry? Those news reports were a disgrace, in light of the $50,000.00 a month in salaries that go to 8 Council members.

The Sandwich pantry and Christ the King has clearly saved many lives while our Council takes salaries comparable to government  officials who represent millions of people.  We have about 2,000 tribal members.

Yvonne Frye ...can you spare a dime?

You damned fools don’t even have sense enough to donate money from your salaries or food stuffs to feed your own people. You’re talking about a bank ” glitch. ” We already said Yvonne Tobey  who works for WIA has her own grant account.  But those Fryes on the  Genting payroll, without job descriptions, is another story all together. Our people need help and we’re paying Council officers who do nothing but worry about their family members getting paid while our people scramble for $30 food cards.

So Yvonne Frye how much are you going to donate a week?  We hear an echo…

Oh Yvonne Toby, how many tribal members have you put to work? Oh no answer…Yah who are they?

Glitches…….? You’re a disgrace.And we have been reduced to beggars.