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A message from Mr. Roe

We got an email from Mr. Roe:

Hi folks, Roe here.  My grand-nephew just set up this computer box for me.  taught me surfin and email and shit.  maybe I shoulda left well enough alone.

Now I ain’t got much schoolhouse but I can add and subtract.  Seems to me that Cedric is borrowin millions of dollars to build a casino so we can pay back them millions.  Whatnahell do we get?  People pissed at us for buildin a casino?  I’d rather take my chances down the bay, even with my bad back I can still pull in a peck o ‘hogs.  Anyway, I’ll be fartin dust fore I see a penny.

Your ol frind,


Mr. Roe can see right through this ruse, can you?  We get nothing until Genting gets theirs.

No thanks.

Dyin’ to go to the Destination Resort in…..Taunton?

Well you gotta hand it to Cedric and his boss-chauffeur, Lou.  They are predictable.  They’re late to the game, have the worst gaming site in the state and the world and no hope for actually making a profit to pay the members for allowing the investor to exploit them.

We can’t talk about what the town and the surrounding communities are going to do, with Ceddie’s very bad reputation for not honoring agreements with members of the Commonwealth.

We at Reel Wamps want to give CeddieLou the benefit of some intelligence by assuming this is a diversionary tactic, that it’s not for real. That it’s designed to throw us off track because it is so totally stupid and obviously last minute, ” We’re so over our heads on this one.”  They’ve got to have Middleboro in mind. Or something. Why ? Here’s why.

Unlike Bridgewater, Fall River, New Bedford and Middleboro,  Taunton is 15 miles off 195. What gambler-high roller-I’m -headed- to- the- Cape New York, Connecticut kinda person,  is going to drive on bad congested highway 24 for 25 minutes  to Taunton? Who comes  from Boston to gamble  when they can go to Suffolk Downs? You end up with locals at the casino playing slots.

Who puts $200 k non refundable security deposit on  property across from the  Taunton Galleria for 53  buildable acres without knowing that Project First Light  can’t even buy the 100 acre Galleria ? That could cost between $60 -80m…if they sell it.

The “Ifs” keep multiplying. How do you pay a $8 -10 million a month over 20 years whether it’s  Genting or Bank of America….when you can’t guarantee an abundance of players at the location?

Who comes to a resort in Taunton?

They have to pay Genting  ( $50 K) to concoct projections that show that we can draw people to Taunton.

You have to presume the states going to accept that despite the many lawsuits that will continue to come.

Genting is a huge problem.  They single handedly shutdown commercial gaming in Florida because they were heavy handed and have a horrible reputation.  They own us lock stock and barrel. That means we take on their image.  Google them.

Tribal members are not getting a dime of any gaming revenues and Ceddie, Grungy Boy will sign an agreement that says that says he gets paid and the investor gets paid and he promises the Governor that we will not build the soverignty casino to take care of  the Mashpee Wampanoag. He’s not a Mashpee Wampanoag. What does he care?

Then ask yourself….who the hell builds a resort in  Taunton?  Are they going to overhaul the towns image?  Are they going to give you free massages to de-stress you after your harrowing drive on 24?

We’ve gone from a 539 acre Destination Resort Casino in Middleboro to Taunton at 153 acres MAYBE. To think we can meet the state requirements for a  $500 m Destination Resort Casino in Taunton is laughable.

We miscalculated by the the way because we forgot the $35 -40 m debt owed to Genting. Plus their dumping money into programs  filling the gaps for all the lost grants resulting from their  incompetent family members on the tribal payroll.

Nothing can replace our sovereignty that will be signed away with the CeddieLou Commercial casino…you know, he promises the Governor never to open a sovereignty casino and our kids and grandchildren are down the tubes.

We have to conclude…….it’s so bad it’s a very bad joke.



A Facinating Horror Story

Reel Wamps receives so much information from so many people, we literally cannot keep up.  We try to stay out of the weeds and deliver the information that is verifiable and most important to the real  tribal members.

There are hundreds  who read this .com  every day. They are not only tribal members.  They are government officials on the highest levels,  reporters,  friends  of the tribe, the old investors, Middleboro folks, Mashpee officials,  other tribes, just a lot of people absorbing this information every day.

It’s  a mesmerizing horror story.  To see the  undoing of a people who finally had hope for the future,  only  to be exploited by the worst and the most minimal people in their small tribe. It happened.

More astounding, is the fact that the bottom feeders were ushered in by one  of the rejected who could never capture the attention of the leaders who got us recognition.  Vengeance is blinding.  Now she’s humiliated and responsible for the destruction of the tribe her father, family and tribal cousins helped finally acquire respect.

It’s fascinating because it just keeps getting worse.

It’s like turning a blind eye to the bludgeoning of someone  on the sidewalk, and walking by because you don’t want to get involved.

But keep tuning in to see how bad it is today.

It’s pretty  bad. A review.

  • The Council voted on the Card Board Box Budget 5 days after it was supposed to, in a complete violation of the Constitution.  It was supposed approve the budget before submitting it to the tribe.
  • Marie  Ta Ta  no doubt, is more agitated because the Forrestdale offices of Project First Light, and the other tribe, are supposed to be closed.  The fact that she would have to show up in Mashpee is more terrifying for Marie than for the outsiders because she is Mashpee and  she has to answer to people when she is able.

Then there is Genting throwing crumbs to the Elders in an attempt to buy them off.  Joanne Frye is the Overseer.  The Elders have no Overseer. Cedric is closing the Pantry (raided by the Council staff).  So Joanne will now hand out gift cards from Stop and  Shop to those in need.  1 for you, 2 or 3 for the Frybal Council. The Fryes have 14 sisters, cousins etc on the payroll of the tribe. No one knows.    That’s over half of the workforce.

Imagine that.


Misunderstanding the Dawes Act

Cedric Cromwell again demonstrates his lack of knowledge of our history by mistaking the Dawes Act  (named after its sponsor, Massachusetts senator Henry L. Dawes) for the mechanisms that led to our loss of Tribal lands.  In fact, the chain of events began with the partition of lands in 1842, whereby Individuals were deeded the lands that they occupied, and at least 60 acres per person.  The remainder was common land, which was forcibly sold when Mashpee was incorporated as a town in 1870, seventeen years before Dawes

Take a look at the 1877 map of Mashpee by Cyrus Cahoon, and you will see that Tribe members owned the greater part of land in town.  Much of this land was lost through means both fair and foul, by trickery and deceit, but the Massachusetts Land Court did much of it legally.  The whole sordid history of the loss of our Tribal and individual properties is a subject that requires a lot of research and can not be explained in a few paragraphs.  I will try to dig up a Cahoon map and put it up for all to see.

History is best left to those who know.

How ’bout that cardboard box ?

The Sunday meeting was a catastrophe. The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, has sunk to the lowest level of absurdity.  The so called 2012 budget document was presented to tribal members ( and undocumented  illegal aliens) on the same day.

No legitimate government does that.

Apparently someone, like the federal government, ordered them to clean up their act and they  proved it can’t be done ! Why ?

  • The Council was supposed to vote on the raggedy impossible to verify document before it was presented to the tribal body.
  • It did not vote on any budget. This makes the 4th time and the 4th constitutional violation.There have been no votes on the budgets by the tribe or the Council in 2009, 2010, or 2011. So there are actually 7 constitutional violations on the budget alone.
  • Tribal members ( the real ones) are supposed to have a copy of the document well in advance of the meeting.
  • The Chairman is supposed to conduct an orderly presentation and take questions about items contained in the budget.
  • The Grungy Boy Circus was pitiful.There was a stream of department head presentations by some who publicly admitted they had no idea what they were talking about, nor what the figures meant.

Grungy took no questions. But he looked more frightened than ever because the real tribal members shouted that
” This is bullsh– !” Grungy dashes over to security and points at a perceived offender.

A male 6’5′, about 300 lbs., should have nothing to fear, ya think?

The chaos continued because others threw the document in the air, with pages flying about as they stormed out shouting  ” Vote no, on this crap.”  Whole families ( real tribal families), got up and walked out.

Balloting in a cardboard box? Another rigged election.

The most glaring insult was Paula The Peters,  sitting on the stage with a cardboard box.  It was the official ballot box.

A CARDBOARD BOX.  With PTP and Jessie Baird guarding it and counting the votes in the end. The tally was  100 something  for the indecipherable budget – 58 against. That’s a PTP Jessie B tally.  Keep in mind that about 60 ( real) tribal members walked out in disgust.

The cardboard box did it, no doubt. Even in the olden days, the tribal leaders had a steel box, with a lock and credible, trust worthy people counting the votes so there would be no question.

Of course no one believes the tally.  After all Grungy Boy has real trouble with clean elections.

And of course before the meeting started Grungy Boy announces that he’s scouting a casino site in Taunton.  The Mayor says they’ve been in informal talks.  It’s almost March. Deadline is July. Grungy is looking for an extension.  He went begging to the Boston Globe editorial board and asked for help cause the Mashpee are so pitiful and can’t make the deadline. Well imagine that happening when there’s a lawsuit pending saying we shouldn’t get any special treatment.  It’s all set up to be handed off to another bidder.

Besides, if  by some  miracle it does happen, every real tribal member, the Governor, the legislature and Grungy knows  that the only ones getting a check on a commercial casino is Cedric, Aaron, Mark, Marie, Cheryl, Yvonne, and all their unqualified  family members on the tribal payroll. Course, Grungy could cut people out of the deal because who’s going to see the  final agreement?  No one knows what Cedric or any of them are doing. No one.

But Grungy was asked about tribal members getting paid from the Genting casino and he said, after the bills are are paid. That’s no answer, because you’ll never get a check.  Here’s why.

  • Law says .. have to pay off previous investors and Middleboro $60 – $80m
  • Land purchase    $10-$25m
  • Infrastructure, compact expenses for the town and surrounding communities ( fire, roads, law enforcement, emergency services) $200 m
  • Construction $500 m
  • Legal fees $10m

About an $815m for a resort casino in Taunton.  Who builds a resort casino in Taunton?  The stigma alone is overwhelming.  But it tells you something about gross incompetence.

Think about this, whether it’s Genting’s money at 17% interest or a bank at 5% interest, it’s a total debt of about $824m$814m let’s say over 20 years.  What’s Cedric’s projection of what a Casino in Taunton generates annually ? Well course he doesn’t know.  It better be more than $41  m a year  cause that’s what that payment is. That’s a conservative guess. Remember Cedric “handled millions at Fidelity.” Right,  after attending Roxbury Community College. Lou makes all the decisions for the tribe and has the salary to prove it. A White man tells Grungy what to do.

Any how…now you know why there’s never an answer to the question of what’s in it for us.  Cause the answer is nothing. Your great grandchildren will be worse off than our great grandparents. At least our great grandparents had their dignity and provided for each other, without hesitation.

Budget Fudgeit: Wading through a sea of numbers

Starting out

God bless you if you are able to understand the document called the “Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe FY 2012 Proposed Budget January 30, 2012.”  If you have some training or experience in finance or accounting (and I don’t), you may have some insight into the budget.  I will have to rely on the fact that I am both literate and numerate to help me to establish a beach head on this strange shore.  I am at this time reviewing the figures and trying to reconcile them and discover some rationale behind them.  There are some difficulties in doing so, since they decided to mix the budgets of grant programs, HUD loans, and “predevelopement,” so I will try to dissect them.

Busting down the door

To give some scale to this analysis, I want to use the Town of Mashpee 2010 Annual Report’s proposed 2011 annual budget.  Unfortunately, the 2011 Report is not yet out, but this should work.  The Town of Mashpee, with a population of 14,228 in the latest census, requested a budget of $47,475,436.  On the other hand, The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, with a membership in the 2,000 range, has requested a budget of $30,764,669, about two thirds the town budget for about one seventh the population.  Even more puzzling is the town’s figure of $246,000 for “legal, engineering, and consultants,” while the Tribe’s “professional services” and legal” items add up to $11,356,177.   This is just a sampling.

What we need to keep in mind is that The town runs three schools, maintains roads and infrastructure.  They will respond to emergency calls with police cruisers, fire trucks, ambulances, and the attendant personnel.  The Tribe does none of the above.

Where do we go from here?

Well, of course, we have to demand, and continue to demand,  answers.  The breakdowns of the grant programs are very detailed, but what we need is breakdowns of those big items: legal, professional services, and salaries.  We need to know exactly how much Tribal Council members receive in salaries plus whatever other emoluments and fees they may receive.  We need to have a report like the Town of Mashpee publishes, including a listing of all salaries and payments to individuals as in the Mashpee report, I don’t care if it’s a nickel.  They owe us that.

I will be presenting my findings in a form that ordinary people can understand.  There will be pie charts and side by side comparisons of equivalent salaries and expenses for the Town of Mashpee and the Tribe.  I think I am going to go through a lot of coffee—and fudge

Cedric goes to Taunton

We just found out that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is closing its mental health facility at Taunton, now we hear that Cedric Cromwell wants to build a casino there.  Out with the nuthouse and in with the nutjobs.  Might I suggest to the people of Taunton that they have some serious conversations with some folks in Middleborough?  Ceddie fancies himself to be quite the hustler, and you can be sure that those 4,000 jobs will be reduced by the number that he will use to pay off all the questionable “tribe members” that he bought votes from in the 2009 election.  You can also be sure that Genting will bring in their own people to kinda keep an eye on things.

The proposed site at Liberty and Union Industrial Park

I already see the resistance from the people of Taunton, and personally, I think it is time to abandon the whole idea and sever our ties with Genting.  As we have all found out, tribe members will receive no benefits until Genting is paid off.  Well, that contradicts the whole justification for even pursuing a casino, doesn’t it.  Hell, many of us will be dead before we see a penny, but our tribal council has been living the life of Riley.  We, the rank and file owe nothing to Genting, and should not have to pay them back.  When the leg-breakers come, they will be coming for you, Ced, Mark, Marie, and Aaron.

Where’s the 2009 sign-in sheets Cedric ?



Nellie Hicks Ramos,



Patricia Keliinui, 2009 Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Election Committee Chairman



Plaintiff alleges:

1. Defendant failed to fully perform their duties as required by the Constitution under Art. IV, and Art. III, section 8, Election Ordinance, Section 1, requiring election records be kept and archived following an election.

2. Because of the Election Committee Chairman’s  negligence, the voter list was never seen after the 2009 election, the ballot box was not properly secured, and there was evidence of tampering and the fact that pending voters, were allowed to vote illegally, has disqualified the election of February 8, 2009

3. As a result, the voter list/sign in sheet has never been produced in order to verify the results of the 2009 election, and the ballots and other election materials have disappeared.

4. Further, Nellie Hicks Ramos challenged the election results in a letter. Chairperson Keliinui failed to follow Election Ordinance procedures for resolution of an election dispute by allowing the Elders of the Tribe, a review, as dictated by the law.  Because of the time constraints set out in the ordinance, the action of the Chairwoman amounts to substantial breach of the responsibility of her office.


THEREFORE, plaintiff(s) pray(s) for judgment against defendant as follows:

1. That the voter list, sign-in sheets, ballots, and all other election materials for the Mashpee Tribe February 8, 2009 election be produced in accordance with the recordkeeping requirements of the Election Ordinance Section 1, and that the voter participants be validated as eligible to participate in the Mashpee Wampanoag tribal election.


DATED this 17th day of January, 2012.


Nellie Hicks Ramos


Mashpee Wampanoag Council Offices—Tribal Elder Nellie Hicks Ramos filed a complaint with the Tribal Court detailing Elections Chair Patricia Keliinui’s failure to deliver a clean election in February 2009. The complaint also outlines 8 constitutional violations under her watch alleging that the Cromwell Administration took charge of the tribe illegally.

After years of asking for investigations, voter sign in sheets, and a voter list that was believed to be loaded with illegal voters, the Cromwell Administration, has failed to produce the documents that would validate or disqualify the February 2009 election.

Hicks Ramos wants the Tribal Court to force Cromwell to produce the documents for review to prove that his ticket was duly elected. The Tribal Courts (one judge now, instead of 3) record of is dubious at best.  The court waited over 15 months to respond to another clear cut election issue, allowing two elections to pass before rendering an opinion, not a ruling, for the administration.

Numerous procedural and legal violations occurred during the election allowing for voter fraud:

  • Prior to the election, Keliinui released the voter list to the office manager, instead of keeping it in her possession. This allowed the voter sign-in sheet to be loaded with ineligible voters supporting the Cromwell ticket.
  • Keliinui excluded the genealogists and membership officials from the Election Day process. These people could discern enrolled members from illegal voters on sight. This was standard procedure until her election in February 2009.
  • The chaos of Election Day was fraught with the failure to execute the most basic emergency procedures to prevent voter fraud. With the onslaught of hundreds of new, unidentifiable voters, Keliinui failed to require workers to ask for identification of any kind.
  • With an eligible voter list of approximately 725 voters,  it is a virtual  impossibility to have voter turnout of 600 voters when over 250 of those voters live beyond New York.  The voter list was clearly padded with ineligible (people waiting to get on the rolls) members.
  • Keliinui’s most significant violation was the rejection of the timely request filed by Hicks Ramos. The constitution does not allow her or the committee to act. It requires an Elders tribunal to make the decision.  Keliinui resigned shortly thereafter.
  • Cromwell certified his own election.
  • All of these violations disqualify the Election for clear constitutional violations.

In December 2011, Bureau of Indian Affairs Attorney Michael R. Smith, Deputy Bureau Director of Field Operations was also updated and made aware of these and a  long list of financial constitutional violations accompanied by a 6 page overview and 70 pages of backup.  During two previous 2009 meetings with the BIA, Elders were told that constitutional violations would justify Bureau intervention.  The tribe is in limbo status because it does not have land in trust meaning there is no legitimate legal authority to address tribal complaints accept the state and federal governments.  This is the reason for requesting BIA intervention.

 Simple solution: Let Patty Oakley look at the voter sign in sheet.  She knows who was eligible to vote and who was not.  All that’s needed is one ineligible voter  to disqualify the 2009 election.  Also, Yvonne’s suit filed with  the contract judge also disqualifies the election by the judges’ own admission, because it allowed the shunned to vote, over ruling the membership committee. The judge rendered an opinion, not a ruling, which was worthless in terms of its authority. The Membership Committee has final authority according to  the Mashpee Wampanoag Constitution, and they voted no.

Quite mess indeed.  Too bad we’ve been ruled by an illegal authority all  these years.

$24 million up in smoke

For the first time Sunday,  tribal members are supposed to be voting on a budget. A $24 million budget.  Since you get absolutely nothing for all the millions Cedric and crew get paid…you’re asking, “for what? ”  Well you know the answer.  Nothing.

The tribe did not vote on budgets in 2009, 2010 or 2011 that’s  3 constitutional violations.  The Council is supposed to approve the budget before it comes to the tribe for a vote .  Including 2012, the 3 previous violations bring the  fiscal meltdown to 8  constitutional violations.

All of sudden they’re trying to act right? Eeeeeeeeh.

And Mark Tilden is trying to say  that the Council can make you vote by  hand,  as opposed to a secret ballot.  Well of course that’s not true. The previous Admin. let you vote by secret ballot with no worry.  There’s no law anywhere that says the Council has that authority. This is coming from the so called lawyer who  tried to wrench paper work from 85 year old Aunt Dart’s blue folder. That was the last scam with the Federal Charter that would have made Cedric and crew in charge of the tribe for life. Jez…is there no end?

And Jessie got up in the Council meeting this week praising Mark Tilden and Lou..Cedric’s brain.  You know she thinks people don’t know about her and her foolishness.  She really believes everyone has amnesia.  She can fool the White people with all that phoney Injun double talk…but not the tribe. Where’s  her Bachelors? Where’s her Masters? Isn’t it just a certificate? Sure it is.  We won’t go any further.

A private vote is not in the best interest of  Grungy Boy right now.

Now, most of you will probably get a copy of this so called budget Tuesday after the meeting, so you can look it over (wink wink)… but it doesn’t matter cause this sudden  urge thing is an indictment.   More tricky numbers that are baseless.

What do you compare  it to? Right.  You can’t vote for something that can’t be validated.  Show up…vote it down, by ballot.  Protect yourself and go home.

Hey Jessie….don’t forget to give us a prayer.

Milked to death

If you need more proof that Cedric and his gang are in over their heads, look at these legal bills.

Mark Tilden, who has been working for them since 2009, and left NARF under questionable circumstances,  made $268,932.79 in 9 months last year. All that money to try to push the Federal Charter  that failed and get that paper work from Aunt Dart.  That didn’t happen either.

If you think Cedric’s on top of this gaming thing (and we know you don’t), look at his hiring of a Delahunt legal pal named Stephen Burr who’s supposed to be looking for casino land and handling transactions and whatnot for $58o an hour They brought him on back in December and he still hasn’t invoiced the tribe according to the most trustworthy Mark Harding. Pile on !!!!! Cause the Council’s so dumb, everyone needs to get a piece.

Little late ain’t it?

They also hired the Seneca lawyer around the same time, who was working for that tribe when Genting was charging them 28%.  He  made $700k a year. Who do you think he’s working for?

They also hired a person to verify our connection to land… something that took years by a real expert who did it on Middleboro.  Why do it now? Why didn’t you do it a year ago.? Oh shoot….that would mean you had the tribe’s best interest at heart.   It means it’s just more money out the window for someone to invoice the tribe for work that is pretense. Land in trust takes years…everyone seems to know that but Ceddie . He’s just trying to pretend he’s interested in completing our sovereignty with this phoney effort. And besides the woman is a friend of Mark, Paula and Ramona.  Exactly. Enough said.  We still don’t know what  Ramona did with ancient remains taken from museums.  Try to get to the bottom of that.

And of course Lou Catarina, Cedric’s brain,  makes about $12k a month chauffeuring Cedric around and giving him bad advice.

Fall River, Raynham, Plymouth and Bumf—. the journey continues as the clock ticks and the court scrutinizes.

At this  point the non Mashpee are getting a lot of money very late in the game.  Of course the commercial casino only benefits paid council members, because they get paid to give us up and keep a salary .  Lovely.

It’s so bad you just can’t resist talking about it….like Groundhog Day.