How ’bout that cardboard box ?

The Sunday meeting was a catastrophe. The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, has sunk to the lowest level of absurdity.  The so called 2012 budget document was presented to tribal members ( and undocumented  illegal aliens) on the same day.

No legitimate government does that.

Apparently someone, like the federal government, ordered them to clean up their act and they  proved it can’t be done ! Why ?

  • The Council was supposed to vote on the raggedy impossible to verify document before it was presented to the tribal body.
  • It did not vote on any budget. This makes the 4th time and the 4th constitutional violation.There have been no votes on the budgets by the tribe or the Council in 2009, 2010, or 2011. So there are actually 7 constitutional violations on the budget alone.
  • Tribal members ( the real ones) are supposed to have a copy of the document well in advance of the meeting.
  • The Chairman is supposed to conduct an orderly presentation and take questions about items contained in the budget.
  • The Grungy Boy Circus was pitiful.There was a stream of department head presentations by some who publicly admitted they had no idea what they were talking about, nor what the figures meant.

Grungy took no questions. But he looked more frightened than ever because the real tribal members shouted that
” This is bullsh– !” Grungy dashes over to security and points at a perceived offender.

A male 6’5′, about 300 lbs., should have nothing to fear, ya think?

The chaos continued because others threw the document in the air, with pages flying about as they stormed out shouting  ” Vote no, on this crap.”  Whole families ( real tribal families), got up and walked out.

Balloting in a cardboard box? Another rigged election.

The most glaring insult was Paula The Peters,  sitting on the stage with a cardboard box.  It was the official ballot box.

A CARDBOARD BOX.  With PTP and Jessie Baird guarding it and counting the votes in the end. The tally was  100 something  for the indecipherable budget – 58 against. That’s a PTP Jessie B tally.  Keep in mind that about 60 ( real) tribal members walked out in disgust.

The cardboard box did it, no doubt. Even in the olden days, the tribal leaders had a steel box, with a lock and credible, trust worthy people counting the votes so there would be no question.

Of course no one believes the tally.  After all Grungy Boy has real trouble with clean elections.

And of course before the meeting started Grungy Boy announces that he’s scouting a casino site in Taunton.  The Mayor says they’ve been in informal talks.  It’s almost March. Deadline is July. Grungy is looking for an extension.  He went begging to the Boston Globe editorial board and asked for help cause the Mashpee are so pitiful and can’t make the deadline. Well imagine that happening when there’s a lawsuit pending saying we shouldn’t get any special treatment.  It’s all set up to be handed off to another bidder.

Besides, if  by some  miracle it does happen, every real tribal member, the Governor, the legislature and Grungy knows  that the only ones getting a check on a commercial casino is Cedric, Aaron, Mark, Marie, Cheryl, Yvonne, and all their unqualified  family members on the tribal payroll. Course, Grungy could cut people out of the deal because who’s going to see the  final agreement?  No one knows what Cedric or any of them are doing. No one.

But Grungy was asked about tribal members getting paid from the Genting casino and he said, after the bills are are paid. That’s no answer, because you’ll never get a check.  Here’s why.

  • Law says .. have to pay off previous investors and Middleboro $60 – $80m
  • Land purchase    $10-$25m
  • Infrastructure, compact expenses for the town and surrounding communities ( fire, roads, law enforcement, emergency services) $200 m
  • Construction $500 m
  • Legal fees $10m

About an $815m for a resort casino in Taunton.  Who builds a resort casino in Taunton?  The stigma alone is overwhelming.  But it tells you something about gross incompetence.

Think about this, whether it’s Genting’s money at 17% interest or a bank at 5% interest, it’s a total debt of about $824m$814m let’s say over 20 years.  What’s Cedric’s projection of what a Casino in Taunton generates annually ? Well course he doesn’t know.  It better be more than $41  m a year  cause that’s what that payment is. That’s a conservative guess. Remember Cedric “handled millions at Fidelity.” Right,  after attending Roxbury Community College. Lou makes all the decisions for the tribe and has the salary to prove it. A White man tells Grungy what to do.

Any how…now you know why there’s never an answer to the question of what’s in it for us.  Cause the answer is nothing. Your great grandchildren will be worse off than our great grandparents. At least our great grandparents had their dignity and provided for each other, without hesitation.