Dyin’ to go to the Destination Resort in…..Taunton?

Well you gotta hand it to Cedric and his boss-chauffeur, Lou.  They are predictable.  They’re late to the game, have the worst gaming site in the state and the world and no hope for actually making a profit to pay the members for allowing the investor to exploit them.

We can’t talk about what the town and the surrounding communities are going to do, with Ceddie’s very bad reputation for not honoring agreements with members of the Commonwealth.

We at Reel Wamps want to give CeddieLou the benefit of some intelligence by assuming this is a diversionary tactic, that it’s not for real. That it’s designed to throw us off track because it is so totally stupid and obviously last minute, ” We’re so over our heads on this one.”  They’ve got to have Middleboro in mind. Or something. Why ? Here’s why.

Unlike Bridgewater, Fall River, New Bedford and Middleboro,  Taunton is 15 miles off 195. What gambler-high roller-I’m -headed- to- the- Cape New York, Connecticut kinda person,  is going to drive on bad congested highway 24 for 25 minutes  to Taunton? Who comes  from Boston to gamble  when they can go to Suffolk Downs? You end up with locals at the casino playing slots.

Who puts $200 k non refundable security deposit on  property across from the  Taunton Galleria for 53  buildable acres without knowing that Project First Light  can’t even buy the 100 acre Galleria ? That could cost between $60 -80m…if they sell it.

The “Ifs” keep multiplying. How do you pay a $8 -10 million a month over 20 years whether it’s  Genting or Bank of America….when you can’t guarantee an abundance of players at the location?

Who comes to a resort in Taunton?

They have to pay Genting  ( $50 K) to concoct projections that show that we can draw people to Taunton.

You have to presume the states going to accept that despite the many lawsuits that will continue to come.

Genting is a huge problem.  They single handedly shutdown commercial gaming in Florida because they were heavy handed and have a horrible reputation.  They own us lock stock and barrel. That means we take on their image.  Google them.

Tribal members are not getting a dime of any gaming revenues and Ceddie, Grungy Boy will sign an agreement that says that says he gets paid and the investor gets paid and he promises the Governor that we will not build the soverignty casino to take care of  the Mashpee Wampanoag. He’s not a Mashpee Wampanoag. What does he care?

Then ask yourself….who the hell builds a resort in  Taunton?  Are they going to overhaul the towns image?  Are they going to give you free massages to de-stress you after your harrowing drive on 24?

We’ve gone from a 539 acre Destination Resort Casino in Middleboro to Taunton at 153 acres MAYBE. To think we can meet the state requirements for a  $500 m Destination Resort Casino in Taunton is laughable.

We miscalculated by the the way because we forgot the $35 -40 m debt owed to Genting. Plus their dumping money into programs  filling the gaps for all the lost grants resulting from their  incompetent family members on the tribal payroll.

Nothing can replace our sovereignty that will be signed away with the CeddieLou Commercial casino…you know, he promises the Governor never to open a sovereignty casino and our kids and grandchildren are down the tubes.

We have to conclude…….it’s so bad it’s a very bad joke.