Milked to death

If you need more proof that Cedric and his gang are in over their heads, look at these legal bills.

Mark Tilden, who has been working for them since 2009, and left NARF under questionable circumstances,  made $268,932.79 in 9 months last year. All that money to try to push the Federal Charter  that failed and get that paper work from Aunt Dart.  That didn’t happen either.

If you think Cedric’s on top of this gaming thing (and we know you don’t), look at his hiring of a Delahunt legal pal named Stephen Burr who’s supposed to be looking for casino land and handling transactions and whatnot for $58o an hour They brought him on back in December and he still hasn’t invoiced the tribe according to the most trustworthy Mark Harding. Pile on !!!!! Cause the Council’s so dumb, everyone needs to get a piece.

Little late ain’t it?

They also hired the Seneca lawyer around the same time, who was working for that tribe when Genting was charging them 28%.  He  made $700k a year. Who do you think he’s working for?

They also hired a person to verify our connection to land… something that took years by a real expert who did it on Middleboro.  Why do it now? Why didn’t you do it a year ago.? Oh shoot….that would mean you had the tribe’s best interest at heart.   It means it’s just more money out the window for someone to invoice the tribe for work that is pretense. Land in trust takes years…everyone seems to know that but Ceddie . He’s just trying to pretend he’s interested in completing our sovereignty with this phoney effort. And besides the woman is a friend of Mark, Paula and Ramona.  Exactly. Enough said.  We still don’t know what  Ramona did with ancient remains taken from museums.  Try to get to the bottom of that.

And of course Lou Catarina, Cedric’s brain,  makes about $12k a month chauffeuring Cedric around and giving him bad advice.

Fall River, Raynham, Plymouth and Bumf—. the journey continues as the clock ticks and the court scrutinizes.

At this  point the non Mashpee are getting a lot of money very late in the game.  Of course the commercial casino only benefits paid council members, because they get paid to give us up and keep a salary .  Lovely.

It’s so bad you just can’t resist talking about it….like Groundhog Day.