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Christmas gifts and wish list



The Tribal members finally got something from the Cromwell administration.   After careful thought  the ever resourceful  Jessie and Tah Tah decided to turn the flooded government center basement into a sauna by building fires around the sinking  exterior. If that doesn’t work, a sweat lodge is the next order of the day.

Tribal members surprised Michelle Fernandes with a gift certificate  to help her  battle her delusional issues.  Michelle told the Cape Cod Times that we should be grateful to her because ” she saved the tribe” from a bad deal with Middlebroro. Tribal members extended their generosity  to also include a basic math course at CCCC.   Michelle has difficulty calculating and understanding that the Middleboro land  (537 contiguous acres) cost $6 m and the Taunton parcel  (about 76 of 147 acres of disconnected  buildable land) for $39 m is almost 8x’s more money for far less property. Also paying the Middlebro investors back at 6% interest is a lot cheaper than paying Genting back at 17% interest. Elementary  school students understand that $15 m is less than the anticipated $92 m that has no benefit to the tribal members. The original deal involving the expenditure of $15 m to hire professionals to navigate  the legalities of  recognition was done over a 10 year period.  Money well spent.  Again there is NOTHING to show for the $70m- $92m debt.  As a matter of fact we have far less service to tribal members now than we did under Glenn Marshall or Shawn Hendricks.

Tribal members also gave Michelle an alarm system.  It keeps her from having a few too many drinks and running her mouth about certain people.  Michelle said she did it all and a certain elder did nothing to bring down the previous administration.Whoever did whatever did us no favors as we  all know now. Well the person she told went right back and told on Michelle, who was reportedly recorded boasting about how instrumental she was. Michelle thinks she’s pretty powerful. Maybe not so much She’s worked for both administrations and has been fired by both administrations and still owes the tribe thousands of dollars. She was advanced  the money by the Marshall Administration ( which included Cedric, Cheryl, Yvonne etc..) on a grant she never got. She promised to pay it back but she never did.  So her issue with amnesia needs to be addressed also.  Since all the tribal members know about that little deal….no need for a git certificate.  

As Tah Tah told the CCT, “This government can’t be held accountable right now,” Yup.  Everyone knows that. And we have no legal system with any enforcement powers, that fact was also conceded by Tribal Judge Robert Mills.  Whatever happened to ole Socabasin ? So Stephanie Tobey takes the malfeasance  to a real court.  The federal court.  Well you need a lawyer Stephanie. You know, like the lawyers that  worked for us to get us recognition? You can’t expect a federal judge to muddle through all your emails and American Express records.  You gotta get a lawyer to put it in order. Clearly he’s interested in evaluating your case so do it the proper way.

Since Cedric refuses to comment directly. He’s worried.  The lame responses make that clear.  So hopefully the gift certificates do us some good.



“This government can’t be held accountable right now,” says Tah Tah

Oh is that so Marie Stone?  Could it be because you do not have accurate records of the minutes of this runaway tribal regime? The failure to do your job as is mandated in the constitution  is well known.  You attack your colleagues when it suits you and defend them likewise.

You as an active member of  the Cromwell administration have participated in much of the wrongdoing, yet you sue them in a court you admit is a sham.

Marie Stone needs help.  She does not need to be coddled.  She has no business voting on issues impacting tribal members or setting policy with her well known issues.

The fact that Cedric tries to buy her silence is a testament to the serious problems with our tribal government. The fact that Cecric has no  record of the millions doled out to God knows who should be of particular interest to the federal government so should Robbie’s failure to  do his job as treasurer. The Constitution says he is the Chief Financial Officer which also means he allowed all  this to happen.  Course Marge has a bigger role.

Robbie told tribal members at the Rod and Gun Club, ” I can’t play God and change the rules.” No your can’t.  Just do your job. Robbie is pitiful.  He keeps telling everyone that Cedric won’t let him do this or do that. Robbies the only man in the tribe afraid of Cedric.

When everything goes up in flames, you think Cedric’s going to admit that he told you to ignore blatant wrong doing? You have to admit that you did nothing and that you were complicit …..or start telling what you  know.



The Sadness of madness

There’s a news story coming out in the Cape Cod Times about a variety of things and the Cromwell administration and his discretionary allocation of untold tons of funds at will.  Well George Brennan does what reporters do, he calls to verify and get comments from people central to the story angle. He calls Tah Tah about her $1,900 bail out. She answers the phone while she’s issuing a battery of questions to the lawyers about ICWA.  She puts the phone down while she’s questioning them with all her rigamarole, and the other Council members see George Brennan’s name on her phone.  Well, she keeps on and finally picks it up and tells old George she’ll call him back.  She leaves the forum, calls him back and isn’t gone but a minute and rushes in back into the meeting shouting, “He told it, he told it,” pointing at Carlton Hendricks, Jr.

Course everyone know the names of the three primary sources in the story.  Brennan will no doubt name them.  They have always been his sources.  He could have read this blog and gotten the information about the Slush Fund and Tah Tah’s most recent installment.  Everyone else does, including other reporters.  Reporters can read their own newspapers to verify Tah Tah’s warrants, setting cars on fire  and a bundle of bizarre episodes. She should be removed from the Council without hesitation. Her instability makes the Council the laughing stock.

See that’s the trouble with being an elected official.  People hold you to a higher standard. But then again, this is the Cromwell administration and their are no rules, just millions of dollars flying around and not a dime to the tribal members.

Who would have thought that after all the  we went through to get recognition, all the struggle to maintain our dignity and to once again govern ourselves….that we  would be discriminated against and abused by a fringe group of tribal members who are actually running the tribe. Well it’s happening.

Marie needs help not coddling.  She needs to come off the Council, regardless of what she knows.  It’s all coming out anyway..The Rod and Gun Club should be poppin’ tomorrow.

There’s an old political saying that the Cromwell fan club needs to remember, “Everybody’s got your back till it’s against the wall.”

Millions of $$$$ unaccounted for

Many Council members have the authority to sign checks.  Marge issues them and here’s who has the authority to sign them : Cedric Cromwell, Jessie Baird, Marie Stone, Robbie Hendricks, Yvonne Frye Avant and get this….Francie Daughton a staffer.  It’s just too much.

Robbie Hendricks needs to be the Treasurer more than in name only for God sakes.  He doesn’t know who’s spending what on whom and the Gaming Commission slush fund spends $1.2 million a month…. on what ?  What? There are piles of check recs on his desk every Monday and he never goes through them, never asks any questions and let’s Marge do her thing.

Robbie needs to do his job instead of saying all the bad stuff  happened before he got there. Look what’s going on now. He needs to remember, they locked him out of the office for 10 days, did who knows what to the records and the computers and Marge still runs the books cause because Robbie allows it. Robbie never did the audit he needed to do  because Cedric told him it wasn’t necessary and Robbie went for it.  So the free flowing excess has continued because Robbie didn’t want to do ” a lot of work.”  Where’s our food pantry Robbie ? Come on boy!

These people signing checks are paying everyone but us.


Hey Cuz…Look on the bright side!


Herrin' & Roe release poll.

Herrin’: ” We commissioned a national poll.”

Roe: ” No Sah.”

Herrin’: ” Oh yeah and they did it for free. They said they never saw anything like us and wanted to see if the perception was true.

Roe: “Wow we. What’d they say? ”

Herrin’ : ” Well first, we’re the only tribe in the country that got a swimmin’ pool in the basement of their government building that came as a  complete surprise!”

Roe: ” Man that’s quite a deal ain’t it? ”

Herrin’: ” Yah, but here’s one better. They found out that we have the most overpaid undereducated council staff in the nation. And they are getting paid and no one knows what they do !”

Roe: ” Yah mean other tribes don’t do that ? ”

Herrin’: ” Apparently not, or at least not like us.”

Roe: ” That’s quite a distinction hu ?”

Herrin’: ” Yaas. And we’re the only tribe that got a 4% interest loan from the government for the government building and is paying it back with money from Genting at 17% interest for a grand total of 21% interest. But when you get to the Council  well they set a national record.”

Roe: ” A national record?”

Herrin’: ” Damn right boy. The Cromwell administration got us the # 1 spot for gettin’ a debt of $72 million, that has absolutely no benefit to the tribal members ! ”

Roe: ” Damn, that’s awesome man, and I hear he’s trying to borrow another $20 million. ”

Herrin’: ‘ You know Cedric Cromwell, always looking out for us.  Always.  He may be Urban and from Dorcester, but deep down he knows who he serves. And he takes the top spot for handing millions of dollars over to more White consultants and lawyers than any tribal chairman in the history of the United States. And we haven’t had a pantry in years.”

Roe: ” Wow.  And I hear he really takes care of those guys cause he’s still paying them every month whether they do anything or not!. ”

Herrin’: ” Yah, he really looks out for us don’t he?”

Roe: ” What else, this is good stuff.”

Herrin’: ” Well we rank # 1 in violations of the Constitution, which means we get no department or grant reports, no budget reports, just random ones that make no sense.  Number 1 for discriminatory hiring practices favoring Fryes. Number 1 in nepotism, especially in granting loans and services from Housing. A Tribal Court without authority that eats up money.  Cedric holds the record in election suppression and missing documents. And he has his Slush & Hush Fund that he pays certain Council and friends with. And a larger percentage of our tribal members and Council staff  who go to surrounding Pantries, because we don’t have one!”

Roe: “What about the Council ?”

Herrin’: ” Oh well, that’s the best ! We  were tops in ” Most Insane, ” ” Best Female Brawler,” ” Best Fabricator of All Time,” ” Best Scam Artist, ” ” Most Spineless, ” Most in Over His Head,”  ” Worst Chairman in the World,” and the big one “Most Ineffective and Abusive Tribal Council  in the World.”

Roe: “Man, top honors eh?

Herrin’: ”  We can really hold our heads up.”

Roe: ” Hey do the papers know yet ?”

Herrin’: ” They’ve know for a while.”

Roe: ” I heard they got the food cards back.”

Herrin’: ” No, ain’t true. Those $ 30 cards cost too much.”



Tah Tah’s big court date

No shows, but lots of pens, no takers. Tah Tah in the rear. A worthless Compact without LIT.

Marie Stone heads to court tomorrow morning. There were warrants out for her because she had no insurance or registration on her car that she’s been hiding from the repo man for quite some time.    Another milestone in her sad spiral into more craziness that is encouraged by the Council. Cedric gave her $1,900 at his DISCRETION, OUT OF THE GOODWILL FUND TO GET HER IMPOUNDED CAR OUT.  It is amazing that the Tribe continues to be the victim  of Tah Tah’s madness.  Any government in the world would have long since removed her from her post as tribal secretary.  She’s clearly nobody’s secretary or public servant.  Who knows how many times she’s gotten an extra check to keep her in check.

She makes $68,000 to be a ” Senior Adviser, ” Tribal Secretary (ha ha), role model, and  cartoon.

And we don’t have a pantry, government building,  casino, economic development program, housing program, WIA program, youth program, traditional training program, museum or any of the programs we started out with in 2007.

We do have a majority of  Council boobs who collect over $50,000 in salaries a month  and have their own American Express cards to boot. We have a finance director who is out of control and is calling the shots and covering up a lot.

Cedric continues to pay for Tah Tah’s  bad behavior. Lovely.


No rules

Tribal Council Meeting–It turned into a meltdown.  There was supposed to be a  be an honest account of the ” Goodwill ” slush fund that Cedric Cromwell uses at his discretion.

Three years ago Carlton Hendricks, Jr. asked to see the ordinance giving Cedric the authority to hand out money to whoever and whenever he chooses. Three years ago there was none of course, so right then, they hastily passed a resolution that retroactively gave Cedric the authority to hand the money out, up to $ 2,500.  There  was one condition.  He was supposed to give a report to the Council of who and how much. That was 3 years ago.  Right. Neva Happened.  

We've lost a lot. They have taken away our humanity, dignity and our identity.

  It was supposed to happen Wednesday but there was just the revelation that he gave $1,400 to Winnie and $1,900 to Tah Tah. So Robbie was mumbling instead of actually doing his job and giving an accounting of what money was handed out for the last 3 years. Course Marge stepped up and tried to soothe Carlton asking to have a sit down to talk things over. He wasn’t interested. He was beyond angry about the coverup and  continued to demand answers while Council members said they knew nothing.  Hendricks and Cedric almost went to blows. Cedric made some nasty remarks as usual… you know him.  Hendricks called him outside ( a Mashpee move ) to settle it.  Cedric froze as usual and refused to leave the table. Someone called the police of course.

A bit of history here.  Every man that tried to settle things with Cedric and his shi- talking….found themselves alone in the parking lot.  Glenn Marshall, David Pocknett, Shawn Hendricks, just to name a few. Thus the name Running Bear.  Minutes later it’s the old….” I love you man.”   Lot a weirdness with Cedric.

Cedric has body guards but we have nothing to protect us from him. Certain Council members are being paid off to keep this man in power, and now he is proposing  $22m more in loans that brings us to $92m in debt. Instead of impeaching him, Cheryl, Yvonne, Trish, Winnie, Bobby, Robbie, Tah Tah keep pretending they don’t know what’s going on.  Well.  That’s hard to defend.when you see who the checks are issued to.  And they already have 2 federal cases on the docket.


Certain Council members are trying to justify their exceptionally high salaries.  So they paid thousands for a poll of western tribes.  Right, these tribes don’t  resemble us in any way.  Most are gaming tribes and have 10 to 50 times the number of people we have.  There is no justification for their salaries.  City Councils with a million people do not receive those kind of salaries. So they figured out that  they polled the wrong tribes so they’re going to do it again.  They also set aside $500k for raises for themselves and new assistants.  So the surveys don’t matter do they?

We do not have a Pantry. They give our Elders fleece blankets and $10 for Christmas.  We do not have anything.

More on the Community Center

How is it that I, a mere mortal, can get up on a Sunday morning and without so much as finishing my tea or getting out of my jammies, find information like this.  The first picture shows a USGS monitoring well not very far from the Tribe’s new Community Center.  It shows a recent (October 30) groundwater level at 9 feet ASL.  If there is water in the basement, did our engineers consult this well?

The next picture is from the Town of Mashpee GIS website.  It confirms, by the contours shown and the elevations of the open water and swamp nearby, the elevations of the water table and the area around the new building.  It also shows the area behind the old building at about 14′ elevation.  I don’t know the depth of the foundation, but the difference is pretty close.  Also note that compaction the soil over a close water table can draw water above the surrounding levels, similar to soil liquefaction during an earthquake.

Normally, I would say that mistakes happen, that’s why pencils have erasers.  The history of actions (and inaction) of the Cromwell administration, however, make me skeptical.  Who is responsible, who signed off on the construction?  We may never know, unless there is a competent and probing investigation of the whole matter.

Click on either picture to enlarge.

Persecution Plus

Jessie Baird put on quite a show in Taunton before God and the BIA. Her

Jessie can't shake her inheritance.

outrageous comments had nothing to do with the issue and everything to do with Jessie’s need to be seen and heard.  The meeting was perfunctory because the environmental part of our still incomplete application for land in trust is frozen in time until the Congress decides they want to thaw us out. It was a rudimentary hearing that was part of the treadmill we’re on  that goes no where. Anyway, Jessie starts her foolishness and she’s not even on point.  Her clap trap.  Her assault on White people for all  the wrongs done to us. Jessie apologizes, Cedric apologizes in the White newspapers, but on the Tribal Facebook page he starts name calling too, like she’s a heroine.   Let’s talk about persecution.   She had the nerve to get up and talk about persecution when she’s part of the persecution of her own people.  The flagrant abuse, lies and malfeasance. Oh yeah, she knows about it. She makes $98 K a year does nothing but travel  and demands an assistant to help her waste more money and do nothing.   Besides, Jessie seized  the moment  in Taunton because she knows that if she pulled that crap in a tribal meeting someone would tell her to sit down and shut up.  She’s always making things up…Like the assertion that we came from pine needles and sea foam.   Yah, that’s our historic  tie to Taunton.  That’s in the LIT application.  She’s exhausting.

The Mystery at the Museum Continues


Ramona, happy at last

Okay, it was confirmed to tribal members that the Bourne chair was stolen, removed, taken….whatever.  The sources say it’s back because we said it was stolen in the first place.  Anyway, true to form there’s more cover up because the volunteers who actually man the museum and set the place up, have been told not to come back. The paid employee ( who planted trees and did a lot of painting and actually worked), has been locked out of the museum with the volunteers.  Of course Ramona Peters demanded a $100K in salary increases in a knock down drag out in the Council meeting and hired paid workers who are very close personal friends with little knowledge of our history or the artifacts. So let’s get this straight, you fire, a hard working employee  and the people who volunteer and know stuff and hire your close  friends. Reportedly, the museum is now being transformed into the ” Avant House.” That should be fascinating. Not a museum.  As we said in our previous post.  The ” Avant House” is not part our Wampanoag history….but the Attaquin House isJust the latest  madness allowed to go unchecked, for now.

Water in the Basement  Baby

Okay, the so called government building is badly flawed. Actually that’s an understatement.  Its a freaking mess.  They painted the walls and the walls have gigantic cracks in them.   The basement is full of water and flooded because it’s one foot above the swamp. Right.  They had to go out and hire a new engineer to the tune of $ 2million to fix it because they didn’t want to keep paying the old engineer for the screw up.  Course anyone in Mashpee could have told Cedric and his outsider construction  foreman that they were building on a swamp.  So the “f ups” that we know about cost  $ 3 million.  Think about the pantry, the insulation, the window repairs and services  for the Hendricks’s, Peters’s, Hicks’s, Pocknett’s, Mills’s that will never happen.  Fat chance.  The pantry was supposed to open Nov 1….Yah. You can’t even shame the Tobey-Frye Tribe into being decent.  They just keep collecting those checks and having socials that the real tribal members don’t attend.

Standing up talking, shoulda been sitting down listening.

The only thing worse than Native Americans being portrayed in cartoonish stereotypes by whites is a Native standing before a crowd and actually being one.  Last night’s performance by Jessie “Little Doe” Baird not only did nothing to advance the case she thought she was trying to make, but may have continued the Cromwell administration’s buffonish slide to near universal scorn.  Under the Russell Peters and Glenn Marshall administrations, and those that came before, the Tribe won many friends and allies.  It was a good time.  Many doors began to open at last, doors that are now beginning to close.

When you are on the outside of a door, and the Montreal Express begins to blow, it is not such a good idea to yell insults at the owners of that door.  Skinheads and xenophobes and NIMBYs, oh my!  Those epithets are guaranteed to win friends—NOT!  It’s going to get mighty cold out here, Jess.  May I make a suggestion?  Put a sock in it.  You have, up until now, made quite a name for yourself.  You have accomplished something that few have.  You have something you are good at.  Stick to it.  Leave the speeches to those who know how.