No rules

Tribal Council Meeting–It turned into a meltdown.  There was supposed to be a  be an honest account of the ” Goodwill ” slush fund that Cedric Cromwell uses at his discretion.

Three years ago Carlton Hendricks, Jr. asked to see the ordinance giving Cedric the authority to hand out money to whoever and whenever he chooses. Three years ago there was none of course, so right then, they hastily passed a resolution that retroactively gave Cedric the authority to hand the money out, up to $ 2,500.  There  was one condition.  He was supposed to give a report to the Council of who and how much. That was 3 years ago.  Right. Neva Happened.  

We've lost a lot. They have taken away our humanity, dignity and our identity.

  It was supposed to happen Wednesday but there was just the revelation that he gave $1,400 to Winnie and $1,900 to Tah Tah. So Robbie was mumbling instead of actually doing his job and giving an accounting of what money was handed out for the last 3 years. Course Marge stepped up and tried to soothe Carlton asking to have a sit down to talk things over. He wasn’t interested. He was beyond angry about the coverup and  continued to demand answers while Council members said they knew nothing.  Hendricks and Cedric almost went to blows. Cedric made some nasty remarks as usual… you know him.  Hendricks called him outside ( a Mashpee move ) to settle it.  Cedric froze as usual and refused to leave the table. Someone called the police of course.

A bit of history here.  Every man that tried to settle things with Cedric and his shi- talking….found themselves alone in the parking lot.  Glenn Marshall, David Pocknett, Shawn Hendricks, just to name a few. Thus the name Running Bear.  Minutes later it’s the old….” I love you man.”   Lot a weirdness with Cedric.

Cedric has body guards but we have nothing to protect us from him. Certain Council members are being paid off to keep this man in power, and now he is proposing  $22m more in loans that brings us to $92m in debt. Instead of impeaching him, Cheryl, Yvonne, Trish, Winnie, Bobby, Robbie, Tah Tah keep pretending they don’t know what’s going on.  Well.  That’s hard to defend.when you see who the checks are issued to.  And they already have 2 federal cases on the docket.


Certain Council members are trying to justify their exceptionally high salaries.  So they paid thousands for a poll of western tribes.  Right, these tribes don’t  resemble us in any way.  Most are gaming tribes and have 10 to 50 times the number of people we have.  There is no justification for their salaries.  City Councils with a million people do not receive those kind of salaries. So they figured out that  they polled the wrong tribes so they’re going to do it again.  They also set aside $500k for raises for themselves and new assistants.  So the surveys don’t matter do they?

We do not have a Pantry. They give our Elders fleece blankets and $10 for Christmas.  We do not have anything.