Tah Tah’s big court date

No shows, but lots of pens, no takers. Tah Tah in the rear. A worthless Compact without LIT.

Marie Stone heads to court tomorrow morning. There were warrants out for her because she had no insurance or registration on her car that she’s been hiding from the repo man for quite some time.    Another milestone in her sad spiral into more craziness that is encouraged by the Council. Cedric gave her $1,900 at his DISCRETION, OUT OF THE GOODWILL FUND TO GET HER IMPOUNDED CAR OUT.  It is amazing that the Tribe continues to be the victim  of Tah Tah’s madness.  Any government in the world would have long since removed her from her post as tribal secretary.  She’s clearly nobody’s secretary or public servant.  Who knows how many times she’s gotten an extra check to keep her in check.

She makes $68,000 to be a ” Senior Adviser, ” Tribal Secretary (ha ha), role model, and  cartoon.

And we don’t have a pantry, government building,  casino, economic development program, housing program, WIA program, youth program, traditional training program, museum or any of the programs we started out with in 2007.

We do have a majority of  Council boobs who collect over $50,000 in salaries a month  and have their own American Express cards to boot. We have a finance director who is out of control and is calling the shots and covering up a lot.

Cedric continues to pay for Tah Tah’s  bad behavior. Lovely.