The Sadness of madness

There’s a news story coming out in the Cape Cod Times about a variety of things and the Cromwell administration and his discretionary allocation of untold tons of funds at will.  Well George Brennan does what reporters do, he calls to verify and get comments from people central to the story angle. He calls Tah Tah about her $1,900 bail out. She answers the phone while she’s issuing a battery of questions to the lawyers about ICWA.  She puts the phone down while she’s questioning them with all her rigamarole, and the other Council members see George Brennan’s name on her phone.  Well, she keeps on and finally picks it up and tells old George she’ll call him back.  She leaves the forum, calls him back and isn’t gone but a minute and rushes in back into the meeting shouting, “He told it, he told it,” pointing at Carlton Hendricks, Jr.

Course everyone know the names of the three primary sources in the story.  Brennan will no doubt name them.  They have always been his sources.  He could have read this blog and gotten the information about the Slush Fund and Tah Tah’s most recent installment.  Everyone else does, including other reporters.  Reporters can read their own newspapers to verify Tah Tah’s warrants, setting cars on fire  and a bundle of bizarre episodes. She should be removed from the Council without hesitation. Her instability makes the Council the laughing stock.

See that’s the trouble with being an elected official.  People hold you to a higher standard. But then again, this is the Cromwell administration and their are no rules, just millions of dollars flying around and not a dime to the tribal members.

Who would have thought that after all the  we went through to get recognition, all the struggle to maintain our dignity and to once again govern ourselves….that we  would be discriminated against and abused by a fringe group of tribal members who are actually running the tribe. Well it’s happening.

Marie needs help not coddling.  She needs to come off the Council, regardless of what she knows.  It’s all coming out anyway..The Rod and Gun Club should be poppin’ tomorrow.

There’s an old political saying that the Cromwell fan club needs to remember, “Everybody’s got your back till it’s against the wall.”