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A Fantasy Come True

There was a time when rules and protocol governed Sunday tribal meetings .  The rules were that non Indian spouces could attend the meetings but were not allowed to ask questions or vote.  There used be respect for tribal members having the ability to dialogue with thier government leaders. Now we have Sunday meetings  where these spouces run their mouths with great authority, asking “He Who Lies A Lot” questions she  has no right to ask.

You know who we’re talking about.  ….Diane Bassett.

Diane has told the White people in Middleboro that she can deliver the Tribe so we can have our casino and live happily ever after.  She probably didn’t tell them that HWLA did his usual “Boobabble” then broke camp when time was up in his usual less than manly fashion. Diane has been leading the charge for this administration since 2008.  She mislead Middleboro into thinking she had some influence with the tribe and she wasn’t even a member…just a mouthy condesending spouce who can’t stop..  The very people she backed walked away from the only real deal we had for a casino. And in it’s place gave Fall River nearly $5 million for the FALL RIVER BOONDOGGLE.

HWLA keeps borrowing money, in our name to pay himself , and the huge note ( over $250,000 a month) to the Malaysians. HWLA hired a lot of Mark Hardings friends who had no influence or knowledge of the process and milked us mercilesly delivering nothing…. So here we are people.  The pro’s hired by the “previous Administration” delivered.  Cedric, Aaron and Mark have us in reverse at about 250 miles an hour…no progress..not one financial report in 2 years, and nothing to show for over $20 m in loans.  We just keep getting no for an answer.

What We Don’t Know is Hurting Us

Since the beginning of the nightmare  election in Feb  2009the tribe has been in the dark about everything  the so called government does. The borrowing , the illegal spending , the grant tampering  has gone on unchecked and everytime  someone asks for records  well , nothing happens. So where are the records?  The critical audio tapes of  meetings vallidating their actions have never been presented cause they don’t exist.  That’s the biggest problem Cedric has is a failure to record the Council actions…Guess who else knows the importance of ” failure to record” …the state attorney general , the FBI and the BIA.They  just wait and watch and  interview people who want to stay out of jail or admit that they were part of the conspiracy.  So  when you ask if they got another $9 million from the Malaysians or if the election was legit, the answer doesn’t  matter  because Cedric can never prove it…..and he ain’t gonna try. Pay day loans don’t ya know.  So stop asking questions  they won’t  answer. Letting them know, that you know they’re stealing doesn’t mean anything if they keep doing it and we still have to pay the bill. The Malaysians bound the Tribe through the First Lighrt  corporation that is headed by  the officers of the tribe, so we have to pay for thier  huge salaries, all the bad investments and payola to their friends and family. Oh and Mark Tilden’s bad legal  advice won’t erase Cedric’s writing hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks  ” under the table ” to Tobeys and political cronies, without authority…Keep asking those questions!

Trish & Laura… Oh Boy!!

Low voter turnout & voter appathy…what do you get … Trish and Laura. For the first time in the history of the tribe almost 1/3 of the votes were blank ballots and write-ins of family members who had passed on. That’s one hell  of a message to Cedric who has great difficulty getting a quorum, has no audio record of meetings and a bigger problem  following the constitution. These are serious legal issues that won’t be ignored any longer.  Get them Tums boy!

Election brings Wamps  back from the grave
Herrin’: Gonna be some kinda election today.
Roe: ” Ya…it’s become very mystical they tell me, since nobody wants to vote for the candidates the Council picked for the ballot.”
Herrin: ” That Tobey girl says she’s Mrs Etta Tobey…she’s the one who asks questions all the time and her cousin Cedric  doesn’t answer . She thinks she’s O’Keefe don’t she?”
Roe: ” She’s a clerk is what she is.  And that other Tobey  she’s wacky and  still owes the tribe.
Herrin’: ” Well there are some Mashpee runnin’…Bobby, who still owes the tribe for the 2008 pow wow, Trish, Miss Go Along to Get Along.  And Bruzzy…you know Bruzzy…whoever’s in power.
Roe: ” Trish is the reason we have this illegal mess going on.  In 2009, she released the voter list to Joanne and  Carrol loaded it with pending voters after she and Paula called them tellin’ them to vote.”
Herrin’: ” Ya….and she also kicked Patty and Rhoda outta the election so they weren’t there to throw out the illegal voters. There were  complete strangers votin’. ”
Roe: ” Trish was allowed to change the rules on Election Day 2009 and we’re damn sure paying for it now. No one stepped up to stop her…no one.”
Herrin’: ” Well there’s a slate  goin’  around  ya know…Mr Ferdnand, Eddie Amos, Jeff Hicks, Mr. Steve, Mrs Mable…
Roe: ” What about Mrs Etta ?”
Herrin: ” She said she can’t be bothered.”
Roe: ” Well all them people have passed away!”
Herrin’:” Well it’s better than who we gut on the ballot.”
Roe: “Damned Right boy….let’s go get some fish from Norm…”

Tomorrow—The Tribe Demands Free Democratic Elections with QUALIFIED CANDIDATES …… HA HA HA HA

Council Follies

So much foolishness… little time.

Knowing that  the Indians have left the Tribe, the CromwellRegime decided to have the Elections Committee, lead by Paula Peters, draft up  the dreaded Absentee Ballot  scheme.  That would alllow Tribal members to vote by mail….that is all those tribal members put on the roll by credentials magician Jessie ” Little Doe ” (Tobey) White Baird who conviently disappeared after she screwed everything up and loaded the  rolls.  Anyway, all those outsiders put on cause they thought Cedric would make them casino rich, would totally consume the tribe because  the true members have never supported the Tobey Administration.

Never mind that it’s a violation of the constitution.  Who cares…they spend  Malaysian money, borrowed in our namelike it’s their personal checking account . Then Cedric tried to make it legal after the know after writing all those thousands of dollars in checks to his Tobey relatives, one who’s got the nerve to run this election….Tobeyland lives. Let ’em have it. And the jail time too. It ain’t Mashpee, is it?

To the Left to the LeftThe New Seabury crowd is so annoyedThe trailers up against the road are trashy as they are tacky.  And Mashpee Indians said that it ain’t going to work….course the Tobyland wanabees put the trailers up there anyway and now the only program that is viable in the tribe…. Indian Health Services..cause its run by the Feds, has the white people pissed off about location…do Beyonce  baby….to the left to the left..