What We Don’t Know is Hurting Us

Since the beginning of the nightmare  election in Feb  2009the tribe has been in the dark about everything  the so called government does. The borrowing , the illegal spending , the grant tampering  has gone on unchecked and everytime  someone asks for records  well , nothing happens. So where are the records?  The critical audio tapes of  meetings vallidating their actions have never been presented cause they don’t exist.  That’s the biggest problem Cedric has is a failure to record the Council actions…Guess who else knows the importance of ” failure to record” …the state attorney general , the FBI and the BIA.They  just wait and watch and  interview people who want to stay out of jail or admit that they were part of the conspiracy.  So  when you ask if they got another $9 million from the Malaysians or if the election was legit, the answer doesn’t  matter  because Cedric can never prove it…..and he ain’t gonna try. Pay day loans don’t ya know.  So stop asking questions  they won’t  answer. Letting them know, that you know they’re stealing doesn’t mean anything if they keep doing it and we still have to pay the bill. The Malaysians bound the Tribe through the First Lighrt  corporation that is headed by  the officers of the tribe, so we have to pay for thier  huge salaries, all the bad investments and payola to their friends and family. Oh and Mark Tilden’s bad legal  advice won’t erase Cedric’s writing hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks  ” under the table ” to Tobeys and political cronies, without authority…Keep asking those questions!