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East Taunton gets the cold shoulder

“Together For Taunton,” the front apparently set up by Brooke Scannel, is mailing out surveys to Taunton residents—but not East Taunton residents.  The proposed casino is in East Taunton.  Check out the website “Stop the Taunton Casino” for details.

You’d think that for $500,000 they could hand deliver the surveys.

A Thing or Two for You to Consider

THING 1:  We at ReelWamps have been at this business for a couple of years now, swimming against the currents of conformity and snapping at the heels of  corruption—and mixing a metaphor from time to time.  It is not easy to be a dissident voice.  I personally would rather be writing something uplifting, or entertaining, like short stories or love poetry.  Hell, I would rather be writing greeting cards than this.  But it remains thus; some one has to do it.  When the Tribal leadership continues to lie, and take every opportunity to snooker the naive among us, I, and I’m sure my colleagues here at ReelWamps will persevere in standing up and pointing to the truth.  So, stay with us and tell your friends about us.

THING 2:  Lies need to be buttressed by other lies and on and on.  Truth stands alone.  The information that has been posted on this blog (aside from the obvious satire—we need to have fun sometimes) is well thought out and researched.  I can’t recall any time that the Cromwell gang has been able to successfully contradict anything we have said.  Oh, sure, there is that abortive attempt by Paula Peters to blog against us, but apparently she has abandoned that.  I don’t blame her.

See you up the page, folks…

Cromwell Unveils New Tribal Casino Plans

Bavaria, Germany September 10, 2012

Cedric Cromwell, Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Council chairman, today announced the new Tribal casino site.  The Taunton site was lost over a number of  flaws in the proposal that spurred the citizens of Taunton to unanimously reject the project.  The new site is a spectacular one, and is virtually ready for occupation.

“We’ve made a bold move,” said Cromwell, waving his arms over the panoramic view from the site, “this is really the place that’s going to put our Tribe all over the map.”

Schloss Neuschwanstein, the fairy tale castle built by Bavaria’s “Mad King” Ludwig II, was planned to have some 200 rooms.  It was never finished.   Ludwig was deposed after being found to be insane.

We at ReelWamps consider it an appropriate venue.

Tribal Staff paid to attend Press Conference

What happened to us? What happened?

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal staff received a day off with pay to fill the room at Cedric Cromwell’s Taunton Presser today.  Clearly the CCT didn’t know that when it did the head count of 50.  They obviously don’t know Mashpee staff from the regular tribal members.  They all look alike don’t they? If I was getting a paid day off, I’d go too. Nancy Joseph ( Frye )was so excited she sent out her own email with Cedric’s authorization attached. A Frye move for sure.

Three employees were left behind to man the tribal government.  It would have been a great day for the Feds to show up.

Thousands of dollars spent on busing people to Taunton to do damage control for Cedric, Mark and Aaron’s  shady casino scheme.  The negative press has been horrific.  Every major paper accept one…you know CCT, had investigated and analyzed how impossible this venture would be under WHITE standards, essentially.

Cedric, AAron and Mark’s support has been reduced to the unqualified staff  who would be chronically unemployed if it were not for their  relatives keeping them on the dole.   Look who’s on the front row…

Harold Tobey.  Harold Tobey alright. You know that Harold told his cousin that the Mashpee were ” warming up to him now.”  Don’t  girl don’t ! as  KK  Lopes used to say.

Bobby ” I don’t have a GED either” Foster, Kevin Frye and his grandfather Micky Frye were on the front row. And about 20 other Fryes on the payroll behind them.  Then there were the Cedric and Aaron’s family Tobe(y)s….from over the Mashpee town line, trying to look dignified.  Ahhhh.

The real Elders refused to attend.

The Cedric sideshow revealed nothing new. Apparently the 40 acres will have to hold the 3 hotels and the resort casino. The CCT apparently thinks that will work. The ever changing plans  have no specific sites because Ceddie refuses to talk about the Galleria.  The Galleria must not be happening.

Cedric, Aaron and Markie have no land to build the casino on.  Even their lawyers say the tribe needs some land to do this.

Again, thank God stupidity is not contagious.

Please get on the bus….to Taunton

Cedric Cromwell sent out the email.  He wanted to be surrounded by his people at his event today concerning the “Taunton itty bitty casino.” Turnout at his press conferences has been abysmal in the past. A big zero in terms of tribal participation. So what does he announce? The Addition of the Galleria? He bid up to $65m, but the bank wants $120m. Knowing Cedric’s penchant for giving money away and paying triple the price, expect the worst. Then again no one knows what Cedric and the gang is actually doing.  The truth has never materialized.

Cedric and his council has no sense of decency.  Instead of spending  $500k on Brooke Scannell’s little Taunton PR dog and pony show that doesn’t amount to anything…why not keep the pantry open? Instead he’s giving the Elders $30 Stop & Shop  cards once a month. It’s true.  Then, the Elders have to fight to get them.

The Harvard Project offered a stunning evaluation of the so called governance of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe over the last three years. It says there’s no economic development, no direction, no planning, no coordination or interaction between the administration or program directors.  Absolutely no transparency, accountability.  Worst of all the tribal membership can do nothing about it. That’s what we always said at Reel Wamps.  Harvard confirmed it.

Astonishing is the fact that the tribe has three education committees and pays directors big money.  We have so very few Native children continuing their education on any level beyond high school. What the hell do they do but collect a check? Harvard didn’t know either and said so.  It’s a depressing peak into the future.  The incredible standouts  we do have achieve with the help of family and teachers.

All power !

Cedric said he knew nothing about the Harvard Project report.  Well, the evaluators were all over the tribal council , interviewing people, directors and employees.   Gathering information. But he didn’t know?  That’s silly.

Cedric was doing his thing. Hiding the truth.  Covering up.   Remember the Federal Charter mess that would have enshrined them as kings and queens forever? There was the land in trust debacle he hid for 2 months.  Now the Harvard Project Report, also hidden. There’s more forthcoming…the tribal Gaming Commission is a scandal.

But they are going out of their way to convince Taunton that they will treat them right.  Delusions no doubt.

We’re from the Tribal Council, and we’re here to help…

I can’t speculate on how many of you have read, or even aware of the “Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Gaming Authority Ordinance,” or if you have, how well you understand it.  At first glance, it is pretty much what I would expect.  It lays down all the necessary language to insure the proper operation of an authority that could very well manage many millions in property and income.  All well and good, but I have some nits to pick.  Nits as big as a city bus.  Let’s take a look. (Formatting and emphasis to clarify meaning.)

From section 6, Authority Officers and Board of Directors:

(b) Subject to Section 6(k) of this Ordinance, the members of the Board of Directors shall consist of the following:
(i) all individuals duly serving from time to time as the Chairperson or Treasurer of the Tribal Council (as those offices are described in the Constitution); any change in the individuals holding one of the foregoing offices of the Tribal shall result in an automatic corresponding change in the membership (and office) for the Board of directors; and(ii) up to three additional individuals (if any) duly serving as members of the Tribal Council, such appointment to be at the pleasure of the Tribal Council and lasting only so long as these additional individuals are serving on the
Tribal Council.
(c) Subject to Section 6(k) of this Ordinance:
(i) any individual then duly serving as the Chairperson of the Tribal Council shall automatically serve as the President of the Board of Directors; (ii) any individual then duly serving as the Treasurer of the Tribal Council shall automatically serve as the Treasurer of the Board of Directors…


(i) Except if approved by a majority of the members of the Board of Directors, any meeting of the Board of Directors shall not be open to all members of the Tribe.

So the membership of the board of directors is limited to the chairman, treasurer, and any other Council member they want.  How convenient.  Not to mention that ordinary Tribal members will be locked out of meetings.

From section 7, Reports:

(a) The Board of Directors shall keep records of all meetings and actions taken by it, and  such records may be viewed by or on behalf of any member of the Tribal Council at any reasonable time upon reasonable notice to the Secretary or the President of the Board of Directors.

And, from section 11, Accounting Matters:

(e) The books, records and property of the Authority shall be available for inspection at all reasonable times by authorized representatives of the Tribal Council.

Where is the clause giving ordinary Tribal members the right to see books and records?  Are we to be kept in the dark as usual?

The Cromwell gang has once again shown their corrupt natures and their intentions.  They mean to continue to run the Tribe as their personal cash cow, in secret, and counter to every tenet of decent leadership you can imagine.  Prepare to be part of a banana republic.

See for yourself, download this PDF file:  Mashpee Tribal Gaming Authority Ordinance

You will need a PDF reader to read this file.

Read it and weep: The Harvard Report

We here at ReelWamps have come in to possession of a report by The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development and the Native Nations Institute at the University of Arizona.  We had wondered about the progress of the report, but there was no indication of any conclusions from these groups.  Frankly, we had thought that the project had fallen by the wayside, but we were wrong.  Here is, for all to see, the report, titled “Inventory Assessment, Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.”  This is a document that should give you some sleepless nights.  See the link to the document at the end of this post.

Has Cedric been sitting on this report? It is dated 2011.  Is he afraid of the possible repercussions of this report?  He should be.  While his sycophants may cheer him and praise his performance as our chairman, there is something definitely and functionally wrong with this administration.  Could it be that they are so obsessed with their political power and economic gain that they have overlooked their duties to the Tribe?  You decide.  Download the document at the end of this post, read it, and print it out if you can and pass it out to others.

We will be making specific comments on this, but would like for you to be familiar with this.


You will need  a PDF reader to read this.

Conflict, corruption and confusion

There is no end to the insatiable greed and lunacy of Cedric’s Tribal Council.  Take a look at this.

1. Taunton  will vote the casino up or down in a June election that the tribe is paying a mint for.  But the vote is “non binding”.  That means that the town’s approval or disapproval will have no influence on the whether the casino is approved or built.

Question: If the vote of the  Taunton citizens is ” non-binding” why did Cedric’s crew authorize  Brooke Scanell to spend $500 K on a public relations campaign to get the project approved….when the outcome is irrelevant ?

ANSWER: MONEY. They gave her a $200k deposit a while back and now she’s getting ready to spend the rest of the money on  whoever being that she has no credentials in media or PR.  She’s a political consultant who specializes in fundraising.  Course she works mightily raising money for Speaker DeLeo.  And she also handles ” strategic consulting. ” If she has plotted the strategy of her beloved Cedric and the “Taunton itty bitty casino”…..well now that does settle  all questions of  competence doesn’t it? As we have said before it would take a while to spend  $500k in the entire state let alone Taunton, so there’s something else going on.

2. Consultants hire others to do specialty work. Brooke Scannell had a very small pool of people to select from apparently.  The sharing of big bucks does not go beyond certain Tribal Council members.  Patricia Keliinui asked for a “waiver “to  apply to work  with Brooke.  Lovely. She already works for the tribe  making upwards of $60k with  no job description.

Questions:  Keliinui is the center of a serious Election complaint filed by Tribal Elder  Nellie Hicks so how does she even have the nerve to apply for  a PR job when she’s responsible for the rigged 2009 election ? Is it true that on top of it all , as a Council member she voted for Brooke’s  phenomenal fee?


There’s no telling what else is behind this madness.  Mark Harding was defending Keliinui’s request.  You can believe Paula Peters is involved somewhere since they will never admit to hiring her despite her entire family being on the payroll.  But the feeling may be mutual now that her peeps and her partner are persona non grate.  She never got to reign over her Indian Empire.  Her little regime has successfully dismantled everything Russell built.

Another note, other Council members are looking for “Waivers” to work on tribal projects like the Community Center… a USDA loan.  What don’t they understand about the fact that you cannot sit on a governing body that allocates or receives federal funds and pay yourself, family or contractors fronting for you.  Ask the so called Treasurer Mark Harding who’s developed a tic from looking over his shoulder  50 times a day. Alice may be gone but the Housing bank records are still there and Housing is still shut down. A Waver does not provide immunity from federal prosecution.  Ask all those lawyers we’re paying for bad advice.

Luckily  stupidity isn’t a contagious disease, because this group would be deadly.


Whirlybird Maneuvers

Cedric Cromwell continues to amaze observers with his unorthodox strategies for self preservation.  According to

Cedric adds the whirlybird hat to his costume collection

several news reporters from Middleboro and Taunton, he actually commandeered  a helicopter to search for land for his commercial casino. He really did. Of course everyone knows it’s impossible to determine land boundaries from the air,  but then again, Cedric is not exactly a bastion of intelligence. It does explain how he settled on Taunton and the evolution of the brand now known as CeddieLou’s Whirlybird Maneuvers.

Herrin’:  “This Taunton business gets worse by the minute don’t it?”

Roe: “Yaas Yaas. No money for the tribal members.  Payola for his  crew and  lot of debt.  Question is, who’s suing us today?”

Herrin’: ” Hell, they ain’t suing me…they’re suing Cedric, Aaron, Marie Tah Tah, Markie Harding, and all those on the Council members who pledged allegiance to Cedric.  Guess Middleboro is at the top of the list. We don’t know how much they want.”

Roe: ” Nope. Don’t know. That’s a hard one for the Governor to ignore. ”

Herrin’: ” Yup, and  there’s the original investors. The Governor made sure that was written into the law.”

Roe: ” Didn’t he though? ”

Play Herrin' n Roe's pool. Gamble without interest !

Herrin’:  ” Well he has his reasons. ”

Roe : ” Yaas,  Cedric can’t play in that game cause he ain’t the sharpest knife in the draw.  ”

Herrin’ : “Yah but who looks for land from a damned helicopter ?”

Roe: ” Cedric.”‘

Herrin’: “He picks the worst spot in the whole state…all broken up and costing three times what it’s worth”

Roe: “Well maybe that’s the reason for the helicopters. You know, fly the gamblers from spot to spot since its all separated.”

Herrin’: ” Yah that’s it.  Instead of a water park, we’ll  have helicopter rides and call it Whirlybird Manuevers !”

Roe: ” I gotta better one.  How about Bad Deal Keeps Gettin’ Worse. Or We Don’t Make a Dime for 20 years.

Herrin’ : “Well ya know Minnie Ah Hah is selling tickets to today’s Sunday Meeting.  She’s gonna make a bundle.  Cedric puts on a clown show outta this world.”

Roe: ” Them New Bedford illegals don’t know any better, but we do.  I got a pool going….bettin’ on how many lies Cedric tells during the meetin’ another one for how many White people he trots out to lie for him.”

Herrin’ : ” We gotta get paid some kinda way.”

Roe : ” Damn right boy…and Genting ain’t chargin’ us 17%.”

Herrin’: ” Don’t brag.  It don’t take much to out smart Grungy, or what’s his name? Lip Licker, his cousin.  The Tobes! ”

Roe: ” Well you got those fish heads and pine cones? Nellie says members are itchin’ to throw ’em at Grungy.”

Herrin: “Yah I got ’em. ”

Roe: ” They say throwin’ fish heads and pine cones is an old Wamp stress reliever.”

Herrin’: “Who don’t know that.”

Roe: “Cedric.”

Herrin: ” Norman said come by for a beer.”

Roe: ” Les go.”

$65M more for the “Itty Bitty Taunto Casino”

The bid is in! $65 million dollars for the Galleria Mall.  Right.  Another 100 acres ( the size of Twin Rivers ) on the other side of the highway. In luxurious Taunton.  The Mayor there wrote a long letter to his constituents trying to explain that they should not worry about the special election vote …..because the Boston Globe said that  whether they vote the casino up or down, its not binding. Course that only adds to the very bad reputation of the Tribe brought about by Cedric. The other problems are that the  land tracts are between two schools.  Just what a community wants: gambling halls between their schools.

Look… we don’t have to continue to tell you how ridiculous this entire escapade has been.  So we should just continue to predict what happens next.

The Sunday meeting should be another “Ghetto spectacle”.

Here’s a few questions for Cedric.

Cromwell in his favorite Indian costume

Since the Massachusetts Commercial Gaming Law says the tribe has to prove that it has applied to take the land into trust,Where is the  LIT application for Tauton? Not a letter that says you intend to apply, but the actual application?  You will never see it. The document is hundreds of pages long.  Do you think this administration is capable of completing such a task?  You would never have known that the applications for Mashpee and Middleboro were rejected if the Taunton reporter hadn’t told the world. And Cedric is still denying it.

The new $65  million is added to the huge debt  we owe to  Genting that is being handed off  to Bank of America bonded or not at 2% how long do you think it will take us to pay off a debt of about $1.1 Billion or more? 40 or 50 years?  Where’s your check? Our kids will be dead by then….even if we get the damned thing.

Cedric told the Council after constant prodding by Carlton Hendricks Jr. that tribal members would get a  casino check in 8 years.  That’s a most Ghetto Fabulous lie! Is that how long it takes to pay off a billion dollars? No it’s a lot longer.

Then again you have to also ask who comes to a casino in Taunton ? Right, no one.

Why do you think Genting is bailing? There’s no money in this deal.

According to the law,  we have to pay off the first investors ($55m over  10 yrs), Middleboro ( thanks to the brilliant Weld law firm threatening Middleboro)($?), Genting($100m), purchasing land($100m), building the casino($300m), building infrastructure($300m), the state($250m) and God know who else because Cedric just keeps acquiring debt without explanation thinking that everyone’s too stupid to demand the documents he signs in our name. Where is that agreement to pay off the debt,the bank and  what is Cedric signing away with the  this deal with the state? ( If the Governor risks his reputation and future with this deal).

When will you get a check? For the New Bedford illegal aliens…listen up…Cedric, Aaron, Mark, Tah Tah, Cheryl,Trish, Winnie,  and Yvonne have been getting paid  hundreds of thousands  for 3 years, along with all their family members who do not have a Associates degree between them. The tribe has nothing to show for it. And, the pantry has been closed to boot!

You can’t be mad at Cedric cause you have never gotten a straight answer and he’s still making serious money stealing you blind.